Google Tasks Integrations

Use Appy Pie Connect and Integrate Google Tasks with 300+ Apps to automate your business process in minutes.

About Google Tasks

Google Tasks is a to do list that makes it easy to plan your day and stay organized. It helps you keep track of the tasks that matter most to you—at work, at home, and everywhere in between.

Google Tasks Alternatives

Looking for the Google Tasks Alternatives? Here is the list of top Google Tasks Alternatives

  • Todoist Todoist
  • Microsoft To-Do Microsoft To-Do

Choose the app you want to connect with Google Tasks


  • Gravity Forms Gravity Forms
  • Firebase Realtime Database Firebase Realtime Database
  • Toggl Toggl
  • Premium MySQL MySQL
  • Tumblr Tumblr
  • Premium PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
  • ProfitWell ProfitWell
  • Airtable Airtable
  • Google Meet Google Meet
  • Microsoft Exchange Microsoft Exchange
  • GitHub GitHub
  • Paddle Paddle
  • Cisco® Webex Meetings Cisco® Webex Meetings
  • Keap Keap
  • Klaviyo Klaviyo
  • Stripe Stripe
  • Teachable Teachable
  • Freshsales Freshsales

Best Google Tasks Integrations

  • Google Tasks Google Tasks

    Gmail + Google Tasks

    Create task in Google Tasks from new Gmail emails Read More...
    When this happens...
    Google Tasks New Email
    Then do this...
    Google Tasks Create Task

    Do you want to manage your customer requests that you get on email more effectively? Set up this integration. It will automatically turn in your emails into task without putting any manual efforts at your end. After setting this Gmail-Google Tasks integration, Appy Pie Connect will automatically create a news Google task for email that hits your Gmail inbox.

    How this integration works
    • You have a new email in your Gmail inbox
    • AAppy Pie Connect creates a task in Google Tasks
    What You Need
    • A Gmail account
    • A Google Tasks account
  • Google Tasks Google Tasks

    Gmail + Google Tasks

    Create tasks on Google Tasks from new labeled Gmail emails Read More...
    When this happens...
    Google Tasks New Labeled Email
    Then do this...
    Google Tasks Create Task

    Are you looking for a better way to follow up on your important emails? This Gmail-Google Tasks integration can help you out. This integration turns you’re the content of your labeled emails into items on a to-do list. You don't require any coding skills or technical knowledge to set up this integration. Once you set it up, it will trigger whenever a new email hits your Gmail inbox, automatically creating a task in Google Tasks. All you'll have to do is add a label to the email you want to create a task on Google Tasks.

    How this integration works
    • An email is received on your Gmail
    • Appy Pie Connect automatically creates a task on Google Tasks
    What You Need
    • A Gmail account
    • A Google Tasks account
  • Google Tasks Google Tasks

    Google Tasks + {{item.actionAppName}}

    {{item.message}}
    When this happens...
    Google Tasks {{item.triggerTitle}}
    Then do this...
    {{item.actionAppImage}} {{item.actionTitle}}

Google Tasks Integration Details

Connect Google Tasks with your apps you use in your business and move data seamlessly. Synchronize data between your tasks apps and create a unified workspace. Manage Gmail or Calendar tasks on the go and be productive in tons of ways. With Appy Pie Connect, your Google Tasks can interact with hundreds of other apps you use in your business. Use Appy Pie Connect and integrate Google Task with Trello, Google Sheets, Microsoft Teams, Gmail, Evernote, Todoist, Asana, and many more without any coding. When you use Google Tasks with Appy Pie Connect, you can automatically turn your support tickets, error messages, email campaigns, and more into tasks for your team to start working on.

Why You Should Use Google Tasks Integration?

Google Tasks provides everything you need to build a productive, simple to-do list workflow. Google Tasks is built into Gmail, and that’s probably the easiest place to get started using it. It is one of the best task management apps available today. Integrating Google Tasks with other apps can make your project more efficient. This Appy Pie Connect’s Google Tasks integration allows you to use your Google Tasks app more effectively. Set up integration now and kick off an automated workflow from new and updated activity inside Google Tasks.

Here is how you can use Google Tasks with Appy Pie Connect:

  • Integrate Google Tasks with ClickUp and effortlessly transfer information between apps. This Google Tasks-ClickUp integration will automatically create a Google Task when there is a new task in ClickUp.
  • Connect Google Tasks to Google Sheets and increase productivity by prioritizing and spending less time on organizing Associate tasks with a Project. This Appy Pie Connect automation creates a new row in Google Sheets whenever you update a Google task.
  • Integrate Google Tasks with Trello and create Trello cards from new Google Tasks tasks. This Appy Pie Connect integration automatically creates and saves a new card in Trello when a new task is added in Google Tasks.
  • Keep your Google Calendar updated for upcoming tasks. Connect Google Tasks with Google calendar and automatically create Google Calendar events from the new tasks added on Google Tasks.
  • Archive completed tasks on Google Tasks in Google Sheets so that you have a detailed running list of what you and your team have accomplished. Google Task-Google Sheets integration will automatically create a new row in a Google Sheet for completed Google Tasks.
  • Integrate Google Task with Asana and automatically add new Google Tasks items to Asana. This Appy Pie Connect integration synchronizes data between these two apps.
  • Connect Google Tasks to Evernote and add new Evernote Notes to Google Tasks. This Evernote Google Tasks integration will help you out by automatically adding a new Google Tasks task whenever a new Evernote note is added to a specific notebook.

Appy Pie Connect brings together Triggers (like "New Emails") and Actions (like "Create Tasks") to complete an action in one app whenever a trigger occurs in another. This phenomenon is called “Connect” and these Connects help you automate repetitive tasks saving you the trouble of doing them manually.

Here is a list of Google Tasks Triggers and Actions

Step By Step Google Tasks Integration Guide

  1. To integrate Google Tasks at Appy Pie Connect, search and select the app from the app directory at Appy Pie Connect. Choose the service and press continue to move further ahead with the integration.

  2. Click Connect an Account and login or select the Google Account (If already logged in) to integrate the desired account of Google Tasks with Appy Pie Connect.

  3. Appy Pie Connect will ask to grant permission to certain accesses in order to make the integration possible. After checking all the required accesses press Allow to move to the next step.

  4. Appy Pie Connect will ask to reconfirm the account and press Continue to move further ahead.

  5. Select the desired task from the Task List dropdown and press Continue to complete the integration process.

Common Issues With Google Tasks At Appy Pie Connect

I want Trigger on all Google Tasks

Appy Pie Connect can allow one task per trigger thus to trigger all tasks you can add each of the Google Tasks one by one. For now, there is no option to add bulk tasks in one trigger, we will update you once this functionality gets implemented.