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How to Retain Customers With a Help Desk Software?

Abhinav Girdhar
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Ticketing systems have existed for a long time. However, calling a modern day helpdesk software as a ticketing software is an understatement. Modern day Help Desk systems are far more advanced than a basic ticketing software. In this blog, we are going to discuss how a Help Desk system helps you retain and generate leads from your customer tickets. Help Desk is able to do this with the help of customer retention strategies that you can create and apply with a help desk software.Role of help desk software in Customer Retention - Appy Pie

Understanding Customer Retention

A customer can be retained to your brand by creating a positive feedback loop with them. This can be done with the help of a Help Desk Software. A Help Desk by itself assists in building sustainable relationships with customers. You can enhance these relationships to the point where every customer is satisfied and every client that comes onto your ticketing system is a potential lead. This helps delight your customers. Delighting your customers is the first step to customer retention. Here’s how you can delight your customers with a Help Desk software:
  • Timely Email Support
  • Context-Rich Conversations
  • Well-Documented Self-Service Resources
In addition to delighting your customers, a good HelpDesk software will help you in improving your customer retention plan with smart automation and good analytics/reporting.

Why Customer Retention is Important

Customer Retention helps you boost your business revenue. According to reports, a 5% increase in customer retention can positively impact your revenue by 25%. Customers only stay with a brand they see value in. Once they find value in your brand, it becomes easier to retain them. Good value from a customer standpoint is a combination of product quality and customer support. While retaining customers is your priority, a secondary advantage of satisfied customers is that they will become your indirect brand advocates and bring in even more leads.

Differentiating Between Customer Retention and Customer Acquisition

There is a difference between acquiring customers and retaining. A help desk does not help in customer acquisition. Customer acquisition is the official terminology used when you sell your product to a customer. Customer retention is ensuring that the customer has a pleasant experience with your product both while using and while solving problems with customer care.

How a Help Desk Software Helps in Customer Retention

Support is the whetstone for a customer retention strategy. Here’s how Help Desk helps you provide better customer support.

  • All Your Support Channels in One Place
  • Companies use a lot of channels to interact with their customers. Social media, phone, email, messaging etc. It is easy to lose track of your customers. However, a good help desk software helps you bring all forms of customer communication under one interface. This ensures that customers on every platform are appropriately replied to and in time.

  • Agent Reporting and Analytics
  • Your customer support strategy might be perfect. However, your agents need to step up their game too. A good Help Desk software helps your agents use their time productively. Its reporting gives you an accurate representation of how fast your agents respond, contact resolution, customer happiness, etc. These metrics have a huge impact on your customer retention.

  • Automates Simple Tasks to Scale Your Team
  • With a Helpdesk software created using no-code AI development platform, you can automate ticket allocation and ticket prioritisation by setting relevant triggers. This ensures that the most complex problems are routed to your best support agents. Automation helps you provide support faster and better. This, in turn, contributes positively to your customer experience and helps you retain customers.

  • Tracks Customer Satisfaction and Support Performance
  • Customer Satisfaction or CSAT can be thoroughly tracked with the help of a helpdesk software. CSAT directly tells you what your customers are feeling and can be used to assess the success of your support teams. Customer satisfaction is also directly proportional to customer retention. The more satisfied a customer is, the less likely they are to leave your brand.

What Helpdesk Should You Use?

There are two things to keep in mind before you choose a HelpDesk software. They are:
  • Cost of the Software
  • The Ease-of-Use
Keeping the two factors in mind, Appy Pie Desk starts sounding like a great option for a Helpdesk Software. Appy Pie Desk is a free helpdesk software designed to be user friendly. It is a help desk software designed for small businesses. Appy Pie Desk is currently in live beta testing.Appy Pie DeskAppy Pie Desk provides advanced features even for small business owners. It offers features like omnichannel support, in-Built automation, a free knowledge base, and easy integrations. Appy Pie Desk can be integrated with other software using our workflow automation software Appy Pie Connect. Combining Desk with Appy Pie Knowledge and Chatbot Builder, you could possibly build your customer support network in the same place. Since all the necessary software are from AppyPie, it is easier to integrate and use them together making your HelpDesk even more efficient at customer support.


That was your guide on how to retain customers using HelpDesk. Feel free to read through more of our blogs and gain necessary insights into the many workings of a business. If you really want to learn more, we have specialised courses on our Academy. We offer extensive courses on social media marketing specialized for each social media. Our Instagram marketing guide is pretty popular. Check it out!

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