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How to Create a Stunning Brochure for Your Business

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Brochures help businesses present a lot of information and encourage audience to read on. Designing a brochure that attracts the users’ attention is not an easy task. It takes efforts to come up with that kind of graphic design. A brochure design is not limited to good colors, images, layouts, or content that you want to use. Rather, it is a combination of elements that you need to put together and create an effective brochure.

In this post, we will take you through the things that you need to remember when creating a brochure and 5 easy steps to follow when creating a brochure for your business using Appy Pie’s Free Brochure Maker.

Things to Remember When Designing a Brochure

Here are a few major tips that you must remember when you design a brochure for your business.

  1. Know Your Objectives
  2. Make sure you know what you are creating a brochure for. It helps you point your purpose in the right direction and come up with an effective brochure design. A business brochure could be for anything including an event, advertisement, concert, content, and much more. Gather as much information based on your purpose to select the best fit brochure design.

  3. Know Your Audience
  4. The brochure that you create directly communicates with your audience. You must know your target market and put all the relevant information in your brochure. This helps you capture your audience’s interests. The more your brochure pinpoints the needs of your target audiences the more effectively it markets your product.

  5. Be Creative and Unique
  6. A creative brochure sets you apart from the competition. This helps you strengthen your brand and attract your audience. The uniqueness of your business brochure is paramount and recognizable.

  7. Go Straight to the Point
  8. In your business brochure, you must avoid putting all the information related to your product and service. Getting straight to the point helps your audience understand the message quickly. Adding too much information can create confusion and weaken the main purpose of the brochure.

  9. Use Simple Statements
  10. The more complex statements you will use in your brochure the lesser the credibility you will get. Even if you will use fuzzy words to impress the audience, you will make it harder for them to get the exact message. Using simple English in a brochure for business is the best route to take.

  11. Put Your Readers First
  12. To create a good brochure, you first need to understand your target market. Make sure you put your readers first and design the brochure based on their choices and preferences.

  13. Include a Call-to-Action
  14. A brochure without a call-to-action doesn’t truly serve its purpose. You can’t just move your audience by creating a stunning brochure. They still need the motivation to get in touch with you and purchase what you are offering.
Keep these things in mind and you are ready to create a stunning brochure for your business. All you need to do now is find an excellent brochure maker available online and start making your brochure. Appy Pie’s Brochure Maker is our recommended brochure making tool. The software comes with various amazing features that you can use and make a brochure that helps you stand out. Before we go ahead, let us take a look at some major statistics based on the usage of brochures for business.Create Brochure for business - Appy Pie

How to Make a Brochure for Your Business?

Appy Pie’s Brochure Maker is one of the popular brochure makers available online. It comes with a user-friendly interface and is easy-to-use. Even if you are not a professional designer, you can create your own brochure using the software in just a few clicks. Here are a few simple steps that you can go through to learn how to make a brochure using Appy Pie’s Brochure Maker.

  1. Sign Up/Log in
  2. To get started, go to Appy Pie Design Homepage and log in to your Appy Pie Account. if you don’t have an account, just go ahead and create one. You can also login using your existing Gmail account. Step1 signin - Appy Pie

  3. Pick the Category
  4. Appy Pie Design contains various design tools like infographic maker, logo maker, brochure maker, animation maker, and much more. Select the category as brochure maker and continue to create a brochure for your business. Step2 category - Appy Pie - Copy

  5. Select the Brochure Template
  6. Appy Pie’s Brochure Maker comes with a huge library of professionally designed brochure templates. You can pick the one that best fits your business needs and start creating your brochure. Step3 Brochure template - Appy Pie

  7. Customize Your Template
  8. Once you have picked the brochure template, you can customize it as per your business needs. With various amazing features of Appy Pie’s Brochure Maker, you can change the look and feel of your brochure in just a few clicks. [caption id="attachment_34593" align="aligncenter" width="827"]Step4 Customize - Appy Pie

  9. Download and Share Your Brochure
  10. Your brochure is almost ready now. You can go to the brochure maker dashboard to find your brochure and download it if you want. Step5 Download - Appy Pie


An excellent brochure maker can make it easier for you to design an attractive brochure for your business. You must go with Appy Pie’s free Brochure Maker to create your own brochure without any hassle. The software comes with hundreds of customizable brochure templates, attractive fonts, icons and illustrations, and much more.Try Appy Pie today!

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