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How Mobile Strategy Can Push In-Store Sales?

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Mobile phones have become an essential part of corporates’ marketing strategy. Businesses have changed their approach to interact with customers and push their in-store sales. Practices like in-app marketing, email campaigns, instant push notifications, and many more are ruling over the offline marketing strategies.

The mobile revolution has also impacted customers’ buying habits. Rather than hopping from one store to another, people prefer to first search for stores online, compare prices of their desired products, check the reviews, and finally either go to stores or shop online. So, for seamless customer experience and improving retention rates, businesses are turning to make a successful mobile app monetization strategy.

What Is Mobile Strategy?

Mobile strategy is a way to infuse mobile phones into an overall corporates marketing strategy. Over 80% of internet users are using smartphones, so the mobile marketing strategy has become all together important for the growth of any business. Developing a mobile strategy from scratch needs thorough research and planning aligning with the vision of the company, engaging countless users, and initiate buying action either at online or offline stores. A successful mobile marketing strategy helps in targeting maximum people and increases the sales. Before moving further, we must go through the statistics given below:Mobile app Strategy - Appy Pie

What Is The Need Of Developing a Mobile Strategy?

Today most of the world has adopted mobile phones as the medium of shopping. So, this would be the best time for businesses to deploy mobile marketing strategy. Some of the reasons which speaks in favor of mobile strategy are mentioned below:
  • Provides direct medium of communication between companies and customers
  • Improves the credibility of the brand as they remain connected with users
  • Gives a personalized touch to customers’ experience
  • Push notifications, email campaigns, text messages, in-app updates, etc. helps in making your users valuable
  • Users can conveniently get the information of best prices, store location, product reviews, and other required details before a purchase
  • Targeted audience can be easily reached with the help of an effective mobile strategy
  • Enhance the scope of improvement for businesses as analyzing users’ activities become easy
Mobile strategy is transforming the strategies brands use to promote and sell their products, reach their customers, and improve their visibility worldwide.

Tips For Effective Mobile Strategy Which Can Push Users From App to Stores

The research and analysis based mobile marketing strategy can do wonders for the business. For developing a mobile strategy, you can take the help of a few of the suggestions mentioned below:

  1. App Store Optimization (ASO)
  2. App store optimization is the practice of captivating the users’ interest to download your business app based on title, keywords, reviews, and other ranking parameters. ASO can successfully drive the good quality of traffic to your brand. Focusing on key page elements and optimizing the search discoverability can help in pushing the users from app to store. For learning more about ASO strategy, you can take help of the video:
    (Above video is a part of a more elaborate course on Academy by Appy Pie. To access the complete course, please Click Here, or continue reading below.)

  3. Personalizing The Customers’ Experience
  4. A mobile strategy offers you plenty of opportunities to make your users valuable by adding the personalized touch in their experience. You can send the emails, product recommendations, exclusive offers, etc. based on their interests and behavior analyzed via in-app activities. Also, you can engage your users by sending them notifications as per their time zone and location.

  5. Leveraging wish lists, favorites, and similar tactics across various mobile channels
  6. Customers’ loyalty can be built rerouting their favorites from multiple channels to your business app. In this way, you can give them another reason to go to physical stores. To spark the conversations, you can add the chatbot to your app so that users can get the information of the nearest available stores to purchase products.

  7. Setting up geofences around your physical stores
  8. By geofencing the physical stores and sending the push notifications to customers having your app, you can encourage the users to shop in your brick and mortar store. You can send the push notifications based on their in-app activities and their previous order history. To know more about push notifications and effective tips to promote your brand, you can take help of the following video:
    (Above video is a part of a more elaborate course on Academy by Appy Pie. To access the complete course, please Click Here, or continue reading below.)

  9. Escalating Discount Strategy
  10. A mobile strategy can be effectively used to convert potential users to regular customers and to retain your already existing users. You can offer exclusive discounts, coupon codes, combo offers, etc. to the in-app users only if they have in-store purchases. Also, you can offer them monthly subscriptions and some other free services on their in-store purchase.

  11. Promoting the Brand with Video Marketing
  12. Digital videos can be easily used to promote the brand and acquire users as per the latest research. People nowadays get attracted more to videos than write-ups. You can include videos on mobile landing pages, push user-generated content in videos, and offer giveaways to users for in-store purchases at the end of videos.

  13. Utilize omnichannel for a push in-store purchase
  14. By deploying the omnichannel strategies with mobile strategy, you can analyze the various data points with AI-based analytical tools and recommend your products accordingly. The mobile strategy gives you an outstanding opportunity to push in-store activity as you can constantly tempt your users with the products available in- store. Integrating various apps like Facebook and LinkedIn or Google Calendar and Instagram can help in targeting the diversified community of users. You can easily connect multiple marketing channels with the help of Appy Pie Connect. Appy Pie Connect is one the best available automation platforms available online. You can easily integrate and automate their workflows of hundreds of apps through Connect. You have to simply click on the mobile marketing apps you wish to integrate.Start Free Trial Various approaches can be applied for developing a mobile strategy successful and generate benefits in both short and long terms.

Summing Up

Mobile marketing is a proven strategy to encourage customers and push them from in-app to physical stores. The strategy can be effectively worked by creating the apps and launching them on app stores. Mobile apps can easily target potential clients and allow businesses to attract customers in every possible way. You can easily create a mobile app with the codeless interface of Appy Pie AppMakr and encourage people on social media channels to download and enjoy the seamless experience.Create Your Free App We hope this article can help you in deploying mobile strategy successfully for the growth and development of your business!

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