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Scale Your Business with Cold Email Using Mailshake

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on February 13th, 2024 11:42 am | 4-min read


There is no doubt that cold emailing is one of the most effective ways of acquiring new leads. It is quick, easy-to-do and a business doesn’t need to invest too much to get it going. A cold email is sent to a person or an organization with whom you have no prior relationship. It is an excellent way of converting a cold prospect into a warm lead and promoting your products or services. With minimal investments and efforts, anyone can create an effective campaign for cold emailing to get tangible results. With the help of digital marketing partners like Mailshake, you can develop better strategies, automate your campaigns, acquire more leads and much more.

Why Cold Email?

There is a lot of potential in cold emailing, and it offers you amazing opportunities to enhance and improve your business and steer it in the right direction. To pitch a sales proposition, a company or an individual can employ several methods, of which cold emailing is the least intrusive. Apart from that, there are several different ways to personalize emails to catch the attention of a prospect and improve the response rate. Cold emails are the best when it comes to expanding your network and reaching out to influencers and/or brands. Hence, it is essential to make sure that you hit the right targets and find unique ways to build new connections. It’s no use contacting a prospect if they haven’t heard about your company, product, or service, as there are chances, they might ignore your mails and never respond. You can search for targeted leads using some of the most popular lead generation services. With their advanced search features, you can find new accounts and profiles that might be interested in your services and form connections using their built-in tools.

Making sure cold emails get delivered

Whenever you send an email to a prospect, the ISP and the email servers go through a series of checklists to determine whether your email should end up in the inbox or not. Many cold emailing campaigns suffer from massive deliverability issues as their emails never reach the prospect’s inbox but end up in the spam folder instead. Therefore, it becomes necessary to keep a few factors in mind to optimize your cold email deliverability and improve its chances of making it to the inbox. A significant advantage that Mailshake customers enjoy is free access to Warm Up Your Email which is an excellent platform that analyzes the performance of your campaign and pinpoints deliverability issues that your emails might face. This gives users the must-needed edge and helps make their emails stand out from the rest.

Cold email copywriting formats that work

Writing compelling emails is tough and many find it challenging. To write an email that is brief, interesting, provides value and gets results is not an easy task. To help you out, here are some formats that many copywriters employ to write the best cold emails that provide great results and improve the response rate as well.
  • AIDA - Attention Interest Desire Action
  • The AIDA or Attention Interest Desire Action model is used by salespeople to guide customers through a purchase decision. It also comes in handy while creating crisp and interesting marketing copies and cold emails. Let’s have a look at how. The key is to use all the four parts of AIDA while creating a cold email.
    • Attention: Create brand awareness and attract users towards your brand. Talk about your brand message
    • Interest: Generate interest for your products and services by telling your leads how it will benefit them and their businesses
    • Desire: Try to form an emotional connection between your users and your brand. Make them ‘want’ your product.
    • Action: Move the buyer to interact with your business and purchase your product.
  • BAB - Before After Bridge
  • The Before-After Bridge is a simpler concept of marketing. The basic formula is this. First you educate your lead on their present scenario and tell them what their problem is. Once that is done, you give them a solution and tell them what will happen if they solve it.
  • PAS - Problem Agitate Solve
  • Problem Agitate Solve is simply the BAB with an additional step. In this method, you identify what the reader’s pain point is. Once you do that, you tell them about what might make it worse and agitate them. Then you deliver the solution and tell them how it will solve all their problems in a few simple steps.

How to write follow-up emails

Follow up mails are an essential part of any email campaign as they are key on converting leads and closing sales. These help in enhancing response rates, by adding value to the existing conversation. Employing the right follow-up strategy is key to attain the best results from your campaign. Timing is a crucial factor when it comes to follow-up emails. After your first email is sent, you must ensure that you time your next email right. The strategy guide linked above will give you a more detailed answer but if I had to simplify, your follow-up email should be sent within 2-3 days of the first one. A majority of cold emails are opened and read on the first day. Before a potential lead goes cold again, you need to remind them about your products/services. There are no fixed rules to how and when you should follow up. This leaves room for you to experiment with various strategies. Whatever works for you, adapt it!

Cold Email Templates to Get You Started

The best way to understand how your cold emails should be is to make use of existing templates. Templates help you understand the tone and messaging you need to adopt. Mailshake has written an excellent list of 15 cold email templates to generate more leads.Here’s one of the templates from the list:Hi {{name}},Just saw the news about {{trigger event}}. Congrats!Usually when this happens, {{insert value prop}} becomes a priority. So, I thought you might be interested in finding out how we helped {{similar company}} {{benefit}}.I know things at {{company name}} must be crazy now, but If you’d like to learn more, let’s set up a quick call.How does {{specific day and time}} look on your calendar? Alternatively, here’s a link to my calendar or feel free to send me yours.

Cold Email Masterclass

Feel challenged by the prospect of drafting your own cold emails? Don’t worry, there are ways to make it easy for you. One of the simplest ones is to learn how to create cold emails. Thankfully, Mailshake provides an online course that can teach you how to draft the perfect cold emails for your business. This online course will teach everything from language and email format to how follow ups should work and how they should be scheduled. Check out this unique and excellent email writing masterclass from Mailshake.

Automating Your Cold Emails with Mailshake

Mailshake is a one-of-a-kind email outreach tool that helps you automate and schedule your email marketing. It helps you generate leads for your business through the power of email marketing and ensures that your emails are delivered effectively and at the right time. Mailshake can be improved even further by integrating it with other 3rd party software. The best way to integrate Mailshake with other software is with the help of a workflow automation system. Appy Pie Connect is an excellent workflow automation tool that can help you create integrations between software using simple graphical algorithms. Here are some of the most popular integrations for you can create with Appy Pie Connect:
  • Mailshake + Gmail: Mailshake and Gmail is a popular integration that small businesses can use if they have a preexisting Gmail support ID. This integration automatically sends your marketing emails through your Gmail ID. It can also send follow ups at the scheduled times automatically.
  • Mailshake + Todoist: Todoist is an online task management app and an excellent way to keep track of your leads. By integrating Mailshake with Todoist, you can create trigger events for new leads or when an email you’ve sent through Mailshake gets a reply. Check out Appy Pie Connect for more integrations between Mailshake and Todoist.
  • Mailshake + Google Sheets: Many marketing teams use Google Sheets to keep a track of their leads. An integration between Mailshake and Google Sheets can effectively automate and populate your marketing sheets automatically making your marketing teams more efficient.


Cold emails can be an effective marketing strategy if done right. Tools like Mailshake and Appy Pie Connect will help you ensure that your marketing strategies are fluid and effective. Start sending cold emails today!

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