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How to Integrate Salesforce with Microsoft Teams?

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By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on April 1st, 2024 8:28 am | 5-min read

Salesforce and Microsoft Teams, both have been around for a while now. Microsoft Teams enables better collaboration between various teams, and Salesforce, on the other hand, provides businesses with a common platform for marketing, sales, service, etc.

Both the software individually play a critical role in any small or large business’ growth. Can you imagine what they can do together? Read on to find out! In this blog, we will help you learn how Salesforce and Microsoft Teams can help your business separately and together. Let us first learn a bit about Salesforce.

How Salesforce is Useful for Your Business?

Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM platforms that offer an entire suite of connected apps. These apps unite your sales, marketing, customer service, IT, and much more. Salesforce helps you grow your business by keeping your customers engaged and delivering the best customer service. Salesforce offers various useful software solutions for users and developers. Here is why you should use salesforce for your business.

  • Helps you connect your apps to your desktops and laptops

  • Offers easy-to-use categories and features You can utilize more time in implementing it than just understanding how to use it

  • Works on the cloud so can be accessed from anywhere. All you need to access cloud is an internet connection

  • Cost-effective and affordable

  • Easy-to-use and can be customized as per your business needs

  • Completely scalable to your business growth

  • Can be integrated with various other platforms more easily in comparison to the others of the same kind

  • Offers a vast variety of capabilities. It is the best for startups

Salesforce helps you go digital by integrating it with multiple apps and empowering your teams to work from anywhere. Among all the major Salesforce integrations, we will talk about the one with Microsoft Teams in this blog. Additionally, we will help you understand how Salesforce can become more powerful and useful when integrated with Microsoft Teams. Before we go ahead with listing out the benefits of using Microsoft Teams and learning what you can do with this Microsoft Teams and Salesforce integration, let us first have a quick look at these stats that support this integration idea.Salesforce + Microsoft Teams - Appy Pie

How Microsoft Teams Benefits Your Business?

Microsoft Teams is an excellent chat-based collaboration platform that offers various useful features for business communications. It helps you with document sharing, online meetings, chat functioning, audio conferencing, and much more. Microsoft Teams is extremely user-friendly and can help you facilitate a productive environment and between businesses and remote users. Here is what you can do with Microsoft Teams.

  • Create a conversation board between team members

  • Facilitate conversations within teams and channels

  • Initiate chats between groups, teams, and individuals

  • Document storage in SharePoint with customized permissions and security options in sensitive data

  • Online video calling and screen sharing

  • Online Meetings and Audio Conferencing

Microsoft Teams helps you create a powerful collaboration environment and brings simplicity to teamwork by sharing, collaborating, communicating, and doing it all under a common platform. Coming back to the actual point of this article, let us now talk about what integrating Salesforce and Microsoft Teams can do for your business.

How Salesforce Integration with Microsoft Teams Helps?

Customer Service and Sales are team-centric and highly collaborative functions, and many businesses use both Salesforce CRM and Microsoft Teams. Integrating Microsoft Teams with Salesforce can let users search, view, and share Salesforce records and files with all the team members directly within Teams. Integrating these two platforms may seem a complex task, but you can do it in just a few clicks with Appy Pie’s automation platform – Appy Pie Connect. But before you do that, let us take you through what you can do with this integration. Check out how Microsoft Teams’ integration with Salesforce helps your business.

  • Search, view, and share pre-selected data in the Microsoft Teams tab

  • Send notifications in Microsoft Teams for any data changes made in Salesforce

  • Add more flexibility to your workflows

  • Reflect the accounts, contacts, custom objects, opportunities update into Microsoft Teams

  • Work on the same documents at the same time using Microsoft Teams and Salesforce

  • Send notifications in Microsoft Teams when new opportunities are created in Salesforce

  • Send messages in Microsoft Teams when creating new tasks in Salesforce

  • Send messages using Microsoft Teams when creating a new lead in Salesforce

  • Access Salesforce reports and dashboards in Microsoft Teams

  • Make a new record of a selected Salesforce object

  • Add an existing contact to an existing campaign

Businesses can rely on Salesforce for their customer management and Microsoft Teams for communication. When creating new leads in Salesforce, they can send messages to their team members using Microsoft Teams so that they can work on turning those leads into sales. Integrating these applications using Appy Pie Connect is easy as pie. Even non-technical people can do it without any difficulty.Salesforce+microsoft - Appy Pie

Connect Salesforce + Microsoft Teams

How Salesforce Integration with Microsoft Teams Works?

Here is the list of steps that you need to follow when integrating Salesforce with Microsoft Teams. Step 1: Validate Salesforce + Microsoft Teams Step 2: Select one of the apps as a trigger to kick off your automation Step 3: Pick the preferred resulting action from the other app Step 4: Choose the file you want to share between these two apps And, that is how it’s done. Let us now check why you should choose Appy Pie Connect over other automation platforms to integrate different software.

Other Major Salesforce Integrations

Appy Pie Connect is one of the most popular automation platforms available online. It helps you connect more than 1200 software on a single platform to automate your workflows. With this amazing platform, you can create automated workflows for your team and help them focus on other critical tasks. Appy Pie Connect helps you integrate various applications such as Zoom, Slack, PayPal, Mailchimp, Gmail, Facebook, and much more. Here are a few more major Salesforce Integrations that you may help in automating your workflows.
  1. Salesforce + Zoom Integration: With this integration, you can create new zoom meetings for your team, get a notification when you get a new message, or someone updates any record for a specified Salesforce object.

  2. Salesforce + Google Calendar Integration: With this integration, you can save existing and create new Salesforce events in your Google Calendar. You can also send new Google Calendar events to Salesforce as new events.

  3. Salesforce + Slack Integration: With this integration, you can get slack notifications for new salesforce opportunities, create new Slack messages for new Salesforce leads, Send Slack notifications to your team for some assigned tasks, and much more. Go through this post if you want to learn more about Slack integrations - How Slack Improves Workplace Productivity? [Top 10 Slack Integrations].

  4. Salesforce + Gmail Integration: With this integration, you can generate new Salesforce leads from Gmail emails, send new emails from Gmail for new Salesforce leads, and create Salesforce cases for new Gmail emails, etc.

  5. Salesforce + Google Sheets Integration: With this integration, you can add leads to Salesforce using the information saved in Google Sheets spreadsheet rows or create custom Salesforce objects from the saved information in the Google Sheets.


That was all for today. Automate your tasks by integrating your apps using Appy Pie Connect today. This way you can reduce your team members’ workload and help them focus on other major tasks. Salesforce with Microsoft Teams can prove to be an excellent integration for your business. Go through this post if you want to know more Microsoft Teams Integrations – Microsoft Teams: Platform Characteristics, Integrations, & Scope with Appy Pie’s Connect!Try Appy Pie Connect today!

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