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About Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the best file sync apps that let you store all of your files online alongside your Google Docs documents, and keep them synced with all of your devices.

Google Drive Alternatives

Looking for alternatives to Google Drive? Here is a list of the top Google Drive alternatives.

  • Dropbox Integration Dropbox
  • Evernote Integration Evernote
  • SugarSync Integration SugarSync
  • OneDrive Integration OneDrive
  • Notion Integration Notion

Choose the app you want to Integrate with Google Drive

  • crown Premium Vend Integration Vend
  • Zoom Integration Zoom
  • crown Premium Amazon SQS Integration Amazon SQS
  • crown Premium Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Integration Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Microsoft Exchange Integration Microsoft Exchange
  • Shippo Integration Shippo
  • crown Premium MailChimp Ecommerce Integration MailChimp Ecommerce
  • Etsy Integration Etsy
  • Basecamp Classic Integration Basecamp Classic
  • Xendit Integration Xendit
  • Deskpro Integration Deskpro
  • Loyverse Integration Loyverse
  • kanban Tool Integration kanban Tool
  • Basin Integration Basin
  • Getform Integration Getform
  • SendFox Integration SendFox
  • uProc Integration uProc
  • StoryChief  Integration StoryChief

Here is a list of Google Drive Triggers and Actions

How to Integrate Google Drive with Appy Pie Automate

Follow the steps below to start integrating Google Drive using Appy Pie Automate:

  1. Go to Appy Pie Automate

  2. Create an account or login if you already have an account

  3. Search for the Google Drive App in the App directory

  4. Select a trigger event from the list

  5. Click on ‘Connect an Account’ and enter Google Drive account API key

  6. Your Google Drive app is now ready to integrate hundreds of apps supported on Appy Pie Automate.

A Quick Guide to Integrations For Google Drive Using Appy Pie Automate:

Automatically create & update documents, send notifications, save files, and share files without even opening Google Drive. Use Appy Pie Automate and make your Google Drive even more powerful by connecting it with Gmail, Dropbox, OneDrive, Facebook Lead Ads, Slack, Trello, Slack, Pipedrive, MailChimp, Evernote, Instagram, and many more without any coding. Being a key component of G-Suite, Google drive integrates almost every third party available. This automation platform offers features that allow you to connect your Google Drive directly to the apps of your choice in minutes. Send notifications, create and update documents, and share files without even opening Google Drive. No coding skills are required. Try Appy Pie Automate Now!

Why You Should Use Google Drive Integration?

Google Drive enables users to store save files online and access them anywhere from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can make your Google Drive more powerful by connecting it with other third-party apps you use to manage your professional and personal works. Using Google Drive integration you can automatically send a file from any app over to Google Drive. Appy Pie Automate allows its users to integrate Google Drive in just a few clicks and all without any coding. Use this Google Drive Integration and make your important documents fully organized and safe.

Here is how you can use Google Drive with Appy Pie Automate:

  • Integrate Google Drive with Todoist and automatically add tasks in Todoist whenever a new file is added to the specified folder on Google Drive.
  • Integrate Google Drive with Facebook Page and attract more customers by creating Facebook Page Photo Posts from new files in a folder on Google Drive.
  • Connect Google Drive to Dropbox and add new Google Drive files to Dropbox. This Google Drive-Dropbox integration will automatically create a new file in Google Drive when a new file is added to Dropbox.
  • Backup your Evernote notes by connecting them with Google Drive. This Evernote-Google Drive integration makes it easy to save new Evernote notes to Google Drive as text files.
  • Print new files in Google Drive with Google Cloud Print by connecting them. The Google Drive- Goggle Cloud integration automatically sends any file you add to a specific Google Drive folder to your Google Cloud Print folder.
  • Connect Google Drive to Slack and stay up to date on your Google Drive activities. This Google Drive-Slack integration will automatically send slack notifications every time new files are added to a specific Drive folder.
  • Integrate Google Drive with Dropbox and copy new Google Drive files in any folder to Dropbox. This Appy Pie Automate automation will keep both your storage update at all times.
  • Automatically add new Google Drive files in a folder as rows in Google Sheets by connecting Google Drive with Google Sheets.

Appy Pie Automate brings together Triggers (like "New File") and Actions (like "Create Task") to complete an action in one app whenever a trigger occurs in another. This phenomenon is called “Connect” and these Connects help you automate repetitive tasks saving you the trouble of doing them manually.

Step By Step Guide For Creating Integrations For Google Drive

  1. To connect Google Drive to Appy Pie, you must click Connect Google Drive to your favorite apps button. To do so, sign up/log into your Appy Pie and visit your access dashboard.

  2. Now, select your required service and click Continue. Here, you’ll be asked to select your account and press Connect an Account button.

  3. A pop up window will appear that’ll ask to enter your email address and password, right away, you’ll be prompted to grant Appy Pie access to your account. Confirm the dialog by pressing the Allow button.

  4. Click Continue to reconfirm the account, now, you’ll notice a window that’ll ask to fill the field (optional) to complete the integration process.

Common Issues With Google Drive At Appy Pie Automate

Appy Pie Automate shows an error regarding the connection with Google Approved or Not-Approved Apps.

Due to Google’s new security mandates, users with Gmail accounts ending with and will have the limitation to apps they could allow to send the information to.

However, business domains such as The business accounts looks like the one given below:

Some of my files are not triggering as New File

In case of a file being in a folder or created less than 4 days, the new file trigger will work. If the files are older than 4 days then the trigger will not work at Appy Pie Automate. The same is the case with the files and folders shared, they cannot trigger as you are not the owner of the files.

I am unable to get specific folder in Dropdown menu

Folders that you own in Google Drive can be searched and found on Appy Pie Automate. Shared files and folders will not be accessible in Appy Pie Automate.

Kindly contact our support team online to get more information.

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