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The Top 5 Chatbot Builders

By Ruchi | April 15, 2024 12:24 pm

Our modern world is a dynamic place when it comes to digital landscapes. Efficiency and customer engagement are paramount here. It is within this digital arena that innovative solutions, such as chatbot builders, emerge to revolutionize how brands engage and interact with their audience.

What are Chatbots? Chatbots have emerged as vital tools, simplifying interactions and seamlessly integrating into various business processes. As a cornerstone of modern workflow automation tools, chatbots enhance customer service and offer substantial operational benefits, from cost savings to improved response times.

What is a Chatbot Builder?

Simply put, a chatbot builder is a platform that empowers you to create, customize, and deploy chatbots without needing deep programming knowledge. These platforms provide intuitive interfaces, along with a range of templates and tools, allowing for the creation of tailored chatbots designed to meet specific business needs.

A chatbot builder is a powerful tool that democratizes the process of creating AI-powered chatbots, even for those without programming expertise. How to make a chatbot from scratch? These builders offer intuitive interfaces and a comprehensive set of tools to customize chatbots tailored to specific business needs. With a chatbot builder, you can design chatbots for various tasks, from customer support and lead generation to sales and transaction handling.

They simplify the complex world of coding, providing a code-free environment accessible to everyone. Additionally, these platforms enable you to configure conversation flows, integrate natural language processing, and connect your chatbot with other systems. This ensures a seamless, personalized user experience, enhancing your brand's presence. So, whether you aim to enhance customer engagement or streamline internal processes, chatbot builders offer a versatile and code-free solution, empowering the creation of sophisticated chatbots that elevate your business operations.

What Makes a Good Chatbot Builder?

When evaluating chatbot builders, it's crucial to consider several key attributes that separate the good from the great. These factors will ensure you select a platform that is not only effective but also aligns with your specific needs and requirements. So, what exactly constitutes a superior chatbot builder?

  1. Ease of Use
  2. Usability is paramount. A good chatbot builder should provide a user-friendly and intuitive interface that simplifies the process of building and deploying chatbots. Regardless of your technical expertise, you should be able to efficiently create chatbots with ease. This is often facilitated through drag-and-drop conversation builders and visual editing tools, making the complex task of chatbot creation accessible and straightforward.

  3. System Integration
  4. The ability to integrate with existing systems and tools is essential. Look for a chatbot builder that seamlessly connects with your CRM, e-commerce platform, analytics tools, and more. For example, if you're using a CRM like HubSpot or Salesforce, ensure that the chatbot builder can integrate customer data from these platforms. This integration ensures your chatbot can access valuable information, providing a cohesive and personalized user experience.

  5. Multi-Channel Support
  6. Evidently, your customers are engaging with your brand across multiple platforms in today's diverse digital landscape. A superior chatbot builder will offer multi-channel support, enabling you to deploy chatbots on your website, mobile apps, social media channels, and messaging platforms. This ensures a consistent and seamless experience for your customers, no matter their preferred channel of communication.

  7. Affordability
  8. Cost is always a consideration for businesses, especially when it comes to investing in new technology. Look for chatbot builders that offer flexible and transparent pricing plans. These plans should be scalable, allowing you to start with a basic package and upgrade as your business grows. Many platforms provide free tiers or trials, allowing you to test out the features before committing to a paid plan. This way, you can ensure that the platform meets your needs and provides value for your investment.

When it comes to creating chatbots from scratch, these key attributes are essential in identifying a superior chatbot builder. By considering ease of use, system integration, multi-channel support, and affordability, you can make an informed decision that suits your business requirements and helps you effectively engage with your audience. These platforms provide the tools and support needed to build customized chatbots tailored to your specific use case.

The Top 5 Chatbot Builders at a Glance

Now that we've explored the criteria for evaluating chatbot builders, let's take a closer look at the top four platforms:

  1. Appy Pie Chatbot
  2. The very first is the Appy Pie Chatbot. As discussed above, it is a leading no-code chatbot builder. It is known for its ease of use and extensive integration options. With Appy Pie, you can create AI-powered chatbots that understand natural language and provide human-like responses. The platform offers a wide range of pre-built templates and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, making it simple to get started.



    • No-code platform with an intuitive, user-friendly interface.
    • Extensive third-party integrations, including CRM, social media, and payment gateways
    • Omnichannel presence, including website, Facebook, WhatsApp, and more
    • Advanced features like sentiment analysis and lead generation


    • Limited customization options for free and basic plans


    The pricing structure of Appy Pie Chatbot Builder starts with a premium plan for professionals which will be billed annually. Other than that, there is an Enterprise plan, this is a custom plan with more enhanced features.

  3. HubSpot
  4. HubSpot is a well-known CRM platform that also offers chatbot-building capabilities. Their chatbot tool, Conversations, is designed to help businesses engage with leads and customers more effectively. HubSpot's chatbots can be easily integrated with their CRM, allowing you to track and manage conversations alongside other customer data.



    • Seamless integration with HubSpot's CRM and sales tools
    • Easy to use, with a drag-and-drop conversation builder
    • Robust reporting and analytics features
    • AI-powered chatbot capabilities, including language detection and sentiment analysis


    • Limited design customization options
    • Pricing plans can be expensive for smaller businesses


    A free plan is available here with basic features. Paid plans are Marketing Hub for Professionals and Enterprise.

  5. Chatfuel
  6. Chatfuel is a popular platform for building AI-powered chatbots, particularly for Facebook Messenger. It offers an intuitive, code-free builder that makes creating and deploying chatbots quickly simple. Chatfuel also provides a range of pre-built templates and an extensive library of user inputs, making it easy to get started.



    • Easy to use, with a visual drag-and-drop interface
    • Extensive library of user inputs and pre-built templates
    • AI-powered natural language processing for more human-like conversations
    • Integrations with Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram


    • Limited channel support beyond Facebook Messenger
    • Customization options are somewhat limited


    There is a Free plan available with basic features. As for paid plans, for Instagram and Facebook, users can avail of the Business plan or the Enterprise plan. The other plan is for WhatsApp, this too has a Business plan and an Enterprise plan.

  7. Botsify
  8. Botsify is another no-code chatbot builder that offers a range of advanced features. With Botsify, you can create AI-powered chatbots for your website, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram. The platform provides a range of tools, including a conversation builder, NLP processing, and analytics, making it easy to design and optimize your chatbots.



    • Easy to use, with a code-free conversation builder
    • Advanced features like NLP processing, sentiment analysis, and lead generation
    • Omnichannel presence, including website, Facebook, and Telegram
    • Integrations with CRM and marketing platforms


    • Limited free plan features
    • Some users report occasional bugs and glitches


    For Botsify, there is a free plan available with limited features. As for paid plans, you can subscribe to a Do it yourself, Done for you, or a Custom plan.

  9. Pandorabots
  10. Pandorabots is a versatile chatbot builder known for its natural language processing capabilities and extensive customization options. It offers a code-free interface, advanced AI functionality, and robust analytics. With Pandorabots, you can create sophisticated chatbots for websites, social media, and messaging platforms.


    • Advanced NLP capabilities
    • Extensive customization
    • Code-free interface
    • Robust analytics


    • Limited multi-channel support
    • The steep learning curve for advanced features


    There is a Free plan for the basic chatbots. Then there are paid plans for additional features, the Developer plan and the Pro plan. Other than this, there is an Enterprise plan, custom pricing based on requirements.

How to Choose the Best Chatbot Builder?

When choosing the best chatbot builder, consider your business's unique needs, such as budget, integrations, and your customers' platform preferences. Each builder on our list shines in different areas, offering distinct strengths to meet your specific requirements. It's about aligning their capabilities with your strategic goals.

Furthermore, while talking about Appy Pie Chatbot, an innovative no-code platform, simplifies the creation of AI-powered chatbots. Its user-friendly interface makes building chatbots accessible to all. Appy Pie Chatbot stands out with extensive integration options, connecting your chatbot to various systems and workflow tools.

Additionally, it ensures an omnichannel presence, reaching customers on your website, social media, and messaging apps. Plus, you can also explore the advanced feature like sentiment analysis and learn more about how to build a lead generation chatbot. With Appy Pie, your chatbot goes beyond conversations, offering valuable insights, and business opportunities.

Know More About AI Chatbots

AI chatbots utilize advanced artificial intelligence and natural language processing technologies to simulate human-like interactions. Through continuous learning from interactions, these chatbots become more adept at understanding and responding to user queries over time.

Integration of AI into chatbots can be achieved through:

  1. ChatGPT Integration: Some platforms allow the integration of sophisticated AI models like ChatGPT into existing chatbots, enhancing their ability to engage in natural and contextually appropriate conversations.
  2. Custom AI Training: Alternatively, some chatbot builders offer the option to train your AI on specific datasets, such as FAQs or an entire website. This method tailors the chatbot’s responses to reflect the unique aspects of your business accurately.

Appy Pie Chatbot Integrations greatly simplifies the process of enhancing your chatbot with powerful AI capabilities, ensuring that it can perform a wide range of tasks more effectively.

Explore Appy Pie Chatbot Integrations

  1. Appy Pie Chatbot and Slack
  2. By creating Appy Pie Chatbot with Slack integration you can connect your Appy Pie Chatbot with the popular messaging platform, Slack. It enables seamless communication between your chatbot and your team on Slack, facilitating efficient collaboration and ensuring everyone stays in the loop.

  3. Appy Pie Chatbot and Shopify
  4. By integrating Appy Pie Chatbot with Shopify, you can enhance the customer experience and streamline order management. Your chatbot can provide product recommendations, order updates, and instant support to your customers, right on your Shopify site.

  5. ChatGPT and Appy Pie Chatbot
  6. Integrating ChatGPT with Appy Pie Chatbot enhances the conversational capabilities of your chatbot. ChatGPT brings a human-like understanding and generation of text, enabling your chatbot to provide nuanced and contextually relevant responses.

  7. Appy Pie Chatbot and MySQL
  8. Create Appy Pie Chatbot with MySQL integration to connect your chatbot to a MySQL database, this will allow for data storage and retrieval. This is particularly useful for accessing and utilizing structured data, such as customer information, product details, or FAQ content, to power your chatbot's responses.

  9. Google Sheets and Appy Pie Chatbot
  10. Integrating Google Sheets with Appy Pie Chatbot integration will enable you to leverage the power of spreadsheets. You can use Google Sheets to store and manage data, and then use that data to trigger specific chatbot actions or responses, creating dynamic and data-driven conversations.

  11. Appy Pie Chatbot and Microsoft Exchange
  12. By setting up an Appy Pie Chatbot and Microsoft Exchange integration your chatbot will become a seamless part of your email ecosystem. It can send and receive emails, set up meetings, manage contacts, and provide email-related support, all while ensuring secure and efficient communication within your organization.


Selecting the right chatbot builder is a strategic decision that can significantly impact your customer interactions and operational efficiency. By considering the factors outlined above, you can choose a chatbot builder that not only meets your current needs but also scales with your business. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, the right chatbot can transform your customer service and streamline your operations, propelling your business forward in the digital age.

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