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Unique Website Ideas for Your Inspiration in 2021

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on February 18th, 2024 6:30 am | 5-min read

Yesterday I visited the nearby store. After completing my grocery shopping, as soon as I paid for my stuff and shared my contact details at the cash counter, I received a text message. “Thank you for shopping with us. To know more about our store, you can reach our website.” I was surprised that even the grocery store has a website. In this internet-driven era, if you want to expand your business and increase the credibility of your business, you must have a website. A website is simply a collection of web pages identified by a common domain name like Wikipedia.org, appypie.com. However, simply adding a few elements, setting up normal color combinations, and creating a website is not recommended. You need to deploy unique website ideas to stand out among your competitors.

Why Do You Need a Unique Website?

A unique website contributes incredibly to the growth of any business. It has become necessary to create your dedicated business website as it can-
  • Perfectly convey your brand identity
  • Easily be accessed by anyone and anytime at any place
  • Serve your customers 24/7
  • Build credibility and trust among the audience
  • Significantly improve sales and revenues of your business
  • Be a powerful medium of marketing
  • Increase the brand’s visibility
  • Offer several opportunities to engage with users
In this digital era, one cannot ignore the importance of a unique dedicated website for their business. Since starting the blog we are focusing on creating a “unique” website not just a usual website. Do you wonder why? Because it’s the need of the era. If your website does not contain unique content, color combinations, navigation and scroll down menus, etc., it can’t generate any profits or revenues for your business.

What are the Main Elements of a Unique Website?

The ultimate goal of any website is to share information about your brand and attract as much organic traffic towards their business. The main elements required to create a unique website are-
  1. Crisp and clear homepage: The homepage of any website reflects the brand image and talks about the vision and mission of the business. It should be visually appealing and insightful to capture the attention of website visitors.

  2. Products/services landing pages: Most websites consist of multiple web pages describing various products and services. For a unique website, you need to maintain a consistent theme of the website, add relevant images and place the CTAs at relevant places on web pages.

  3. Navigation menus: To scroll from one page to another, your website needs to have smooth and seamless navigation menus. Many websites miss out that navigation menus must be user-friendly and assures a smooth experience to customers.

  4. Branding: Your business website is the direct reflection of your brand. Any visitor who lands on your website must immediately recollect the information about your brand. Business logo, color palettes, themes, etc. should be taken care of while creating your website.

  5. Content: Without exclusive and relatable content, your website has minimal worth. An attractive tagline, eye captivating captions, creative texts and much more can convert the website visitors to loyal customers.
Creating a unique website is not a rocket science, it is merely about focusing on a few elements. Let us explore some unique website ideas for creating an exclusive website.

Tips to Create Your Unique Website

To create your unique website, you can follow a few simple tips and tricks as mentioned below.
  1. Choose the color palette that truly defines your brand. Maintain the consistency of colors throughout your website.

  2. Make sure you place your business logo in the right place and should be properly visible. Try placing the logo at the corner of web pages.

  3. Add some attractive elements to your website like voice assistant, live chat, etc. that can engage users as soon as they land on your website.

  4. Make sure you trigger the audience to stay on the website. You can add fun quizzes, survey polls, news updates, coupon codes, etc. to engage visitors.

  5. Keeping a unique name for a website can attract people’s attention. Make sure it is simple, crisp, and easily recalled.

  6. Every website can be personalized as per the user’s location, time zone, and interests. You can tweak a few elements and give an all-new experience to your users. The customization of a website makes it unique.

  7. For making your website exclusive, you can deploy artificial intelligence-based features to make the customer’s journey smooth.

How to Create Your Unique Website?

Creating a unique website on your own is not at all difficult. You can easily sign in to no-code platforms available online and start scrolling unique website templates. Without any technical knowledge, you can add the features and give a totally exclusive outlook to your website. We recommend you choose Appy Pie Website Builder along with Appy Pie Design and start creating your website today. You just need to select the category of your business and drag-n-drop the elements you want on your website. You can either select from unique website layouts or start from scratch to design your website. For making your website stand out, you can tweak elements with help of Appy Pie Design and add to your website. Just wear your creative veils and start creating your website.

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