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Discover 17+ Online Sales Training Programs to Elevate Your Skills

Prerna Pundir
By Prerna Pundir | Last Updated on June 14th, 2024 3:40 am

In today's fast-paced digital world, structured learning in sales cannot be overstated. With the advent of lead generation chatbots, companies can automate initial customer interactions, ensuring that potential clients are engaged from the first moment they visit your site. This innovative approach streamlines the lead generation process and sets the stage for a more effective sales training program. By integrating technology like chatbots, businesses are laying the groundwork for a sales force that's not only tech-savvy but also highly efficient in converting leads into sales.

Enterprise Sales Training

Explore the pinnacle of sales excellence with Enterprise Sales Training, where advanced strategies meet the art of major account management, fostering unparalleled engagement and relationship-building skills.

  1. Sandler Training - Enterprise Selling Training Course
    • Renowned for its comprehensive curriculum on enterprise sales, addressing everything from initial engagement to deal closure, with a focus on navigating complex decision-making processes and managing extended sales cycles in large organizations.
    • Utilizes the best learning management systems to enrich the educational experience, positioning it as a top choice for sales professionals seeking to excel in the enterprise sector.

  2. MEDDIC Academy
    • MEDDIC Academy streamlines the enterprise sales process into clear, manageable steps, focusing on crucial aspects such as identifying decision-makers and comprehending their challenges.
    • Utilizes sales assistant chatbot technology to boost customer interaction and engagement, making it the best online sales training program for practical strategies.

  3. The Richardson Sales Performance
    • This program equips sales professionals with strategies for becoming trusted advisors to major accounts, focusing on complex negotiations, understanding client needs, and the importance of precise solution alignment and clear value propositions.
    • It underscores the significance of building lasting relationships with key decision-makers and utilizes live chat software to enhance real-time communication, thereby strengthening trust, rapport, and sales effectiveness with major clients.

B2B Sales Training

Embark on a journey through B2B Sales Training, where expert insights and modern technology converge to empower sales teams with the skills and tools needed for mastering the complexities of business-to-business sales in today's digital landscape.

  1. SalesBuzz: B2B Phone Skills Improvement Program
    • Focuses on enhancing phone sales techniques, particularly for outbound call center operations, teaching sales reps how to effectively initiate and close sales calls.
    • Provides scripts, objection-handling frameworks, and closing techniques specifically designed for success in outbound sales environments.
    • Offers personalized coaching and feedback to ensure sales representatives can confidently apply what they've learned in their outbound call efforts.

  1. ASLAN: A Different Approach to B2B Sales Training
    • Incorporates AI chatbot for website interactions into the training, teaching sales teams how to leverage AI technology for lead generation and customer engagement.
    • Emphasizes the importance of personalized customer experiences, using AI chatbots to gather insights and tailor sales approaches accordingly.
    • Offers a blend of online and interactive training modules that allow sales professionals to practice and hone their skills in using AI chatbots effectively.

  1. Udemy: "Sales Mastery: Proven B2B Sales Strategies and Techniques"
    • Integrates live chat support techniques to teach sales professionals how to engage prospects in real-time, enhancing customer interaction and engagement.
    • Offers a curriculum that covers the latest B2B sales strategies and techniques, ensuring sales teams are well-versed in modern sales methodologies.
    • Provides access to a community of sales professionals for networking and peer support, leveraging live chat for instant communication and collaboration.

  1. RAIN Group: Foundations of Consultative Selling
    • Focuses on building strong customer relationships through effective communication and problem-solving, supported by the use of chatbots for immediate customer assistance.
    • Provides practical exercises and role-playing scenarios where sales reps can learn to integrate chatbots into their sales strategy, improving responsiveness and customer satisfaction.
    • Teaches sales professionals how to use a customer support chatbot as part of a consultative selling approach, enhancing customer service and support.

  1. LinkedIn Learning: "Business-to-Business Sales"
    • Features expert instructors who share actionable insights and strategies for mastering B2B sales, supported by case studies and real-world examples.
    • Encourages continuous learning with access to an extensive library of sales content, helping sales professionals stay updated on industry trends and best practices.
    • Utilizes knowledge base software to offer a rich repository of sales resources, enabling learners to deepen their understanding of B2B sales concepts.

SaaS Sales Training

Dive into the dynamic world of SaaS Sales Training, tailored to equip sales professionals with the expertise needed to thrive in the competitive SaaS market through innovative solutions and strategic customer service enhancements.

  1. SalesHood
    • SalesHood provides specialized B2B SaaS sales training and coaching to boost sales skills for success in the competitive SaaS market.
    • Incorporates help desk software to enhance customer service, offering a comprehensive platform for sales teams to efficiently address customer inquiries and streamline the sales process.

  1. The Brooks Group
    • Offers tailored sales training specifically for SaaS products, focusing on unique industry challenges and effective deal-closing strategies.
    • Incorporates ticketing systems to streamline technical issue resolution, enabling sales teams to concentrate on sales rather than troubleshooting.

SPIN Sales Training

Uncover the secrets of SPIN Sales Training, a transformative approach designed to elevate customer engagement and sales efficiency by leveraging the latest in cloud call center technology.

  1. Miller Heiman Group (now part of Korn Ferry)
    • Provides SPIN selling training to improve customer engagement and sales efficiency, focusing on strategic questioning techniques.
    • Utilizes cloud call center software to offer sales teams enhanced flexibility and scalability in their sales and customer service efforts.

Other Sales Training Courses

Venture into a diverse range of Other Sales Training Courses, where cutting-edge techniques like chatbot development and AI integration redefine the sales process, offering practical, real-world applications and digital marketing mastery.

  1. Sales Engine
    • Innovative Training Techniques: Sales Engine integrates inbound call center software into its curriculum, teaching sales teams to efficiently handle incoming customer inquiries, which can significantly improve customer satisfaction and conversion rates.
    • Customized Learning Paths: Tailored programs ensure that every sales professional can navigate through complex sales scenarios, using advanced tools to streamline communication and enhance customer engagement.
    • Real-World Applications: Practical exercises simulate real-life sales situations, allowing participants to apply their knowledge of inbound call center software in a controlled, learning-focused environment.

  1. HubSpot Academy
    • Chatbot Development Skills: HubSpot Academy leverages chatbot tools, enabling participants to design and implement chatbots that can automate parts of the sales process, from lead capture to initial customer queries.
    • Comprehensive Digital Marketing Training: Courses cover a wide range of digital marketing strategies, including the use of chatbots to improve online customer interactions and engagement.
    • Hands-On Learning Experience: Participants get to build and test their chatbots, providing a practical understanding of how chatbot technology can be used to enhance sales and marketing efforts.

  1. GoSkills
    • Enhanced Customer Interaction: GoSkills offers training that incorporates contact center software, teaching sales teams how to use these platforms to manage and improve customer interactions across multiple channels.
    • Skill Development for Modern Sales Teams: The curriculum is designed to equip sales professionals with the necessary skills to leverage contact center software, ensuring they can meet the demands of today’s digital consumers.
    • Practical Application: Through case studies and simulations, participants learn how to effectively use contact center software to streamline customer communication and improve response times.

  1. Dale Carnegie
    • Leveraging AI in Sales: Dale Carnegie's programs incorporate free AI chatbot technology, showing sales teams how to use AI to improve customer service and automate repetitive tasks.
    • Risk-Free Experimentation: By focusing on free AI tools, the training encourages experimentation and innovation in sales strategies without the need for significant upfront investment.
    • Building AI Competency: Participants gain a solid understanding of AI capabilities and limitations, enabling them to make informed decisions about incorporating AI chatbots into their sales processes.

  1. Score More Sales
    • Strategic AI Utilization: Score More Sales integrates AI chatbot exercises into their training, teaching sales professionals how to use AI chatbots for more effective sales conversations and improved customer service.
    • Custom AI Solutions: The training emphasizes the creation of custom AI chatbots that align with specific sales goals and customer engagement strategies.
    • Future-Proofing Sales Strategies: Participants learn how AI technology can be used to future-proof sales strategies, ensuring their companies remain competitive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Challenger Sales Training

Dive into the world of Challenger Sales Training, designed to equip sales professionals with the expertise to teach, tailor, and take control of customer conversations, driving growth in complex sales environments.

  1. Challenger Inc.
    • Focuses on teaching sales professionals the Challenger approach, emphasizing the importance of delivering unique insights and tailoring messages to customer needs.
    • Incorporates Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software training, enhancing sales reps' ability to manage customer data and interactions effectively, leading to more personalized and impactful sales strategies.
    • Recognized for its rigorous curriculum that prepares sales teams to handle the complexities of modern sales environments, it an essential program for those looking to adopt a consultative selling style.

  1. Forio Group
    • Offers a deep dive into the Challenger sales model, providing sales teams with the tools to disrupt customer thinking and drive engagement through insightful dialogue.
    • Utilizes analytics and data visualization tools training, enabling sales professionals to leverage data in crafting compelling sales narratives that resonate with customer challenges and opportunities.
    • Stands out for its hands-on workshops and real-world application exercises, preparing participants to implement the Challenger approach effectively within their sales processes.

Sales Training Topics to Create Your Own Sales Training

Creating a sales training program tailored to your team's needs can significantly enhance their performance and your business's bottom line. Here are key topics to consider

  1. Handling Objections or Hesitancies: Train your team to effectively address common objections using insights from a customer service chatbot, turning challenges into conversion opportunities.
  2. Intelligent Listening Skills: Develop your team's ability to actively listen and understand customer needs, improving communication and relationship-building.
  3. Practiced Pitches and Closing Sales: Focus on refining sales pitches and closing techniques through regular practice, ensuring your team is prepared to convert leads into sales efficiently.
  4. Product Knowledge: Equip your team with comprehensive product knowledge, complemented by a customer experience chatbot for real-time information access, enhancing customer interactions.


Integrating advanced technologies like chatbots and AI into sales training programs offers a transformative approach to enhancing sales strategies and customer engagement. From enterprise sales to B2B and SaaS, these programs equip sales professionals with the skills needed to navigate today's digital landscape effectively. By embracing these innovative training solutions, companies can ensure their sales teams are well-prepared to meet the challenges and opportunities of the modern sales environment.

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