Personality development| Ways of self-improvement and self-growth

Personality Development: 11 ways for self-improvement & personal growth.

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In this post we are going to talk about personality development, ways of self-improvement or self-development, and loads of help with your personal growth.

What is Personality Development?

Personality Development is the process of evolution of the unique personality of an individual, including the pattern of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. The personality of an individual depends on multiple factors like the environment, their genetics, parenting, and a number of social variables. The personality of an individual is a sum of all the factors we mentioned earlier and then some more. Personality development| Ways of self-improvement and self-growthPersonality development is not a constant, but an ongoing process that continues all through the life of an individual. This means there is always a scope of changing your personality, should you wish to. Often, people in varied stages of their lives have asked themselves or other experts one common question – how to improve your life. This is where self-improvement comes in.

What is self-improvement or self-development?

A major reason why you are looking at this blog post about personality development is because you have a desire for self-improvement and want to develop a personal development plan. Self-improvement is a bigger concept as a whole, where you work on improving your status, knowledge, or even your character with your own efforts.

11 ways for self-improvement for personality development

Self-improvement is a critical part of personality development because the external sources can only suggest what worked for them. It is only with self-improvement that you may hope to get anywhere with real and lasting personality development. Here, we are listing out the most effective ways for self-improvement or self-development

  1. Dress Well
  2. Dressing well doesn’t mean you have to bring out the Valentino evening gown every time you step out of the house. Dressing well includes dressing for the occasion. Put some thought into what you are wearing to the office, for a party, for a work lunch, for a date, or a brunch. What you look like may be important, but primarily it is the way you dress that shapes up your personality.

  3. Improve Social Skills
  4. No matter how great you look or dressed, if you do not know how to behave socially, you are not going to make much of a progress on your journey of self-improvement. Work on your social skills consciously. This will help you build better relationships and stronger networks. The more success you experience in your social circle, the better you would feel about yourself – an important aspect of personality development.

  5. Participate in Social Interactions
  6. Social interactions are more than just small talk. The idea is to make sure that you participate in multiple social events and interact with the people there. Meet more people and motivate yourself to talk, engage, share, and take genuine interest in the lives of the people you are interacting with. Isolating yourself is never a good idea, particularly from the perspective of personality development.

  7. Step out of Comfort Zones
  8. It is natural to stay in your comfort zone and do only the things that you are familiar with. There is a reason why it is called a comfort zone – it’s comfortable. However, if you are looking at ways of self-improvement and are on your journey of personality development, it is imperative that you step out of all that is familiar and comfortable. It may be something as mundane as taking public transport, or something more substantial like learning a new skill.

  9. Embrace Failure
  10. Mistakes happen, so does failure. The idea is to face your failures and learn from them, before moving on to your next attempt. If you are too scared to make mistakes or to fail, you would never be able to take any risks. If you do not take risks, you would not be able to shape up this aspect of your personality. As a part of your personal growth, it is important that you take your failures in stride and accept them as a part of your self-development journey.

  11. Read more
  12. Read, read, and then read some more. Reading about diverse subjects helps you know more and when you know more, you develop the potential for greater self-growth. Reading nurtures your brain and when you read about self-improvement, you move further ahead on your journey of self-development. Here’s a really cool video that teaches you to read faster!
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  13. Add a hobby
  14. As a kid, you had a new hobby every day, but this changes as we grow older. We get attached to one particular or a restricted set of hobbies. Think beyond and pick something new that challenges you! This can be particularly useful as it helps you stretch your muscles, physical and intellectual. As you add more facets to your personality, you gradually work your way towards immense personal growth.

  15. Make time for exercise
  16. Add exercise to your daily routine. A little bit of physical workout is bound to get your blood pumping, thus stimulating your creative forces as well. A healthy body is bound to add charm to your personality and bring a certain positivity to your life. This positivity reflects clearly for everyone to see and is critical to your self-improvement endeavors.Here’s an interesting video where you can learn an easy facial workout:
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  17. Organize with To-Do lists
  18. To-do lists bring organization and focus to your day. When you have a list of tasks that you need to accomplish in a day, you will be more focused and have clarity helping you prioritize your tasks. Here’s an interesting take on creating to-do lists!
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  19. Set Goals (for everything)
  20. For some people setting realistic goals may be a good idea, but I believe in setting massive, larger than life, beyond my capacity goals. These goals will keep you working towards something that you would feel absolutely awesome to achieve. Goal setting can prove to be tiresome, scary, and overwhelming.Take a look at this helpful video as you are setting your personal development goals.
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  21. Wake up earlier
  22. When you start your day early, you increase your productivity. Your self-growth is directly linked to the increase in your personal productivity. Waking up early is one of the best productivity hacks and most personal development coaches swear by this one habit. Here’s a great video to help you start the day off right every time.
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No matter what your motivation behind your journey of self-development be, a more evolved personality goes a long way in helping you achieve greater success in all aspects of your life. Personality development starts from within and the tips listed above can help you get started on your personal journey of self-growth.

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