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11 Best Trello Integrations to Use in 2021

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Workflow automation is an incredible achievement for technology. While workflow automation may make no sense for a layman, businesses can utilize it to maximize their efficiency. Workflow automation software allows you to integrate two or more different software and automate various business processes. Software and tools that are used extensively by businesses benefit from automation software the most. An example of such a software is Trello. Trello is a cloud-based project management tool that is used by businesses around the world. Here are some more statistics about Trello.Best Trello Integrations to Use in 2021 - Appy PieTrello utilizes boards, and cards to categorize, assign, and prioritize projects as needed. Trello is a versatile tool and continues to help organizations become more agile and deal with tasks quickly. However, with workflow automation software, productivity with Trello can be boosted further. Workflow automation takes care of monotonous, repetitive, and tedious tasks leaving your team more time to focus on priority projects. Trello does provide its own workflow automation tool called Butler. However, the tool is still limited in its applications. You can tackle that problem by using a dedicated workflow automation software such Appy Pie’s Connect. Appy Pie Connect provides numerous automation integrations for Trello. With hundreds of triggers, you can create complex workflows for your business processes. In our guide today, we will discuss the 11 most-used and top Trello integrations that can help boost your organization’s productivity:

  1. Trello + Slack: We start off strong with one of the most capable automation integrations for Trello. Slack is a collaboration software that is used by businesses around the world. There are a variety of triggers you can use for Slack and Trello. Here are the most commonly used triggers:
    1. Create Trello cards for new specific Slack messages
    2. Create Trello cards using a Slack Channel
    3. Receive Trello notifications in Slack
    4. Get Slack notifications for closed Trello Cards
    5. Get Slack notifications for new Trello cards added to the list

  2. Trello + Google Calendar: Google Calendar is an excellent scheduling tool that allows you to share events, create reminders, and schedule work. Google Calendar can help you save time and streamline your tasks. Here’s what you can do with a Trello and Calendar integration:
    1. Create events in Calendar from new Trello activities
    2. Make new Trello Cards for new Calendar events
    3. Create events in Calendar when Trello cards are moved into a list
    4. Create a calendar reminder for new activity

  3. Trello + Shopify: Shopify is a popular tool for eCommerce businesses. It provides various functionalities. Larger organizations can use both Trello and Shopify for their business needs. Here are some of the integrations offered by Connect:
    1. Create new Trello cards for Shopify orders
    2. Create Trello cards for paid orders
    3. Resolve Trello cards once an order is sent

  4. Trello + Google Sheets: Google Sheets is a cloud-based software that helps you create, update, modify, and share data in real-time. Here are some of the popular connects for Google Sheets:
    1. Save new Trello card activity as Google Sheet rows
    2. Add new Trello cards to a Google spreadsheet
    3. Add rows on Google sheets when Trello cards are moved to a list
    4. Add rows to Google sheet when Trello cards are created

  5. Trello + Google Drive: Google Drive allows users to store data on the cloud. This data can include everything from photos to Google Sheets. Here are some popular automations for Google Drive:
    1. Save new Trello card activity as Google Sheet rows
    2. Add new Trello cards to a Google spreadsheet
    3. Add rows on Google sheets when Trello cards are moved to a list
    4. Add rows to Google sheet when Trello cards are created

  6. Trello + Todoist: Todoist is one of the best software to integrate with Trello software. Trello and Todoist are very similar software, however, sometimes different teams may need to collaborate across the two software platforms. Connect integrations can help you do that. Here are some of the applications of this integration:
    1. Add new Trello cards as Todoist tasks
    2. Add new Trello activity to Todoist as tasks
    3. Add Trello notifications as tasks on Todoist
    4. Generate cards whenever a task is added to a Todoist

  7. Trello + Gmail: For certain use cases, you can interact with Gmail directly through Trello. This integration is beneficial for some niche users. Here are some of the possible automations:
    1. Send/Receive mails for new Trello activities
    2. Send/Receive Gmail mails from new Trello cards
    3. Send Gmail emails when someone comments on a Trello card
    4. Create Trello card from starred Gmail emails
    5. Send emails when Trello cards are moved to a list

  8. Trello + Hubspot: Hubspot CRM is one of the best online tools to organize, track, and nurture leads. Trello and Hubspot CRM integrations are rising in popularity. Here are some of the most popular automations for the duo:
    1. Create Trello Cards for bounced emails
    2. Create Trello cards for new form submissions
    3. Create trello cards for new contacts

  9. Trello + Dropbox: Dropbox is a popular file hosting service similar to Google Drive. This integration is mostly used by Mac users. Here are some of its automations:
    1. Add new cards to a text file in Dropbox
    2. Create text files on Dropbox from cards in Trello
    3. Generate new Trello cards for new Dropbox files

  10. Trello + Github: Github is a developer’s paradise. Trello and Github can be integrated to automate simple workflows. Here are some of the best github triggers:
    1. Create a Github issue for every Trello card
    2. Create a Github issue for new activities on Trello
    3. Add comments to a Trello Card from new Github commits

  11. Trello + JIRA: Jira software server helps you centralize end-to-end mobile app development. With this integration, you can bring together the development end of your business to your project management system. Here are a few automations that can help you use this integration:
    1. Create Trello Cards from Jira issues
    2. Create Jira issues from Trello Cards
    3. Create Jira issues from new Trello activity


Those were the top Trello integrations that you can implement in your business workflows to simplify them. Go to our Appy Pie Connect App Directory to check more application integrations that can help you automate your regular business workflows.

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