How to create an invoice

How to Create an Invoice: A Step-by-Step Guide with Design Tips

Anupam Tiwari
By Anupam Tiwari | Last Updated on April 9th, 2024 7:13 am

Every small business must prepare a professional-looking invoice template for designing an invoice. Creating an easy-to-read, organized invoice structure will promote your brand and encourage clients to pay promptly.

Even if the invoices are not a front-facing aspect of the company, it shouldn't imply that they should be uninteresting and plain. There are many websites available providing online editable invoice templates that can be edited as per the needs of business owners. This blog focuses on the key steps of how to create an invoice with all the necessary details to design one. Moreover, with the advent of intuitive AI design tools, you can draft an invoice online with unique design layouts super easily.

What is an invoice?

An invoice is a detailed account of the services rendered to a client and the total amount due. All businesses are using online invoices nowadays, and thus it is important to learn how to create them properly. They are excellent for the following things, in addition to asking for money for your goods or services:

  • Finances and taxes
  • Bookkeeping
  • Work Completed
  • Legal Records

Email is the most popular, efficient, and straightforward method of sending invoices. You can design and deliver the sales invoice in PDF format as read-only to avoid fraud. While uploading the invoice, ensure it has a detailed description of your company so that the clients recognize the received financial document. Additionally, you can use a letterhead maker for crafting well-designed letterheads to the invoices you email. For more information, you can go through our guide to create a sales invoice

How to Create an Invoice with Appy Pie's Invoice Maker?

Are you looking for the best free invoice template for your business? Appy Pie’s AI Invoice Maker contains a pool of options to prepare an invoice that appears professional to the clients. Design an invoice for your company, personal use or customers by following the simple steps in this step-by-step guide on how to create an invoice for free to prepare a custom invoice right away:

Step 1: Navigate to Appy Pie’s Invoice Maker Page

Start by going to Appy Pie’s Invoice Maker page. This platform provides a range of tools and templates to help you create professional invoices efficiently.

how to create an invoice

Step 2: Select Your Template

Browse through the selection of invoice templates. Hover over your preferred template to see the ‘Preview’ and ‘Edit’ options. Preview the template to examine it closely, then click ‘Edit’ to start customizing it according to your needs.

Alternatively, to create a template tailored by AI, simply input a prompt detailing your specific needs and click 'Generate'. This action will produce a template that matches your vision.

how to create an invoice

Step 3: Log In or Sign Up

You will be prompted to log into your account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can sign up using your email address or directly with your Gmail account to access the editing features. Existing users can log in with their credentials.

how to create an invoice

Step 4: Access the Editor

Upon logging in, you’ll be directed to the editor page, where your chosen template is ready for customization. The editor’s intuitive interface allows you to tailor the template to fit your brand or business style. You can adjust colors, fonts, and layouts to match your brand’s identity. 

how to create an invoice

Step 5: Edit Invoice Details

Use the ‘Text’ option on your left to input or modify invoice details such as business name, client information, invoice number, dates, and payment terms. You can navigate through different invoice sections to ensure all necessary details are included.

how to create an invoice

Step 6: Add Stock Photos Related to Services or Products

Click on the ‘Photo’ option to insert stock photos related to your products or services in your invoice. You can even try the AI Image Generator to get customized images made for your invoice design.

how to create an invoice

Step 7: Add Elements to Your Invoice

Explore the ‘Elements’ option to make your invoice stand out. This step ensures that your invoice not only serves its purpose but also reinforces your brand image with unique elements. 

how to create an invoice

Step 8: Upload Your Logo / Picture 

For a more personalized touch, add your business logo or any customised picture from your device. Click the ‘Uploads’ option and then ‘Upload Image’ to find and select your logo/picture from your device. Your uploaded image will appear under the ‘Upload Image’ option. You can now select it to place it strategically on your invoice.

how to create an invoice

Step 9: Preview and Save Your Invoice

Before finalizing, preview your invoice to check for accuracy and completeness. Once satisfied, proceed to save your invoice by choosing the ‘Download’ option.

how to create an invoice

Step 10: Choose File Format and Finish Downloading

A menu will appear, prompting you to select the preferred file format for your invoice. Choose the format that best suits your needs and click ‘Download’ to save your personalized invoice on your device.

how to create an invoice

These steps will help you come up with an attractive yet all-encompassing invoice. For further insights, you can read tutorials on how to create an e-invoice and draft a well-formatted invoice for your company.

What to include in an Invoice?

Writing an invoice can be tricky as, generally, many companies skip adding essential details to the invoice. Therefore, it's critical to understand the fundamental components of an invoice before moving on to the steps to prepare an invoice.

  • Input the brand details and quote Invoice ID 
  • The next thing of writing an invoice involves two major parts:

  • The details of the company for the client’s company as well as yours. This comprises contact details, the name and address of your brand, and those of your clients.
  • A specific invoice ID: An invoice number or invoice ID is a unique identification number that makes it easier for business owners to track them. One can choose to label the invoices with an ascending numbering scheme like 001, 002, 003, or more, or combine characters and numerals.
  • List the services or products offered
  • After adding the essential details, including information regarding services or products rendered to the client, a table is an ideal format to present the sold goods list as it helps the clients go through every detail in an organized manner.

  • Add total Amount
  • Customers will find it simpler to understand quickly how much money they need to pay if the total due payment is added at the end of the product list. It is suggested to highlight the amount using a custom color or bold.

  • Insert Important Dates
  • Any invoice without dates is insufficient. Based on the nature of the company, can add one of three sorts of dates to the invoice:

  • Invoice date: issuing date of voice
  • Supply date: the date when goods were sent
  • Due date: the final date on which the client must pay
  • The Terms & Conditions
  • Ensure to include any previously agreed-upon payment terms with your client. This covers the ways of payment that will be accepted and any penalties or discounts that could be charged on the bill amount.

  • Customize
  • An attractive invoice can give your company a professional appearance. Including the company's logo and trademark colors further strengthen brand identification in customers' eyes. Moreover, free invoice software can be of great help in customizing invoices.

    Pro Tips on How to Create an Invoice Template for Billing

    Though your invoice may not be one of the front-facing parts of your business, it can’t be plain and simple. Heren are some pro tips that might convince you to rethink your invoice design.

    You don't have to be an expert to create a professionally-designed invoice. Using Appy Pie’s invoice templates is one of the best options to get started. However, it's essential to know a little about the proper structure of a professional invoice to receive payments on time.

  • Decide Your Format:
  • First thing first! Let's start by finalizing the invoice format you want to use. Some popular formats include PDF, Word, print, Google Docs, and Excel. Though each format has pros and cons, it is always a good idea to try various options.

    For example, designing your invoices in Excel could help you move quickly in case your deliverables don't change for every pay period. All you need to do is copy-paste from one tab to another and save the invoice for each pay period as a PDF and send it to all your clients via email. Once your format is done, add all the essential information to it.

  • Add Important Information:
  • The invoice created by you must have the following information:

  • Details about you:Your full name, company name, address, email address, and phone number (the same info you might share in a virtual business card).
  • Details about clients:Your client name, company name, address, email address, and phone number of your client.
  • You can also add your contact person details and department name if working with a big organization.
  • Services: You'll have to create a list of all your clients who pay for services. 
  • The terms and conditions of your payments, the payment methods, and the due date should also be mentioned. Clear in your invoice how you would like your clients to pay. Also, the payment methods and due dates should be precise and clear.

  • Mention Company's Branding:
  • Your clients might work with numerous vendors, freelancers, and contractors. So, you'll have to make it easy for your clients to recognize your company's invoice.You can include your brand logo and colors or your font and typeface. You can also opt for images that add flair to your company's invoices.

    Wrapping Up

    Whether using software to prepare an invoice or creating it manually, always remember to include a support contact number and return policy description for the clients. Additionally, the invoice tends to be the last documentation sent to the clients, so try to be appreciative and kind to maintain good relations.

    Using Appy Pie’s AI Invoice Maker can surely solve the confusion on “How to create an invoice,” as well as save a lot of time while creating these vital documents, mainly if the business deals with various clients simultaneously.

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