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11 Effective Examples of Email Marketing Campaigns

Abhinav Girdhar
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To come across a remarkable growth in your business, you need to plan something different. In addition, it should also be better than your competitors. You need to create an excellent business marketing strategy that not only will help you establish better relationships with your clients but will take your business to another level. Email Marketing Campaigns are an essential component of such a marketing strategy. 11 Effective Examples of Email Marketing Campaigns - Appy PieWith the help of emails, you can send to your clients, the latest product updates, discounts offer, and the information on a new product launch. Sometimes when the recipients don’t find the emails attractive, they don’t even open them. Marketing emails should have something different from regular emails. Customers should want to open them up. Don’t know how to do that? Do not worry at all! We are here to help you! In this post, we will talk about email marketing campaigns in detail and that too with examples, so that you have a clear understanding of how you can go about it. Before we go any further and start talking about email marketing campaigns directly, we need to learn what email marketing is. Let’s do that first.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an excellent practice of promoting products and services for any organization. It helps businesses develop their relationships with potential clients and customers. Email Marketing is a popular segment of online marketing that incorporates marketing via social media, websites, blogs, content, and more. It is direct mail done by electronic means instead of postal services. The email content helps businesses generate leads, website traffic, or even product signups to earn more profit. To use this as a means of marketing businesses need to have their users personally opt-in to receive the content. Now that you know what email marketing is, it’s time to talk about email marketing campaign in detail.

Email Marketing Campaign

There are various types of emails that businesses send to their users to promote their brand and its products. With a set of emails, businesses create an email marketing campaign. Email Marketing campaigns help businesses send professional emails to multiple users in one go. Emails in these campaigns are deployed across a specific period with a specific determination, such as download a white paper, sign up a webinar, or make a purchase with a provided discount coupon. An ideal marketing email has a well-written subject line, intensive content, and a precise call to action to accomplish the campaign’s goal.

Major Components of an Email Marketing Campaign

Here are a few major components of an Email Marketing Campaign.
  1. Creating a plan as per the relevant audience
  2. Select short and informative subject lines
  3. Personalize emails to build trust
  4. Create segments to input essential information
  5. Optimize emails for desktop, tablets, and mobiles
  6. Measure the results of email marketing activities
  7. Include an appropriate call-to-action
You must automate the entire process of sending emails. It makes them smarter, effective, and faster. Let us take a step further and learn the types of emails that you can send out to your clients.

Types of Emails Marketing Campaigns

There are various types of emails that businesses send to their users to promote their brand and its products. Here are the top email categories that are sent.
  • Welcome Email Series
  • Announcement Emails
  • Standard Promotional Campaign
  • Solution Email Series
  • Personalized Emails
  • Seasonal Campaign
  • Triggered Email Series
  • Product Renewal Email Series
  • Post-Purchase Drip
  • Connect-Via-Social Campaign
  • Newsletter
  • Inspirational Email Series
  • Cart Abandonment Campaign
  • Re-Engagement Campaign
  • Upselling emails
These are the types of emails that an organization can implement into their email marketing strategy. Do not consider it as a conclusive list, check out your business requirements and plan your strategy accordingly.

Email Marketing Examples

Various small and large-scale businesses use email marketing templates to create their marketing emails. These emails help businesses attract the target audience to go through their product range and make a purchase. Here are a few excellent email campaign examples that can help you understand how simple it is to use emails to promote your products and have your target audience know more about them.

  1. Cook Smarts: Weekly Product Newsletter
  2. Cook Smarts sends out newsletters with cooking recipes with a key title – Weekly Eats. The firm sends these delicious recipes in the form of a meal plan. The layout of Cook Smarts’ emails is simple and attractive. It has three different sections- the menu, list of kitchens how-to’s, and cooking tips. 11 Effective Examples of Email Marketing Campaigns - Appy PieYou get familiar with the pattern after going through two or three emails and know exactly where to look at if you need to know something about a specific recipe.

  3. BuzzFeed Today: Newsletter
  4. You can easily fall in love with BuzzFeed posts and content. They always post short and punchy subject lines that fit in perfectly with the rest of the content. The preview text of an email accompanies the subject line as it answers the question hidden in the subject or if the subject line is a command, the preview text seems to be the next logical fact right after it.11 Effective Examples of Email Marketing Campaigns - Appy PieBuzzfeed has these awesome emails that deliver the exact message that they are supposed to convey to the recipients, without even using images and video links. A newsletter is one of the top sources of traffic on BuzzFeed. It posts the cutest stories about cats almost every Friday. It also lets you ask questions to the dumb cat who answers them in the next email.

  5. Warby Parker: Product Renewal Email
  6. This is one of the best email marketing examples I have come across. Warby Parker sent out an email making an excellent connection between a prescription and a new pair of glasses. They sent this email to a friend of mine saying - What goes better with a new prescription than a new pair of glasses? 11 Effective Examples of Email Marketing Campaigns - Appy PieThis email did remind my friend that the prescription needs to be updated with an amazing trigger subject line – Uh-oh, your prescription is expiring. It also provided with an optometrist’s information in case you don’t know where to go to renew your subscription. Although it's an older email, it's a great example of personalized email marketing which is what made me include it here.

  7. Postmates: New Product
  8. Postmates emails are catchy and make an emotional impact on the users. Most of their emails have GIFs included that are not only delightful to watch but also display their products in action.11 Effective Examples of Email Marketing Campaigns - Appy PieThey use animated GIFs to make the header look attractive and funny. In this way, they draw recipients’ eyes to a certain part of an email and have them go through it.

  9. Uber: Calendar Integration
  10. Uber’s emails are simple and tasteful. They get straight to the point and alert subscribers about the deals and promotions. They have a brief description paired with a clear CTA, which is perfect for the users who are quickly browsing the email. 11 Effective Examples of Email Marketing Campaigns - Appy PieUber includes a simple and detailed description of the emails for the users who want to learn more about the deals and how they work. They represent emails with geometric patterns and bright colors. All the marketing assets in the email tell the brand's story. Its brand consistency is something that the firm has nailed to expand brand loyalty.

  11. Dropbox: User Re-engagement
  12. Dropbox is one of those brands that still love you even if you don’t use their products. I got this email from Dropbox a few months ago, saying ‘come back to us!’ They send these cute and funny emails with an emoticon and a pair of whimsical cartoons not to intrude but to remind the recipients that they exist.11 Effective Examples of Email Marketing Campaigns - Appy PieThe email was short and sweet including an incentive like a limited-time coupon, for recipients to start using the service again.

  13. J. Crew: Solution Emails
  14. J. Crew is very good at ruling people’s hearts. They offer them the solution right away without wasting their time in researching. For example, what the type of clothes they should buy for which season.11 Effective Examples of Email Marketing Campaigns - Appy PiePeople like brands that save their time. This is exactly what J. Crew’s email campaign was about. They not only provided their clients with a prepared solution for what clothing will be suitable for early summer but also an option to match clothes and make a purchase right away.

  15. Boden: Seasonal Emails Series
  16. Seasonal emails engage people with discounts, offers, and coupons. The best time to send these emails is before the holidays. Boden do the same, they send these seasonal emails to their users before Black Friday, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Cyber Monday, and other holidays. These types of emails build trust and support positive emotions that users have for your brand.11 Effective Examples of Email Marketing Campaigns - Appy Pie

  17. Topshop: Cart Abandonment
  18. How you can remind your users that they have items in their cart, or if they have an unfinished order? You can learn that from Topshop. They send out well-structured emails that remind their recipients that they have items left in their cart. They don’t directly say that, but they use some tricky lines. One of those is – ‘We’ve got your bag (back)’. The line doesn’t only remind recipients about the items in the cart but also it says that the brand has kept their users’ choices safe.Topshop

  19. Bonobos: Standard Promotional Campaign
  20. Bonobos crafted a simple but tricky email template to have their subscribers open their emails. In the subject line the template said - “Hello? Anyone home?”. 11 Effective Examples of Email Marketing Campaigns - Appy PiePeople usually answer these types of questions positively. Additionally, Bonobos asks in some of the emails if they are sending the messages to the right place, which they possibly are. This is how they have the users read their emails.

  21. Overstock: Inspirational Emails
  22. You can always offer discounts and coupons to the users to prompt them to take a certain action. Overstock creatively inspired their clients to update their account information by offering them a special personalized coupon on their coming birthday, only if they add it to their account information.11 Effective Examples of Email Marketing Campaigns - Appy PieThe firm added subject line – Did you know...? This subject line creates suspense and users would open your email to find out what you are talking about.
Take these email marketing campaign examples into consideration and create an excellent email campaign for your business marketing.


Email marketing campaigns help businesses reach out to their clients on any device from any location. Create a proven email marketing strategy to cherish your leads drive your user engagement to the next level. Do not miss a single chance of showing your users how much you care for them. Try sending automated emails regularly to keep the relationship lively. Don’t try to impress them, just tell them how much you would love to see them smile! Appy Pie Connect- an emerging automation platform from Appy Pie, allows you to connect your email marketing tool such as Mailchimp, MailerLite, Mailjet, and Zoho Campaigns with 100 other third party apps available on the market. With Appy Pie Connect, you can connect your email marketing with any app you use in your business, such as Google Sheets (documents), PayPal (payment app), Slack, Todoist (to-do list app). For example, you are an eCommerce business owner and you have integrated Zoho Campaign with PayPal. In that case, email addresses of all the customers making payments using PayPal will get added to Zoho Campaign email contact list and you will be sending further emails to this updated contact list. Go for this Appy Pie Connect app integration option today to increase your customer base and make better relationships with your customers!

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