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8 Advantages of using no-code workflow automation platforms

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on May 31st, 2024 9:58 am | 6-min read

Do you remember writing lines of codes to use an app on your phone? I guess it’s a no unless you are a developer and love to play around with open-source apps. Otherwise, it is as simple as it could get - you open your app store, download the app, sign in - that’s it. No complications at all. We have come a long way from computers being an exclusive hobby for those who knew coding, to using apps and tools on a daily basis to get things done. And the credit goes to no-code platforms - platforms that do not require end-users to write lines of codes to use it.


To build something interactive on the internet, you must know how to code - Oh! that’s a thing of the past. Today, non-technical individuals, business owners, and professionals are building fully functional websites and integrating apps to run businesses like a pro. This is possible because no-code platforms often use a visual development environment that allows even a layman user to create interactive apps.

Chris Wanstrath, CEO of GitHub believes the future of coding is no coding at all - and he is not alone. Google happened to acquire AppSheet, an eight-year-old no-code mobile application, to bring in no-code development into Google Cloud while Forrester predicts that no-code development market will grow to $21.2 billion by 2022.

Why are No-CodePlatforms Important - Appy Pie

The road to this inevitable future is already in motion, what with more and more amazing no-code automation platforms taking the center stage. As Amit Zavery, VP Business Applications Platform at Google says - This acquisition [of AppSheet] will help enterprises empower millions of citizen developers to create and extend applications without the need for professional coding skills more easily.

And it is true. For a marketer like me who knows nothing about coding, it is easy to build an automation sequence between two apps using these no-coding platforms. Ease of use is one of the many benefits these platforms offer.

Benefits of using a no-code workflow automation platform

  1. Agility
  2. An important advantage of using a no-code workflow platform is the agility that it provides. To create an automation sequence between two or multiple apps, you need to pick your choice of triggers and actions from a drop-down list. Your bot is ready in minutes. It is not just about no coding; it is more about the automated process that helps you get started with your workflow in minutes

  3. Productivity
  4. Agile no-code workflow platforms add an edge to your business because a lot of technical stuff is offloaded from your IT team. You have a ready-to-use platform that requires no coding skills. This means less technical tickets raised to your IT department and more crucial matters at hand are resolved first. The whole concept of no-code platforms relies on making teams comfortable and independent in building automation workflows, apps, or websites. This means you boost productivity and get your work done faster. And that's a big gainer.

  5. Cost-effective
  6. Getting apps developed from scratch can come with a heavy price tag. It is, otherwise, difficult for a small business owner to sustain this hefty price tag. This is why no-code automation platforms have become so popular. If you want to kickstart an automation workflow for your business, you no longer look for a skilled team of developers who will build the workflow for you. You simply opt for a no-code workflow automation platform and get started. This reduces overhead costs on a long-term basis.

  7. Quick integrations
  8. The best part of a no-code platform is that integrations are pretty handy. You want to integrate two apps to create an automated workflow, you simply use a no-code third-party integration platform like Appy Pie Connect or, and get the workflow done in minutes. These platforms come with a host of integration options and more. For instance, with Appy Pie, you can not only integrate two apps but also build a mobile app or a fully functional website without writing a single line of code.

  9. Easy to use workflows
  10. The whole purpose of no-code platforms is to make things easier for the end-users. That's why you will always find ready-to-use bots or templates or workflows that you can replicate for your business. For instance, has ready-to-use workflow templates for specific triggers and actions. For instance, you can easily set up a workflow between JIRA & ServiceNow to automatically add a record in ServiceNow for a new Issue in JIRA.

  11. Device compatibility
  12. The beauty of almost all no-code automation platforms is that they are device compatible. Whether you want to build an automation workflow for your mobile or iPad or desktop or all three - all templates, colors, fonts, and UI is designed to give the same kind of experience on all devices. You just need to focus on building the workflow because the end-user experience will remain consistent across all screen types.

  13. Zero complications
  14. Imagine trying to set up an automation workflow for a new card creation in your Trello board whenever there is a new message on your Slack channel and then sending an email update for the same. Sounds complicated? If you try to write codes to create this automation workflow, it will exhaust your resources. Thankfully, this complicated workflow is nothing when building it on a no-code automation platform. You select proper triggers and consequent actions, and the syncing is done automatically. It’s amazing how a complicated workflow can come alive in just a few seconds.

  15. Easy to collaborate
  16. The last pointer that makes no-code automation platforms a winning choice is that it is easy to collaborate. Let’s take for example the above scenario of sending email notifications and setting up Trello cards for a slack notification. Slack and Trello, both are collaboration platforms. Syncing all of these puts your entire team in a synchronized work pattern where no updates go missed by anyone in the team anytime - because it’s all automated.

Having said that, I wouldn't argue that there aren't any limitations at all. While using a no-code platform can be a cakewalk, there are certain challenges to keep in mind.

Your automation workflow will fail if you don't know why you are building it.

Just like I had created that automation sequence above with Gmail and Zoom. That workflow doesn't make much sense unless you love a lot of labels in your Gmail. You must know what you are building and why. A meaningless automation sequence can cause more harm to your end users that you can think of. That is why you must understand how an automation workflow can be mapped with your requirements. You can follow this guide to workflow automation before you start building one.

Despite that, there is no denial that no-code platforms are best designed for businesses looking for an out of the box solution with little customization requirements.

The market is flooded with a plethora of tools, what with new competition entering the space every day. That’s why we have handpicked the five most top-rated and user-friendly no-code automation platforms that are available.

Top 4 Platforms that offer unique user experience with workflow automation building

  • Appy Pie Connect
  • Ideal for: Anyone trying to build no-code automated workflows.

    Appy Pie Connect

    Whether you want to automate business processes or integrate cloud applications, Appy Pie Connect is perfect for you!

    Appy Pie Connect, helps you automate tedious day to day jobs by letting computers do what they are best at doing, enabling you to perform the tasks you are best at doing. The platform empowers small and medium sized businesses to create impact with little to no effort, helping them extend their horizons beyond the local boundaries.

    The platform helps you automate your business processes and systems effectively, helping you save time and money. With an industry proven approach and right tools, we help you automatically move information between your apps, letting you focus on your most important tasks.

    Pricing starts at $12 per month. Free trial for 7-days.

  • CFlow
  • Ideal for: Small and medium businesses looking to streamline their businesses.

    Cflow dashboard- Appy Pie

    Cflow is a cloud BPM and automation software designed to help you in aligning your business effortlessly. Create a digital workspace for your team using the simple drag and drop visual designer. Cflow integrates with third-party integration providers to give businesses the edge in syncing multiple apps and tools for their business.

    Pricing plan starts at $7/user/month. It offers a 14-day trial and also has a free plan for up to 5 users.

  • Kissflow
  • Ideal for: SMBs looking for a customized digital workspace.

    kissflow - Appy Pie

    Kissflow is designed to give you the best of experience with rich automated templates for project management. It offers flexible workflows that give you control over your automation. If you are looking for an interactive approach to collaboration and project management, Kissflow is designed for you.

    Pricing plans start at $360/month for 36 users and comes with a 14-day trial.

  • Workflow
  • Ideal for: SMBs looking for workflows as services.

    workflow - Appy Pie

    Workflows, the workflow automation functional wing of Decisions Platform is designed for small and mid-sized companies looking for a no-code platform that offers workflows as a service. Workflow is cloud-hosted and offers advanced visual flow designer for a company and debugger, has WYSIWYG form designer, interactive user task management, and a host of integrations for an organization to get started with automated workflows. Schedule a demo to see how Workflows work.

    Pricing plans start at $4,399/month. For a team or an enterprise, you need to contact their support team.

Try No-Code Workflow Automation

As you can see, no-code workflow automation platforms can offer you many advantages and benefits for your business and personal needs. Whether you want to save time and resources, empower non-technical users, increase productivity and efficiency, enhance collaboration and communication, boost creativity and innovation, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, reduce errors and risks, or stay ahead of the competition, no-code workflow automation platforms can help you achieve your goals and more.

If you're ready to experience the power and potential of no-code workflow automation platforms, why not give it a try today? You can sign up for a free trial of one of the best no-code workflow automation platforms on the market and start creating and automating your workflows in minutes. No coding skills or technical knowledge required. Just drag and drop your way to success.

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your work and life with no-code workflow automation platforms. Click here to start your free trial now and see for yourself what no-code workflow automation platforms can do for you.

In Conclusion

No-code automation platforms have only made it easier for non-tech people to create amazing and interactive apps, websites, and automation sequences. There isn't an alternative to the fact that we love these platforms because they save time, energy, and cost. What it requires most is your idea of how best to customize with all the options available. Sometimes, options can be a spoiler, but these platforms are designed to help you build a clean and interactive workflow in a snap. Before I wrap up, there is one other thing - no-code automation platforms are not used only by people who don't know how to code. It is equally favored by tech experts because of the ease that these platforms bring in. Have you used any of these no-code platforms to build something amazing, yet?

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