App Development at home – A Beginner’s Guide

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on December 29th, 2021 10:13 am | 5-min read
How to learn app development at home - Appy Pie

Apps work faster and offer both online and offline access to users. Various industries including real estate, hospitality, shopping, education, fashion, or social networking have started using apps to perform their tasks easily. If you are planning to create an app for yourself, you need not to worry about hiring any development or designing team for the same. You just need to find a perfect app-building tool online and you will be good to go. And, if you find the tool right, you can create and develop your app all by yourself. Keep reading to find out how!

How to learn app development at home - Appy Pie

In this post, we will explain why you need to create an app, the challenges that you can meet with while creating one, and the app creation resources that you can use to overcome these challenges.

Why Do You Need an App?

Apps are popular as they offer the flexibility of time and location. To access your app, whether it has been created for your business or personal use, you don’t need to reach out to any additional device, you can just access it on your smartphone. Here are a few major reasons why you need an app.
How to learn app development at home - Appy Pie

  • Flexibility
  • Apps are flexible. You can install them on your smartphones and can access them anytime. Apps are compatible with various devices including a wide range of smartphones and tablets. And this compatibility adds on to the flexibility that you get within the apps.

  • Speed
  • Apps store data in the device and as soon as you launch it, instead of loading the whole store of data again, the app picks data from that storage. Loading just the updated information and not the whole app data makes them run faster.

  • Online and Offline Access
  • As you already know that apps store data within the devices which is why, even when you are offline, you can still access necessary information within the app. This is not the case with websites, if you have no network connection, you will not be able to connect to find the required information.

  • Convenience
  • Apps are convenient to use as you can install them on your phone itself. You don’t need to arrange a laptop or a desktop to be able to access your application and you can use it whenever you need it. You can just access it with a single tap on your mobile screen.

  • Personalization
  • You can personalize your app and make changes as per your requirements, taste, interests, culture, location, etc. With apps, you can set up and define your preferences and get the customized content accordingly.

Apps have been proved to be beneficial for various purposes such as marketing, promotions, recognition, awareness, and much more. You don’t need to use the app only for your business, you can also create one for your school, church, hospital, etc. to make your daily activities more convenient.

Not everyone can create and develop an app from scratch. You may face multiple challenges when trying to create an app for yourself. And we are here to make these challenges easy for you. All you need to do is go through Appy Pie’s No Code App Development Course and you can become an excellent app developer who can create apps in just a few minutes.

Let us now discuss the challenges you may face while developing an app and how Appy Pie helps you overcome those challenges.

Challenges in App Development

Amid the different phases of developing an app, developers need to focus on functionality, performance, accessibility, ease of use, and security of the apps. An app should be that appealing and responsive that it could lock in the target audience. To create such an app, you need to be perfect and learn to overcome the challenges that block your way.

Here are a few challenges that you need to keep in mind and find the solutions to while creating an app.

  • Coding
  • To write a code for the application that you are planning to create, you need to be a technical expert. Even if you are creating the simplest version of an app, you must know various programming languages including Java, HTML, C, C++, JS, etc. And if you are not a programming person, you may have to hire an app development team to create an app for yourself.

    Appy Pie, however, makes it simple for you. Neither do you need to hire an app developer nor do you need to learn coding yourself. Just enroll yourself for Appy Pie’s ‘no code’ app development course and learn how to create an app without writing even a single line of code.

  • Bugs
  • A bug in an app is a flaw, fault, or error that causes it to come up with an unexpected and incorrect result that behaves in unintended ways. Bugs are always pesky and uninvited. Fixing bugs can be trickier than writing down the whole code again. They are hard to find and get created unintentionally.

    Before you publish your app, Appy Pie’s AppMakr allows you to test your app so that you find any possible issues with your app and fix them.

  • Testing
  • App testing needs to be done at every stage of app creation. As we have just talked about bugs, we find the bugs only when we test the app. In the app development process, testing can help developers identify and get rid of bugs. This is also one of the challenges that you might face as some app development platforms don’t provide testing solutions.

    With Appy Pie’s AppMakr, not only can you test your apps before you launch them but also make the required changes after your app is live.

  • Compatibility issues
  • Gone are the days when developers could create apps solely for regular devices, screen-sizes, and operating systems. Now they need to create an app that is compatible with all kinds of operating systems and devices. Creating a responsive design for all the platforms and devices can be a bit challenging.

    You will not face compatibility issues with Appy Pie apps as Appy Pie’s AppMakr helps you create apps that complement all the operating systems, desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

  • Expenses
  • Let’s say you have an amazing app idea in your mind, yet to convert it into reality, you need a certain amount of funds. Creating an app can be costly if you haven’t chosen the right platform. Sometimes you need to get in touch with financial specialists to put funds and resources into your app idea or you can also take funds from a joint endeavor or family or friends.

Appy Pie’s AppMakr is one of the most cost-effective app building platforms that you could ever come across. Try it and you will find out yourself.

How can you Overcome the Challenges of App Development?

There are a few best practices that will help you in developing quality mobile applications for the end users.

  1. Study The Target User Group
  2. Developing an app can end up being a total waste of time if you have not taken the efforts to analyse the suitable target audience, their patterns of usage, and the problem areas that the app would be providing solution to. Before setting out to plan for the development of an app, a developer needs to understand in totality the needs that the app is required to address.

  3. Pay Attention To App Comprehensibility
  4. The app needs to be such that it is easily understood by the intended user group. It is a good idea therefore to include a set of instructions wherever you can or feel the need to. To develop these instructions, you can complement the text with interesting and attractive graphics as well. Use a good balance of both visual and text content and create a visual experience that is satisfying and worth coming back to.

  5. Determine The Apt Design Process
  6. In a recent mobile best practices report published by Accenture, it has been established with great clarity that having a decisive design strategy is of absolute importance when it comes to a ‘cross-platform environment where multiple efforts may be underway simultaneously.’ At this stage what you need to do is list down complete functionality and the future components of your app on a piece of paper so that you have defined clarity in understanding what is needed to accomplish it.

  7. The Core Must Be Robust
  8. Create a list of the most important features of your app and focus on these strongest features in order to develop the core of your app. All the other additional features and functionalities that you want to add to your app can be added at later stages in the form of plug ins. These plugins can be bought by the users later as and when they feel the need for it. Doing this would make the app lightweight and easy to use and maintain a high speed of use.

  9. Security Must Be Of Supreme Concern
  10. Information, especially private data and information is privileged and is of great importance for every individual. It is common for the app developers, on Android platforms more than any other, might require the users to furnish a number of details about themselves to be able to use the app. It is therefore important that the company can assure the prospective or existing users that they would be providing discretion, security, and privacy of any information or data that they provide to them.

  11. Testing
  12. Like any other product, a new app is bound to have its initial hiccups. In this regard running a number of tests at every stage is of great importance. Separate tests are devised at each step and stage of development and apt attention needs to be paid.But the testing of the final product is of great importance too. This testing needs to be done with beta testers as they are the ones who would run your app in every way possible and report back to you about the bugs and crashes or any other hassles they might have encountered while using it.

  13. Applications Analysis Is Integral
  14. You have built an app and have launched it, but how do you know what kind of an impact it is going to make? What are the performance issues, where are the users facing trouble, which features are being appreciated, and which ones are being ignored? It is quite important to incorporate analytics feature in your app to understand how the users are interacting with the app. The analytics will help you identify which features or aspects of the app are a hit with the users and which ones are a big miss, and also help you reaffirm that the users are interacting with the app in the way you had predicted them to.

  15. Incorporate A Mechanism For Feedback
  16. Apart from the analytics, the feedback from genuine users can prove to be a goldmine for you. Offer an opportunity and a channel to the users (email, social media or any other) so that you can report any crashes or bugs that they encounter. When you have this information from the users you would have some help in understanding what is it that the users like about your app and which part is proving frustrating or less than perfect for them.

  17. Refrain From Interrupting The Users
  18. For an app that is free or based on the freemium model, the push notifications and the popup ads are of great importance and value. However, too many push notifications or popups have the potential to become intrusive and interrupt the users while they are using their devices for any function including using your app. Push notifications, though extremely useful, have the potential to interrupt the seamless flow of the app. It is important to employ discretion while sending out the push notifications and ensuring that the notifications convey relevant information to the user.

  19. Follow The Guidelines To The “T”
  20. The two major platforms Android & iOS each have their defined set of guidelines for the developers to refer and consult as they begin the process of developing a mobile app. These guidelines can play an instrumental role in helping the developers all through the process of building a mobile app. Depending on the platform you choose to develop an app for, the app developer would have at their disposal a detailed set of guidelines to follow.

  21. Updates
  22. Change is permanent, an adage that hold true especially for the rapidly evolving digital world. The software, the app platforms, the devices, UI designs, and a whole lot more keeps changing from time to time as new developments make their way into the market. In order to keep the app experience stellar and the users engaged, it is absolutely important to provide regular updates in the design of the user experience and interface.

Three Questions App Developers Need To Ask Themselves

There are 3 questions that all developers should ask themselves. Now there are more questions that can be asked but nothing can be more crucial than these. Infact, these are questions to ask an app developer if you are not a developer yourself. In short, always ask these questions while making an app.

  1. How is Your App Going to Make Money?
  2. Too many app makers focus on aesthetics or adding functionality before they focus on the bottom line. Can’t you just work on making the best app you can now and save monetizing for later?
    While that’s a good impulse to have as a developer, your app may never be able to help anyone if it doesn’t make the money to support itself. Your ideas and design are what define the app, but revenue is what defines its success in the marketplace.

    In-app advertising is currently the most popular model of monetization, but if you think that ads will turn off your customer base, there are plenty of more direct alternatives. For instance, you could charge users a monthly subscription fee, or you could offer them items or upgrades for purchase within the app through in-app purchases. This is a better monetization idea for an app. You could boost your in-app purchases through simple optimization.

    Whichever you choose, what’s important is that the way you monetize matches your app’s design. Use analytics sites like AppAnnie to take a look at what popular apps are doing to support themselves and compare their successes, especially ones that use similar business models or apps that solve the same problem yours does.
    If you decide how you’re going to monetize early, you can develop your app with that in mind, avoiding possible glitches or setbacks in the future

  3. What Do Your Customers Want?
  4. Even at this early stage of the mobile app’s existence, there are plenty of people who will tell you that there’s an established model that your app’s design should follow. But when it comes to developing, a business perspective will only go so far–your audience should be the ultimate authority on how you develop and market your app.
    That’s why, as important as your business model is, you should never let it get in the way of the user experience. If, for instance, your app is trying to give people quick and easy access to something, making your audience swipe through a bunch of invasive advertisements is going to hinder that goal.

    Your product should be so useful that customers are happy to pay for it –if paying for it gets in the way of using it, you’re doing something wrong.
    Unfortunately, it can be pretty hard to gauge what exactly your audience wants. Market research and focus groups can tell you what problems many smartphone users experience, but figuring out the easiest, most efficient way to solve those problems is the developer’s job. At every step of the development process, think of your customer’s needs to make sure your app is perfect for consumers.

  5. What Can My App Do that a Website Couldn’t?
  6. If you aren’t looking to make something that consumers will want to use on the go, at any time, in any situation, you might be in the wrong business. Mobile apps have a distinct advantage over websites precisely because they’re mobile. Being successful in this industry takes a product or service that can save people a trip to their desktops when time counts the most.

    This means that you can’t think of the app experience as just a website that’s been shrunken down to fit on a smaller screen. If you’ve ever browsed a website on your phone that wasn’t optimized for mobile use, you know how irritating it is to be constantly zooming in and out, trying to click on tiny links with the full force of your unwieldy thumbs.
    Think about how the best apps get you what you want with only a few swipes instead of putting you through a dizzying array of available options and variables.

    If your app can satisfy customers’ needs without making them stop from what they’re doing, all without needing constant monetary support, you might have what it takes to make money in one of today’s most competitive markets.

Now that you know what all roadblocks could come up your way, should you give up on your dream of learning app development? No! Not when we are here to help. With all these challenges, it could be a bit difficult to create an app all by yourself. Register for Appy Pie’s No Code App Development Course and learn how to create an app in just a few clicks.

Appy Pie has another app development program available online that saves you from getting lost in all these bugs, codes, and testing challenges.

Yes, we are talking about the Student App Developer Program from Appy Pie, an amazing app development course offered by Appy Pie, especially for students. This is a perfect and intuitive app-building program that you can use to create an excellent app. Let us discuss more about this program.

Appy Pie’s Student App Developer Program

You can enroll in this program to learn how you can create an app at home. The program has been designed for K-12 and university students. It offers the users the ability to create apps for multiple purposes, depending upon their interests. For example, students can create an education app and freelancers can create an app for their services that they are offering.

How to learn app development at home - Appy Pie
The program can help you overcome the challenges mentioned above. Here is what it offers.

  • Plans
  • Appy Pie’s App Developer program offers different plans with a different number of apps. With this program, you can get at least 10 apps per account, and the number increases as per the package that you subscribe to. Here are the details of the package category names with the number of apps that you can create with each of them.

    • Scholar – 10 Apps
    • Wonder Kid – 25 Apps
    • Topper – 50 Apps
    • Genius – 100 Apps

    You can subscribe to these packages on a monthly or yearly basis.

  • Testing
  • Once you have created an app, the program allows you to test it on multiple devices and check if it is working fine. You can test the app on various mobile devices, tablets, and operating systems. This helps you find out if your app is good to use and if you can publish it on the app stores.

  • App Submission
  • The program also offers users with help in the app submission process and allows them to submit their apps on different app stores. The platform offers unlimited bandwidth that helps the app submission process run smoothly.

  • Round the Clock Support
  • Appy Pie offers full-time support for the users creating an app with this app development program. You can just call up the helpdesk anytime to find answers to your queries or to get your issues fixed.

  • Affordable
  • Sometimes it takes a lot of money to create an app. You need to pay for the creation and development charges. Appy Pie’s Student App Development Program is cheaper than any other app creation platforms available out there.

Use Appy Pie’s App Maker to create your apps as it is one of the best app building platforms available online. Let us know more about this app Building software to help you understand why you should go for it.

Why Appy Pie’s App Maker?

There are various app-building tools available online, but you need to find the one that works the best for you. Appy Pie’s App Maker offers a wide range of excellent features with such an interactive dashboard that you will even enjoy creating an app for yourself.

Here are a few major features that this excellent app maker offers. Check out if they suit your needs.

  • No-code App Development
  • With Appy Pie’s App Maker, you can create apps without having any coding or technical knowledge. Even if you are new to development, you face any issues and will be able to create your app in just a few clicks.

    Check out this no code app development course to become an excellent app developer.

  • Apps ready in a jiffy
  • With Appy Pie’s App Maker, you can create apps in just a few minutes. The software helps you create responsive and fast-running apps in the least available time.

  • Multilingual assistance
  • Appy Pie’s App Maker support multiple languages as per the locations of the users. If you have your app users across the globe, the software helps you localize your app and expands your audience.

  • Real-time updates
  • Apps created using Appy Pie’s App Maker offer real-time updates. For example, if you have created an app for a salon, you can have your customers activate the push notifications feature and keep sending them the notifications with the updated packages.

  • Easy Drag and Drop
  • Appy Pie’s App Maker offers this amazing drag and drop feature that you can use to add features of your choice to your app. To add a feature to the app, you just need to select the feature and drag it on.

  • Light and Smooth-running apps
  • Appy Pie’s App Maker helps you create apps that load in seconds ensuring a delightful user experience. These apps are no different from the ones developed from scratch in the matter of speed and performance.

  • Assistance with App Publishing
  • Appy Pie also helps app developers with app publishing. You can test your app on various devices and then publish it on the app stores of your choice. Appy Pie offers a support team to help you if you face any issues.

That was all about how to learn app development. You go through Appy Pie’s Student App Development Program and become an app developer at home with Appy Pie’s App Makr. it is one of the best cloud-based app builder platforms. Go through the program and learn how you can build an app from scratch!

Also, you can visit Appy Pie Academy if you want to learn more. On this portal, there are many online courses available that you can go through to utilize your free time.


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