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Amazon is the world's largest e-commerce platform that sells everything under the sun - from coffee tables, books and home & kitchen items to books and even fashion accessories. This online platform enjoys hundreds of millions of customers around the world.

Available in many different countries and languages, Amazon is used by both, customers as well as businesses. By registering as a seller on Amazon, you can get your products exposed to millions of customers and see your sales revenue skyrocket. With plans for individual and professional sellers, you can easily sell your products irrespective of the size of your business.

Wondering how to sell on Amazon?

To start selling on Amazon, you just need to create an account on Amazon Seller Central. Amazon Seller Central is the web interface that enables users to market and sell their products directly to Amazon's customers.

Amazon Seller Central provides sellers with a holistic view of their ongoing orders, items purchased, and products that are getting listed on Amazon. Furthermore, this serves as a specialized space for the sellers to manage their inventory, product performance, and define campaign settings.

Amazon Seller Central

How Amazon Reseller Central Integration with Appy Pie’s Connect Helps Sellers Grow and Scale Their Business

When you register as a seller or merchant on Amazon marketplace, you receive access to a complete seller panel on the Amazon website from where you can manage all the product listings, shipping options, order fulfillment and other functionalities that are required to run your eCommerce store easily. Now, if you already have your own eCommerce site on your domain, then it is challenging for you to manage both of them simultaneously. Don't worry, Appy Pie’s Connect is here to help you manage both your eCommerce stores efficiently.

Appy Pie’s Connect, a codeless automation platform allows you to connect your Amazon Seller account with multiple apps you may want to use for managing your eCommerce store. It is a powerful automation platform for synchronizing your Amazon store with your accounting, email, ERP, CRM, Google Sheets or more than 100 other apps you use at work, in minutes and that too without writing a single line of code.

Appy Pie’s Connect will help you automatically extract new sales orders from the marketplace and add them to your Google Sheets spreadsheet without any manual work. When you use this automation platform, any changes you make to your product inventory, such as price and stock levels, within your designated apps or files will automatically reflect on your Amazon store as well. You can even stop manual sales tracking and set up a Connect to automatically log your orders in a shared spreadsheet or create new invoices in your accounting software.

Integrating Amazon Seller Central with Google Sheets is a cost effective and efficient way to eliminate the need for repetitive manual data work. Your current workflow can be automated right from the start to finish, saving you time to focus on the big stuff.

How to Connect Amazon Seller Central with Appy Pie’s Connect

With Appy Pie’s Connect, you can connect your Amazon Seller Central account to all the other tools your team uses, such as Google Sheets, Gravity Forms, Slack, Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Trello, MailChimp, QuickBooks online and more —all without writing a single line of code.

You can automate data flow between Amazon Seller Central and any other app, setting up workflows called “Connects” consisting of a combination of triggers and actions. Setting up a Connect doesn’t require any coding knowledge, but just a few clicks.

Appy Pie’s Connect offers hundreds of pre-made Connects for Amazon Seller Central for automating workflows. Use them to automatically create contacts in Google Sheets and transfer them to CRM apps for strengthening customer relationships.

See how your Amazon Reseller Central account can be easily connected with Google Sheets using Appy Pie’s Connect.

Step 1: Click on the button ‘Connect This Flow’ and you will be redirected to ‘Connect Description Page’ where you can learn how this Connect will work for you.

Amazon Reseller Central account

Step 2: Click on the “Continue” button at the bottom of the Connect description page.

Connect description page

Step 3: Here you can see that the trigger has already been set up (since it is a pre-built connect). Now click on the “Continue” button.


Step 4: Here you'll be asked to enter your Amazon Seller Central's account login credentials. Click on the “Continue” button once you have done that.

Amazon Seller Central's account

Step 5: Here you need to select order status, and then click on “Continue”

order status

Step 6: Congratulations! Your Amazon Seller Central account has been successfully connected with Appy Pie’s Connect and is ready for integration.

successfully connected

Amazon Seller Central – Appy Pie’s Connect Integrations

Staying on top of your eCommerce business processes is no easy job. Whether you’re managing your eCommerce store alone or with multiple employees, you must consider some sort of automation to reduce the manual repetitive tasks. Automating your business processes is an excellent way to increase your efficiency as well as bringing accuracy to the process. Automation can also help your eCommerce store streamline its communication, enforce accountability, and reduce its overall operating costs. On Appy Pie’s Connect we have created a variety of Amazon Seller Central’s Connects for complex workflows. Some of them are:

Amazon Seller Central + Google Sheets

Let's say you're using Google to manage new orders in Amazon Seller Central. Rather than manually importing new orders’ information repetitively, you can set up a Connect that creates a contact in Google Sheet from every new order in your Amazon Seller Central account.

Google to manage new orders in Amazon Seller Central

All of your data is updated in Google Sheets from Amazon Seller Central automatically. Connecting Amazon Seller Central with Google Sheets comes with a range of benefits:

  • No more copying and pasting data from csv files thus bringing down the errors
  • Analyze trends in sales and compare sales data over different periods
  • See accurate inventory data so that you never run out of stock
  • Know when and how many units you sent to Amazon
  • Analyze top selling products
  • See low performing products
  • Finally, reduce overheads and save money

Create Google Sheets Rows for Every New Amazon Seller Central Order

Amazon Seller Central + Slack

Slack, a cloud-based collaboration platform, works like a virtual office where you can have different virtual conference rooms called Channels. You can create channels for specific projects, subjects, or purposes to keep information and conversations organized. Teams of all sizes have been using Slack for delivering high value services, supporting enterprise flows, onboarding customers, and resolving issues. However, you can further increase its benefits by integrating it with other apps. With slack integration, you can pull information from multiple sources, and meet your customer demands easily and quickly.

cloud-based collaboration platform

When you connect your Amazon Seller Central Account with Slack using Appy Pie’s Connect, you add a layer of efficiency in your Amazon store. Once you’ve set this Connect flow, whenever you get a new order in your Amazon Seller Central, Appy Pie’s Connect will automatically send a message in a Slack Channel of your choice.

Send a Slack Channel Message from new Amazon Seller Central orders

Amazon Seller Central + Todoist

Todoist is a popular to-do list app that helps individuals organise their tasks, be it personal or professional tasks. You can create various lists for tasks for projects you need to complete. The task management can help you in organizing & managing tasks and projects for teams and individuals. With Appy Pie Connect, you can create integration between Amazon Seller Central and Todoist.

Integrating Amazon Seller Central and Todoist using Appy Pie Connect can help you manage your Amazon orders. You can ensure a new task is created in Todoist every time a new Amazon order comes in. With integration, you can also make sure task completion on Todoist when an order is fulfilled.

These are just a few examples that indicate what you can do with this integration. Using this Amazon Seller Central – Appy Pie’s Connect integration, you get a holistic, and accurate view of your Amazon Store without even opening it.

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