Kids App Builder

Over 10,000 Kids’ Apps have been created using Appy Pie.

  • Let’em Color

    Let the kids enjoy the wonderfulColoring Book in your app

  • Endless Videos

    Kids can enjoy YouTube, Vimeo,Dailymotion & enjoy live streaming

  • Audio

    Add kids’ rhymes & poems to yourapp & let the children have fun

Kids App Builder
  • Add Photos

    Make your app appealing to kidswith unlimited photos & visuals

  • Customize Your App

    Add unlimited features and makeyour customized app truly unique

  • Live Support

    Consult tutorials & guides, or get24x7 chat support for your app

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How to Create a Kids App in 3 Easy Steps?

Here’s how you can build a kids app in 3 easy steps:

  1. Enter a name for your kid’s app

    Choose the right app category, color theme, and layout. Add your brand logo to personalize your app.

  2. Add the desired features

    Add kid-friendly features using the convenient drag-and-drop feature without learning to code.

  3. Test and launch

    Edit and test your app on a real device before launching your app on your preferred app store for Android and iOS.

Top 7 Must-Have Features in Your Kids App

  • App Analytics

    App Analytics feature provides you with a detailed and actionable look at how users are behaving within your app. This feature can help you make better-informed and more data-driven decisions.

  • Flash Card

    With this feature, you can add content to the images. Children tap on these cards to learn the information behind them. For example, if an image says a letter ‘A’, after tapping on this image, kids will find out that the letter stands for ‘A as in Apple’.

  • Video

    Another great feature, video allows you to add various games-based educational videos in your kid app. It is no surprise that videos engage kids better than any other form of content. You can add videos to help kids learn and have fun at the same time.

  • Push Notifications

    Push notification feature allows app owners to send out an important message or alert to their app users in one go.

  • Quiz

    You can also add fun educational quizzes to your app to make the learning process more fun and exciting for the kids. Add theme-based questions, photos, and videos to make the quiz more engaging for kids.

  • Coloring Book

    Coloring book in the app keeps the kids engaged. Kids can use this feature to color the pictures. This feature helps kids to come up with new color combinations and creative coloring ideas.

  • Photo

    Kids App allows app admin and users to upload images. By using this app kids can also share photos of their drawings, color book with their friends and classmates.

Why Use Appy Pie’s Kids App Builder?

Appy Pie’s Kids App Builder allows entrepreneurial minds to convert their app ideas into stunning Android or iPhone apps. If you have a project to complete – a gaming app, a quiz app or any other app idea – you simply need to go to Appy Pie’s Kids App Builder and do it yourself in three easy steps. Create your app with amazing features like push notifications, app analytics and many more and update your app in real time.

Appy Pie’s Kids App Builder is one of the finest app building platforms that you could ever come across. It helps you create your own app without using any code. You need not be technically trained to use this tool and create an app for yourself. Let us go through the excellent features of this app builder in detail.

The Kids App Builder from Appy Pie offers a broad range of services, tools, and features. Here’s a list of our top features that you shouldn’t miss!

  • Make a Business App

    Easy to Navigate

    Appy Pie’s Kids App Builder provides users with an intuitive, user-friendly, and responsive interface that helps them navigate easily from one page to another. Appy Pie’s Kids App works smoothly when kids try to play games, access their projects material, watch educational and fun videos, etc.

  • Business app in minutes

    Light and Fast-running apps

    Appy Pie’s Kids App Builder helps users build light weighted apps that run smoothly. These apps load fast ensuring an excellent user experience. Kids can use them for various purposes like for crossword puzzles, coloring projects, fun games, and much more.

  • No coding required

    Real-time Updates

    With the help of this feature, app owners can send out app updates and data changes in real-time. For example, as soon as you make any change to your app, it will automatically send that update to all the app users on their mobile devices with an option to install it. This feature helps app users keep their app updated without missing out on any newly added function in the app.

    • Publish your Business app

      Apps Ready in Minutes

      Appy Pie’s Kids App builder is a simple and responsive platform that helps users create apps for kids in just a few minutes. They help users not only reduce the time to market but also save their most valuable commodity – time.

    • Monetize your Business apps

      Codeless Development

      With Appy Pie’s Kids App Builder you can create apps without any programming knowledge. Users do not require to write even a single line of code to build an app using this excellent platform.

    • Analyze & optimize your app

      Test your App

      Appy Pie’s App Builder allows you to test your app on a real device even before going live or published to any play store. This means you can see how your app would appear to a user even before going live!


Create your own Kids App using Appy Pie’s Kids App Builder with all these effective features and help hundreds of kids learn, watch informative videos, solve crossword puzzles in just a few minutes.

7 Best Kids Apps in The World

You will find tons of apps on Apple App Store and Google Play Store which are made specifically for kids. There are apps that show them how to draw or paint, some that teach them how to play an instrument or even how to make an app without any code. Listed here are some of the best kids app in the world.

  1. Stack the States 2: This is a fun app for kids studying in middle school. It has various educational tools and games. It helps kids learn geography and provides knowledge about different states with a game-like interface.

  2. Epic!: This is the best reading app for kids. The app library contains over 35,000 books for children. The app also includes a read-to-me feature for the kids who are still learning to read.

  3. Hungry Caterpillar Play School: This is the best Kids App for preschool children. It helps kids learn the skills that they need before starting school. The app has five main categories for learning – alphabets, numbers, colors and shapes, art and puzzles, and book reading.

  4. Lightbot: Code Hour: It is a great app for kids who want to learn programming languages and coding. It helps them learn basic concepts of coding and commonly used coding functions by using different pathways.

  5. Starfall ABCs: The app provides kids with the basic knowledge of alphabets and helps them learn letters, words, and vowels. It also has a fun and child-friendly interface that they will likely enjoy.

  6. Duolingo: This is one of the most popular apps for High School kids. The app helps kids learn more than 30 different languages with the help of audios, oral exercises, and word identification.

  7. Elmo Loves 123s: This is a great app to get kids excited about numbers. The app uses drawing and video games to help kids learn the shapes of numbers and how to count them.

Benefits of Using Kids App

Kids apps are of great use for the students in the classroom as they offer a wide range of benefits for them. Let us check out the major ones.

  • Effective Utilization of Time: Kids need continuous engagement, and what better way to make their screen time meaningful than give them great content? On the apps that are designed specifically for kids, they can spend their free time participating in educational yet fun activities. They may want some engagement during lunch or watch something constructive post-dinner, before bedtime. With a kids’ app, learning never needs to stop.
  • Round the clock availability: A kids’ app gives them access to learning content and activities anywhere, anytime. Kids can use the app to have fun while learning, whether at home, on a car ride, or at a doctor’s appointment. This flexibility helps the parents manage their chores while keeping the children constructively engaged.
  • Learning by sharing: Kids app allows the app users to share their learning among their peer on the social media, which helps them build a stronger community in and out of their classroom.
  • Tech-savvy: This is a technology driven world and the field of education is not an exception. Kids need to get comfortable with handling technology and devices at a young age. As they get comfortable using Kids apps, they gain the confidence of being able to harness the power that technology has to offer to them.
  • Fun and informal: Kids are bound to be more excited about their homework when they can finish it using their mobile devices. These apps keep the kids engaged and more involved in the classrooms and ongoing projects.
  • Easy goal setting & tracking: There are multiple ways in which a student’s performance is recorded. The educators set up short and long-term goals for children at school and send timely progress reports and other such metrics to the parents. An app makes it easier for the parents to track these goals and the overall performance of the student.
  • Establishing a connection between parents and educators: The engagement level of the parents plays a big role in the academic performance of the kids. Keeping the parents engaged with traditional communication methods can be a little troubling. Through apps, educators and the parents can communicate better and address concern areas, while being aware of all the areas where the kids excel.
Product Name: Appy Pie App Maker
Features: Premium
Templates: Yes
Complexity: Very easy
Free Trial: Yes
Paid Plan: $18/app/month

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Creating a business app is simple when you do it using Appy Pie’s Kids App Builder. The platform needs no coding and just a few minutes to create an app.

Follow the steps below to create your Kids app:

  • Visit Appy Pie’s Kids App Builder page and click on “Get Started”
  • Enter your Kids app name and state the purpose of your app
  • Pick the category that best fits your need
  • Choose the color scheme to suit your design and brand theme
  • Select Android or iOS as a test device
  • Based on your choices, the best suited features would be added to your app automatically
  • The platform allows you to make changes to the features as per your preferences only after registering with Appy Pie, so complete the registration process, if you haven’t
  • Customize the look and feel of your app
  • Add desired features such as push notifications, flash card, app analytics, etc.
  • Click on “Save & Continue”
  • Wait for the app to be built. Don’t worry, it doesn’t take too long!
  • Once the app is ready scan the QR code or send the app installation link to your device via email or SMS, and test the demo app
  • Go to My Apps
  • Click on ‘Edit’ to start editing your app
  • You will see the Basic plan. You can either go with Try Now or Buy Now option. The ‘Try now’ option comes with a 7-Day Trial so that you are fully satisfied with the app before you make the purchase.

    Please note whichever option you choose, you need to provide credit card details. We use credit card details to check the authenticity of the users.

  • Choose a plan you like, and you would receive your app installation link
  • Using this link, you can install and test your Kids app on your device

You can create a Kids app using Appy Pie’s Kids App Builder under free trial option but if you want to publish your app on any app store, our plans start from as low as $18!

Here are some of the most popular apps for kids.

  • Stack the States 2
  • Epic!
  • Duolingo
  • YouTube Kids
  • Hungry Caterpillar Play School
  • Nick Jr.
  • Lightbot: Code hour
  • Swift Playgrounds
  • Starfall ABCs
  • Elmo Loves 123s

You can create Kids App for Android easily with Appy Pie’s Kids App Builder. The steps will be same as mentioned above, you just need to select ‘Android’ as a test device, so that you could test your app on a real android device before you publish it to the app store.

You can create Kids App for an iOS device easily with Appy Pie’s Kids App Builder. The steps will be same as mentioned above, you just need to select ‘iOS’ as a test device, so that you could test your app on a real iOS device before you publish it to the app store.

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