How Push Notifications Are Transforming Mobile Marketing?

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Mobile marketing has changed the way businesses used to promote their brand. The art of driving the attention of mobile users towards your brand is known as mobile marketing. There are several ways in which businesses are using mobile app marketing services like mobile search ads, image ads, SMS or regular text messages, in-game marketing, app-based marketing, etc.

As the competitive market started to grow, most brands began diving into the era of mobile marketing. Traditional methods of mobile marketing became common and less effective. Mobile marketing started facing a few challenges like:

  • Difficulty in getting compatible with all the versions (iOS, Android, Windows, etc.) of mobile devices.
  • Lacking in delivery of personalized content
  • Maintaining consumer loyalty
  • Lowering down conversion rates
  • Increasing bounce rates
  • Reduction in brand visibility
  • Getting negative publicity, etc.

After noticing these challenges, marketing strategists devised a way to transform mobile marketing. They suggested deploying mobile push notifications in mobile app marketing services for better results.

What Are Push Notifications?

Push notifications on mobile devices are pop-up messages from the owners of mobile apps. These messages are the simplest way to notify users of flash sales, updated features in-app, cashback, other promotional offers, etc. In short, push notifications are the fastest and easiest way to communicate with your audience.

Push notifications can be used for sending welcoming and onboarding messages to new users. With relevant user-specific content, these messages can notify the users of impressive offers specially meant to them. Push notifications can be scheduled in a way to target a specific category of audience based on their location, time zone, behavior, and interests. Push notifications have become one of the most convenient mobile app marketing services to businesses for interacting with their users. It has become a go-to service for mobile marketing.

Relying on the old techniques and methods of mobile marketing might not push your brand on all new heights. Before knowing more about push notifications, let us have a look at some statistics:

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Why Are Push Notifications Essential For Promotion Of Your Business?

Push notifications service can be an effective way to establish long lost connections with your customers and help in increasing number of users. Push notifications service stands out as a productive mobile app marketing service due to a variety of reasons. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Enhances user engagement
  • Saves time and efforts in notifying users
  • Adds a tinge of personalized experience
  • Helps in connecting users instantly
  • Improves retention and conversion rates
  • Promotes products and services impressively
  • Builds trust and brand reputation

You can easily take advantage of push notifications to promote your business. While branding your business with mobile marketing, especially with the help of mobile apps, you must think of deploying push notifications service. It can prove a game-changer for your brand.

To know more about push notifications, you can watch the video given below:

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How Push Notifications Can Change Face Of Mobile Marketing?

As the app market keeps on flourishing, so do the scope of push notifications service. It has the potential to work better than traditional methods of mobile marketing. Being concise, crisp, and personalized with relevant content, push notifications can be a part of a successful marketing strategy.

Push notifications can change the face of mobile app marketing services if they are curated and delivered correctly. Before adopting the push notifications for strengthening your online presence, you should keep the following things in mind.

  1. Well-defined Purpose
  2. Sending push notifications without a well-defined purpose might damage your brand value. Keep in mind that every push notification must have some relevance. These messages can be related to discovering something new, associated with any achievement or any useful advice. You should avoid overstuffing the notification panel of the user with a huge number of notifications with irrelevant notifications.

  3. Personalization
  4. Remember how happy you become when you got a notification with your name in it? You immediately start connecting with that brand while considering yourself valuable. Similarly, push notifications can be easily personalized to target a specific category or audience. You can add their username, emojis, images, GIFs, etc. with which they can feel connected. But focusing only on the content personalization might not give you desirable results. You can personalize the push notifications by sending them as per their location and time zone.

  5. Spot On Time
  6. If you send a push notification to a user when he/she is busy with office work, there is a high probability that your message will be ignored. Push notifications must be bang on time after analyzing the time metrics of the user’s activity on your mobile app. Timely push notifications like thanking users for onboarding the app, notifying specific users of seasonal sales before it gets live, updating them instantly of in-app payments’ completion, etc. Timely push notifications have high chances of improvement in your brand visibility and credibility.

  7. Target Audience
  8. Sending a push notification of an empty cart to the customer who had just landed on your app might not be a correct way to use the power of push notification. You should send the push notification targeting your audience. You can target your users easily by segmenting them in a few groups based on the parameters you think best suits them. When you send push notification based on the specific parameters, they might feel more connected. Your users can feel more valuable and will stay for a longer time if you send them to push notification catering to their interests.

  9. Insightful Metrics
  10. Push notifications can help in maintaining insightful metrics. By analyzing the in-app time of user after a push notification has been sent, you can maintain the record of the user’s activity. In this way, push notifications can help you in knowing what works for users and what must be left out. Push notification service is a highly effective tool in keeping track of your app usage.

    For analyzing your app, you can go through some of the analytical tools mentioned below:

    (Above video is a part of a more elaborate course on Academy by Appy Pie. To access the complete course, please Click Here, or continue reading below.)

    If you keep a few points in your mind while using push notifications as a mobile marketing tool, you can successfully strengthen your position in your sector and change the face of mobile marketing.

Summing Up

For both small and big businesses, push notifications service is offering a better opportunity for growth. To deploy push notifications service in your marketing strategy, you can easily create your mobile app with the codeless interface of Appy Pie AppMakr. And add the services of push notifications to harness the potential of mobile marketing. AppMakr is a mobile app builder with push notification services.

Create Your Free App

Mobile is the future of marketing. By implementing mobile marketing techniques, you can target most mobile users. Mobiles are here to stay so building a successful mobile marketing strategy must be in your to-do list if you wish to diversify your business globally.

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