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Why Student App Development Programs Are Important

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on February 22nd, 2024 1:51 pm | 4-min read

Saying that we interact with the modern world through various applications and software is not an overstatement. Technologies have evolved rapidly in the past two decades.One of the defining aspects of this Internet Revolution is the development of mobile applications. Mobile applications have been on the rise since the dawn of the smartphone. A modern smartphone can do almost every basic task that a PC can. To be able to do this, it needs access to a variety of mobile applications. The demand for mobile software continues to outweigh the number of developers required to meet that demand. Nearly 80% of mobile application development companies have backlogs on their projects. Mobile apps are becoming more important each day and the demand is increasing rapidly.

It is necessary that we, as people, realize that knowledge of application development is going to be necessary for future generations. With the languages used in application development becoming consistent and the rise of no-code development imminent, application development must be an educational norm. Teaching application development in a school is a must for the next generation of kids and entrepreneurs. Let me explain.

The Importance of Application Development in Schooling

Application development is going to continue its rise in the coming years. Here is why it is important to have application development as a part of the school curriculum.
  1. Need for Talent: The first generation of developers is already on their way to retirement. There is a worldwide shortage for developers that needs to be met. This vacuum also comes at a time when the app industry is on its largest growth curve.
  2. Teaching application development at a young age will help alleviate this lack of developers and will motivate young children to choose development as a career path later in life.
  3. Accessibility: Many children out there are very curious to know how applications are made and how they work. However, they lack the necessary exposure due to the steep learning curve of development.
  4. Including application development as a part of their education will help them learn and understand how development works. It will help create intelligent entrepreneurs in the future.
  5. App Development is a Viable Profession: App development is a viable option for students who are looking to make a profession out of their hobby. Looking at the app industry, one can see that there is an enormous opportunity for developers to earn a living doing what they love.

  6. A Vessel for Creativity: Children are the most creative people on the planet. Application development allows them to explore this creativity and create something new.
  7. These creative endeavors will help nurture future entrepreneurs who can change the app development industry and human lives with their ideas. Knowing how the industry works from an early age, will help them further realize their dreams.

How Educational Institutes Can Begin Teaching App Development

The need for teachers that can teach programming is already a necessity. The next generation of kids needs to know how to build their own software. Many leading schools around the world are already thinking of ways to introduce programming and coding into the curriculum. However, they are running into a challenge. This challenge can be summed up as a single question - Where do we start? Appy Pie has an answer for it - Student App Developer ProgramUnlike other subjects, application development is ever-changing. Something that is common practice today may become obsolete within a week. For example, the programming language Python is directly responsible for completely changing the direction of web development. However, the recent rise of no-code development brings a certain stability to the app development industry. Appy Pie leads this charge with its plethora of no-code development tools. No-code development technology allows you to create applications without coding. It is the future of mobile application development. It is predicted that by 2040, 80% of application development will be done through no-code and its respective platforms. No-code development works with the help of premade templates and software widgets, that can be combined into millions of different combinations to create new and interesting mobile apps. Think of it like digital legos!Appy Pie, being one of the leading no-code platforms on the market, has decided to help educational institutions start the process of teaching mobile application development to students. With its new student app developer program, Appy Pie intends to help schools teach application development in a fun and interactive way with the help of Appy Pie’s in-house no-code app building software AppMakr.With this new Student App Developer Program, Appy Pie wants to help educational institutes encourage innovation and creativity in their students. There are various benefits to this program such as:
  • Makes app development fun with the help of a simple no-code platform
  • Teaches application development & design, and promotes creativity in young minds
  • Awards students a sense of achievement when they see their creations working on their personal phones
  • Teachers with limited knowledge can learn how to make an application themselves and teach students
Application development with Appy Pie’s AppMakr platform can be a lot of fun and can help create a new generation of developers that will bring meaningful change to the world. Thousands of apps have been created by students already. Here are some statistics on what types of apps students usually create.You can sign up for Appy Pie’s Student Developer Program by scheduling a demo with us. Try it out and see if it works for your institute. Schedule a demo today.


The world needs more developers. However, it lacks people passionate about application development. Teaching young minds the value of application development is a great way to revolutionize how our world works. Young children that learn app development today will become the next generation of tech entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts who will go on to make our lives easier and fun. Schedule your demo today! If you have more questions about our app developer program for students, feel free to ask us in the comments section.

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