15 Top Zendesk Alternatives in 2023

Neeraj Shukla
By Neeraj Shukla | November 7, 2023 9:24 am

Zendesk has been a cornerstone of the customer support software industry for several years. However, in the ever-evolving world of customer service, there is a multitude of viable alternatives to explore. These options offer unique features and capabilities, catering to diverse business needs. Whether you seek a more budget-friendly solution, specialized tools for specific industries, or simply a fresh approach to customer support, this article presents 15 top Zendesk alternatives. Each of these alternatives has its strengths, empowering businesses to provide exceptional customer service.

The 15 Best Zendesk Alternatives in 2023

  1. Appy Pie Desk
  2. HelpScout
  3. Freshdesk
  4. HappyFox
  5. Gorgias
  6. Zoho Desk
  7. Salesforce
  8. Hiver
  9. Microsoft Dynamics 365
  10. Kustomer
  11. GrooveHQ
  12. ServiceNow
  13. Front
  14. LiveAgent
  15. HelpCrunch

Appy Pie Desk

Appy Pie Desk is an incredibly user-friendly customer support software, meticulously designed to streamline ticket management, knowledge base creation, and live chat support. This platform caters especially well to small and medium-sized businesses seeking a more cost-effective alternative to Zendesk. With its intuitive interface and robust features, Appy Pie Desk empowers businesses to provide efficient and personalized customer support, ensuring customer satisfaction remains a top priority.

Key Features

  • Streamlined ticket management
  • Knowledge base creation
  • Live chat support
  • User-friendly interface
  • Affordable for small to medium-sized businesses


HelpScout offers a highly collaborative and efficient approach to customer support, with a particular focus on email management. It stands out as an excellent choice for businesses that prioritize providing personalized, human-centric customer service. HelpScout's user-friendly interface and advanced email management capabilities enable teams to deliver top-notch support while maintaining a personal touch, making it a compelling Zendesk alternative.

Key Features

  • Collaborative approach to customer support
  • Email management focus
  • Personalized customer service
  • Efficient team communication
  • Human-centric support


Freshdesk, part of the Freshworks suite, is a versatile customer support solution that excels in providing multi-channel support, self-service options, and automation. It's renowned for its user-friendly interface and scalability, making it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes. Freshdesk empowers teams to manage customer inquiries efficiently, deliver exceptional service, and resolve issues quickly. Whether it's ticket management, self-help options, or automating repetitive tasks, Freshdesk ensures businesses have the tools they need to offer top-quality customer support.

Key Features

  • Multi-channel support
  • Self-service options
  • Automation for efficiency
  • Scalable for businesses of all sizes
  • User-friendly interface


HappyFox is a comprehensive help desk software known for its prowess in efficiently managing customer queries, automating repetitive tasks, and seamlessly integrating with other essential business tools. Its versatility and feature-rich platform make it an appealing choice for both small and large organizations. HappyFox streamlines support operations, increases agent productivity and enhances customer interactions. With its robust set of features and integrations, it helps businesses deliver exceptional customer support and streamline their support processes, ensuring customer satisfaction remains at the forefront.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive help desk software
  • Customer query management
  • Automation of repetitive tasks
  • Integration with other business tools
  • Suitable for both small and large organizations


Gorgias is a specialized e-commerce customer support platform designed to elevate support for online retailers. Leveraging artificial intelligence, Gorgias provides quick and highly personalized responses to customer queries. This level of efficiency and personalization is particularly crucial for e-commerce businesses dealing with a high volume of customer interactions. By automating responses and providing data-driven insights, Gorgias enables online retailers to optimize their customer support, ultimately enhancing the customer experience.

Key Features

  • Specialized e-commerce support
  • Leveraging artificial intelligence
  • Quick and personalized responses
  • Ideal for online retailers
  • Efficient handling of high-volume customer interactions

Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is a cloud-based customer support software that excels in delivering a seamless, multichannel support experience. It's an ideal choice for businesses looking to adopt a holistic approach to customer service. Zoho Desk simplifies ticket management, automates routine tasks, and offers a wide array of features designed to enhance customer interactions. With its user-friendly interface and the ability to integrate with other Zoho applications, it's a reliable Zendesk alternative for organizations aiming to deliver consistent, high-quality customer support across various communication channels.

Key Features

  • Multichannel support
  • Seamless and integrated experience
  • Ticket management
  • Automation of routine tasks
  • Integration with other Zoho applications


Salesforce, a renowned customer relationship management (CRM) platform, offers robust customer service features. It's the preferred choice for businesses looking to seamlessly integrate customer support with their broader CRM strategy. Salesforce empowers organizations to build strong customer relationships, deliver top-tier support, and gather valuable insights to enhance the overall customer experience. With its extensive set of tools and integrations, Salesforce ensures that businesses can provide personalized and efficient customer service at every touchpoint in the customer journey.

Key Features

  • Robust customer service features
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Seamless integration with broader business functions
  • Tools and insights for enhanced customer experience
  • Ideal for businesses aiming to build strong customer relationships


Hiver is an email collaboration and management platform that optimizes teamwork and customer support. By transforming your email into a shared inbox, Hiver streamlines communication and enhances team productivity. It's an excellent choice for businesses that heavily rely on email, making it more efficient to manage customer inquiries, delegate tasks, and track email communications effectively.

Key Features

  • Email collaboration and management
  • Shared inbox for team productivity
  • Efficient customer support
  • Task delegation and email tracking
  • Particularly suitable for email-centric businesses

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a robust suite of business applications that includes comprehensive customer service tools. It's the go-to solution for organizations looking to consolidate various business functions into one integrated platform. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can seamlessly manage customer support and service alongside other critical business processes, making it a powerful choice for large enterprises.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive suite of business applications
  • Consolidation of business functions
  • Seamless management of customer support
  • Integration with other critical processes
  • Ideal for large enterprises


Kustomer is a customer service CRM platform that focuses on delivering a unified customer view. By centralizing customer data, Kustomer empowers businesses to provide personalized and highly efficient support. It's particularly well-suited for organizations committed to adopting a customer-centric approach and delivering tailored assistance to their clients.

Key Features

  • Unified customer view
  • Personalized and efficient support
  • Customer service CRM
  • Tailored assistance to clients
  • Suitable for customer-centric organizations


GrooveHQ offers a simple yet powerful customer support software designed for small to medium-sized businesses. It emphasizes collaboration, automation, and analytics to enhance customer service operations. GrooveHQ is an excellent choice for teams looking to efficiently manage customer inquiries, automate repetitive tasks, and gain valuable insights into their support processes.

Key Features

  • Simple yet powerful customer support software
  • Collaboration and automation
  • Analytics for insights
  • Suitable for small to medium-sized businesses
  • Efficient customer inquiry management


ServiceNow is an extensive service management platform that caters to various business solutions, including customer service. It's the ideal choice for enterprises seeking a scalable and integrated approach to managing different business functions. ServiceNow allows organizations to streamline and automate service operations, providing efficient customer support alongside other essential business processes.

Key Features

  • Extensive service management platform
  • Scalable and integrated approach
  • Streamlining and automation of service operations
  • Suitable for enterprises
  • Efficient customer support alongside other business processes


Front is a collaborative inbox software that enhances team communication and customer support. It's the perfect choice for teams aiming to streamline email and other communication channels, ensuring that customer inquiries are efficiently managed and that teams can provide prompt and effective support.

Key Features

  • Collaborative inbox software
  • Enhanced team communication
  • Streamlined email and communication channel management
  • Efficient customer inquiry handling
  • Prompt and effective support


LiveAgent is a versatile help desk and live chat solution that serves businesses of all sizes. Known for its flexibility and feature richness, LiveAgent offers a wide range of customer service tools in one platform. This makes it an excellent choice for businesses looking for a comprehensive solution to enhance their customer support operations.

Key Features

  • Versatile help desk and live chat solution
  • Feature-rich platform
  • Comprehensive customer service tools
  • Suitable for businesses of all sizes
  • Comprehensive solution for customer support


HelpCrunch is a holistic customer communication platform that combines live chat, email marketing, and a knowledge base to deliver exceptional customer support. It's a superb choice for businesses that aim to proactively engage with customers, providing them with the support and information they need in a highly efficient and personalized manner.

Key Features

  • Holistic customer communication platform
  • Live chat, email marketing, and knowledge base
  • Proactive customer engagement
  • Efficient and personalized support
  • Hands-on support and information delivery.

Comparison Table of the Leading Zendesk Alternatives

Alternative Business Focus Key Features and Strengths Pricing Structure
Appy Pie Desk Small to Medium Streamlined ticket management, knowledge base creation, live chat support. Affordable pricing for small to medium businesses.
HelpScout Personalized Support Collaborative email management, human-centric customer service. Competitive pricing and flexible plans.
Freshdesk Multi-Channel Support Multi-channel support, self-service options, automation, scalability. Offers a free plan and affordable paid options.
HappyFox Comprehensive Help Desk Customer query management, automation, integrations, suitable for small and large organizations. Competitive pricing with scalable plans.
Gorgias E-commerce Support AI-powered e-commerce support, efficient handling of high-volume queries. Pricing based on usage and size of the business.
Zoho Desk Multichannel Support Multichannel support, seamless integration with other Zoho applications. Competitive pricing with a free plan available.
Salesforce CRM Integration Robust customer service features, seamless CRM integration, tools and insights. Pricing varies depending on the chosen edition.
Hiver Email Collaboration Email collaboration and management, shared inbox, ideal for email-centric businesses. Offers affordable pricing for shared inboxes.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Solution Comprehensive business suite, consolidation of functions, ideal for large enterprises. Pricing varies based on the chosen applications.
Kustomer Unified Customer View Unified customer view, personalized and efficient support, tailored for customer-centric organizations. Custom pricing based on specific business needs.
GrooveHQ Small to Medium Collaboration, automation, analytics, efficient inquiry management. Competitive pricing suitable for small businesses.
ServiceNow Scalable Service Management Extensive service management platform, scalable and integrated approach, efficient customer support alongside other business processes. Pricing varies based on the chosen applications.
Front Team Communication Collaborative inbox software, enhanced team communication, streamlined email and communication channel management. Pricing varies based on team size and features.
LiveAgent Versatile Customer Support Comprehensive help desk, feature-rich platform, comprehensive customer service tools. Offers competitive pricing with various features.
HelpCrunch Holistic Customer Communication Live chat, email marketing, knowledge base, proactive customer engagement, efficient and personalized support. Pricing varies based on the chosen features.

How to Choose the Right Zendesk Alternative

With these 15 Zendesk alternatives at your disposal, how do you choose the right one for your business? Here are some factors to consider:
  • Business Needs: Assess your specific business needs. Do you need a robust knowledge base? Are you focused on email support, or do you require multichannel support?
  • Budget: Different alternatives come with different pricing structures. Consider your budget and how each alternative aligns with it.
  • Integration: Think about the existing tools and software you use in your business. Choose an alternative that integrates well with your current tech stack.
  • Scalability: Consider your growth potential. Select an alternative that can scale with your business as it expands.
  • User-Friendliness: A user-friendly interface is essential, as it will impact how quickly your team can adapt to the new system.
  • Customer Support: Evaluate the level of customer support offered by the alternative. You want to ensure that you can get assistance when you need it.
  • Free Trials and Demos: Take advantage of free trials or demos offered by these alternatives. It's the best way to get hands-on experience and see if the platform align


In the dynamic realm of customer support software, this article presents a curated list of the 15 best Zendesk alternatives and competitors for 2023. While Zendesk has been a stalwart in the industry, these alternatives offer unique features and capabilities tailored to diverse business needs. Whether you're seeking budget-friendly solutions, industry-specific tools, or innovative approaches to customer support, these alternatives empower businesses to deliver exceptional customer service. From user-friendly options like Appy Pie Desk and HelpScout to robust platforms like Salesforce and ServiceNow, this compilation covers a wide spectrum of choices, ensuring that businesses can find the perfect fit to meet their specific requirements.

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