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How Workflow Automation Eases Remote Work for Businesses?

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on April 12th, 2024 11:55 am | 4-min read

Working remotely is very common in the tech industry nowadays. Most businesses allow their employees to work from home or a remote location as per their business requirements. However, most don’t let their employees work from a different location. This may be because they still believe that working remotely impacts the quality of work and leads to reduced productivity and lesser efficiency. *

Due to recent coronavirus outbreak, most businesses have allowed their people to work from home and help limit the virus impact. However, it has not been easy for these businesses to establish better connection with their remote workers. There are multiple challenges they face like managing team productivity, collaborating within the teams, maintaining trust among team members, etc. Workflow automation helps businesses overcome these challenges and work efficiently without micromanaging their employees and keeping the business running as expected. In this post, we will discuss how workflow automation makes it easier for the businesses to work remotely and connect better with their employees even when they are working individually from different locations. Before we go ahead, let us check out a few major statistics to understand the importance of workflow automation.Appy Pie - Workflow Automation

How Workflow Automation Helps Make Remote Work Easier?

Here is what you can do by implementing workflow automation into your business.

  1. Improve Time Management
  2. Remote workers usually have concerns with time management when working from out of the office. Having a clear routine and prioritizing tasks can help them manage their time effectively. Workflow automation in business can help your team with the same. When implementing automation, you can create specified templates for repetitive tasks, reminders set up, simple follow-ups, and much more. For example, if you are using Salesforce to serve your customers, you can integrate Salesforce with Microsoft Teams to automate CRM Tasks and help your team manage their time more efficiently. This way every time a new task is created in Salesforce, a message will be sent on Microsoft Teams Channel. You can use our workflow automation software Appy Pie Connect to integrate these applications.Microsoft Teams and Salesforce integrations - Appy PieYou can go through this post to learn how you can get the best out of using Microsoft Teams with Appy Pie Connect - Microsoft Teams: Platform Characteristics, Integrations, & Scope with Appy Pie’s Connect!

  3. Enable Detailed Process Management
  4. You must learn to manage all the work processes to achieve the desired outcome. Workflow automation helps businesses effectively recreate and manage end-to-end processes. It makes workflow tracking easier ensuring proper standardization. Also, automation helps businesses make flawless review and approval possible. It helps you create a workable model for all the targeted processes making sure that they get easily replicated. To manage your end-to-end lead management process, you can integrate your Facebook page with Google Sheets. This way every time a user likes or comments on your posts, a new contact will be added to the integrated Google Sheets spreadsheet. You can use these contacts as leads in the near future. Facebook Page and Google Sheets integrations - Appy Pie

  5. Enhance Team Engagement and Productivity
  6. You must keep your team members engaged in their work when they are working remotely. Try to save them from working on dull and repetitive tasks and assign creative tasks as they have a positive impact. With workflow automation, you can automate and manage repetitive tasks with less manual involvement. Once these tasks get automated, your team has more time to work on other complex tasks and enhance productivity. For better productivity, you can integrate Microsoft Teams with Slack so that every time a task gets assigned to any team member on Microsoft Teams, a Slack message will be sent. Microsoft Teams and Slack integrations - Appy PieHere is a post to help you learn how Slack improves your team’s productivity - How Slack Improves Workplace Productivity? [Top 10 Slack Integrations].

  7. Improve Team Collaboration
  8. Collaboration among the team members can become a challenge when working remotely. Workflow automation helps you assign clear responsibilities to all the team members. This helps you create a clear picture of who is working on what tasks. You can automate various communication channels such as emails, comments, etc. to help your team members interact with each other and increase collaboration.

  9. Keep Availability Status Transparency
  10. When you work from the office and you go for a break, it is clear that you are not at your system. However, when you work from you need to update the ‘away’ status every time you take a break or go for some conference or a meeting. With workflow automation, you can easily automate your status updates in your team communication tool. Every time you go for a meeting or any other event, your availability status automatically gets updated and people will not expect a response. Our workflow automation software Appy Pie Connect offers a pre-made workflow for the status update. Let us check out how it works. If you are using Slack for your team communication, you can simply integrate it with Google Calendar. This way whenever you have any meeting scheduled in your Google Calendar, Slack will update your status based on that. Slack and Google Calender integrations - Appy Pie

  11. Enhance Trust Among Team Members
  12. You must develop your trust in your team when it is working remotely. Keep track of what each team member is working on and how the progress is. Managers must learn that each member’s productivity is more important than the time they are clocking in. Workflow management provides the managers with a clear understanding of all the tasks assigned to specific team members. This transparent communication promoted by workflow automation helps businesses develop trust in the teams.


As per a recent study, the requirement for remote work will be increased by 30% in the coming ten years. In this case, the automation of remote workflows is going to be a great help for businesses demanding remote work. Working remotely is a future which is not too far off and to get better prepared you must start now! I would suggest you go for our workflow automation software Appy Pie Connect to integrate multiple applications being used in your daily business processes. The software is one of the best workflow automation tools available online and allows you to automate various useful workflows in just a few clicks. Try it out today. Good luck!


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