5 Best Texting Apps to Boost Business and Customer Communication

By Snigdha | September 12, 2023 9:25 am

When it comes to choosing the best text messaging app, the options can be overwhelming. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, the ideal texting app for you largely depends on your specific needs and the preferences of the people you want to communicate with. In this curated listicle, we will explore the best text messaging apps, considering various factors like availability, privacy, features, and security. Whether you're an Android or iOS user, we've got you covered.

Another aspect that we will touch upon here is the scope of app integration that can help you incorporate your text communication with businesses and customers seamlessly in your marketing campaigns and other crucial business processes.

What Goes into Making the Best Texting App?

The best texting app is characterized by several key factors that cater to user needs and preferences. Let us discuss the top factors in detail.

  1. Cross-Platform Compatibility
  2. The best texting app should be available on multiple platforms, including Android and iOS. This cross-platform compatibility ensures that users can communicate seamlessly, regardless of the type of device they use. One should have to go looking for the best messaging app for Android or the best texting apps for iPad. It eliminates the inconvenience of dealing with the "green bubble vs. blue bubble" dilemma, where iOS users may prefer iMessage, while Android users rely on alternative apps.

  3. Security and Privacy
  4. Security is a paramount concern in today's digital world. The best texting apps prioritize user privacy by implementing end-to-end encryption. End-to-end encryption ensures that messages and media are scrambled into an unreadable format on the sender's device and only decrypted on the recipient's device. This means that even the service provider cannot access the content of your messages. With the rising concerns about data breaches and privacy violations, a texting app that takes privacy seriously is highly regarded.

  5. Affordability
  6. Cost is a significant consideration for many users. The best texting apps are typically free to use. The availability of free apps not only attracts users but also makes it easier to persuade friends and family to adopt the same app. People are more likely to switch when there's no financial barrier.

  7. Multimedia Support
  8. Text messaging has evolved far beyond plain text. The best texting apps recognize this and provide extensive support for multimedia. Users should be able to share a variety of media formats, such as photos, videos, voice notes, GIFs, documents, and more. This versatility enhances the communication experience, allowing for richer interactions.

  9. Group Chat Functionality
  10. Many conversations involve multiple participants, whether it's for social gatherings, work-related discussions, or family chats. Therefore, a great texting app should support efficient group messaging. It should allow users to create and manage group chats with ease, accommodating conversations with numerous participants. Features like naming groups, adding or removing members and muting notifications enhance the group chat experience.

These qualities collectively create a user-friendly and comprehensive messaging experience, catering to a wide range of communication needs.

Best Texting Apps for Business and Customer Communication

Now that we know what goes into making the best texting apps, let us take a look at the 5 best messaging apps.

  1. WhatsApp - The Undisputed Leader
  2. WhatsApp has emerged as the undisputed leader in the world of free mobile messaging. As of June 2023, WhatsApp had approximately 2.78 billion unique active users all over the world (Source). WhatsApp offers a complete messaging experience, supporting text chats, multimedia sharing (photos, videos, voice messages), and audio/video calls. With group chats accommodating up to 512 participants, it's a versatile choice. Privacy-conscious users will appreciate WhatsApp's end-to-end encryption, ensuring that your conversations remain secure. Notably, even file transfers are fully encrypted, and encrypted messages are deleted from WhatsApp's servers after delivery. Recent additions like Communities and Channels have expanded its capabilities. WhatsApp's multi-device support, including desktop apps, is another plus. What makes this top free text app even stronger is the possibility of setting up workflow automation through WhatsApp integrations.

    Price: Free

  3. Viber - A Solid WhatsApp Alternative
  4. Viber is a robust alternative to WhatsApp, offering similar core messaging features. With support for individual and group chats (up to 250 participants), Viber enables instant voice and video messages, making it ideal for quick communication. While end-to-end encryption is standard for one-on-one and group chats, Viber makes a slight compromise in security for its Communities and Channels to provide a better service. The Viber Out service allows you to call mobiles and landlines worldwide for a monthly fee. Viber's unique feature, Communities, lets you join or create large group chats based on various interests, akin to Reddit-style discussions. However, Viber can feel busier than WhatsApp due to its sticker stores and occasional ads.

    Price: Free

  5. Telegram - Multiple Device Login and More
  6. Telegram has gained recognition for its security features and the ability to log in from multiple devices. This messaging app offers voice and video calls, text messaging, multimedia sharing, and group chats (with up to 200,000 members). Users can choose between regular chats (with server storage) or Secret Chats (end-to-end encrypted and self-destructing). Telegram's supergroups and channels are immensely popular, even boasting millions of members. Additionally, the app has an open API, allowing for the creation of third-party clients and meaningful app integrations with Telegram. It recently introduced Telegram Premium, offering ad removal and increased limits for a nominal fee.

    Price: Free, Premium from $4.99/month

  7. Signal - Security and Simplicity
  8. Signal stands out for its clean interface and strong emphasis on security. This app offers voice and video calling, text messaging, multimedia sharing, and group chats (up to 1,000 participants). All messages are end-to-end encrypted, ensuring privacy. Signal's simplicity and industry-standard encryption make it a preferred choice for those who prioritize security. It also offers a desktop app for seamless cross-device communication.

    Price: Free

  9. Facebook Messenger - Connecting with Everyone
  10. Messenger, often associated with Facebook, offers a unique advantage. You can use it without a Facebook account, needing only a phone number to communicate. With text messaging, voice and video calls, multimedia sharing, and group chats (up to 250 participants), Messenger provides a wide array of features. While it lacks default end-to-end encryption, you can enable encryption for specific conversations (Secret Conversation). Messenger's ubiquity, with over a third of the world's population using Facebook, makes it an unmatched choice for contacting a wide range of people. You can further elevate the efficiency of the platform through Facebook Messenger integrations available on Appy Pie Connect

    Price: Free


Selecting the best text messaging app ultimately depends on your needs and your customer preferences. If you can persuade your customers to switch to a more secure or feature-rich app like WhatsApp or Signal, it's worth considering. However, if they are adamant about using a particular app, like iMessage, prioritizing interoperability may be the best approach. The key is to choose a texting app that aligns with your communication goals and ensures a seamless messaging experience.

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