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How to Create an Amazing LinkedIn Banner

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on September 30th, 2023 10:21 am | 5-min read
How to Create an Amazing LinkedIn Banner - Appy Pie

LinkedIn banners are akin to Facebook ‘cover photos’.However, Linkedin has a completely different social media dynamic to Facebook. Facebook cover photos are meant to showcase people’s profiles, whereas Linkedin banners are meant to represent a brand.

Linkedin is the best meeting point for both professionals and businesses. Linkedin banners are a great way to show off your brand. Businesses can use these banners to represent themselves whereas professionals can use Linkedin banners to show off their personal brand with the help of graphic design.

Linkedin banners are used by less than 10% of people and brands on Linkedin. However, banners have consistently been proven to help increase followers and connections on Linkedin for both businesses and professionals.

The good news is that creating a Linkedin banner for your business is easy. It is so easy that you can create your Linkedin banner by the time you end reading this blog.

Simply head over to Appy Pie Design and follow along the steps given below.

Before we find out how to create a Linkedin Banner Design, we must learn why to use Linkedin banners for your business. To make it easier to understand, we’ve made a detailed infographic showcasing the value of Linkedin Banners. Feel free to go through it. To learn how to create your own Linkedin banner, just head on down over to the next section.

Create an Amazing LinkedIn Banner -Appy Pie

How to Create a Linkedin Banner

The first thing to keep in mind is that your Linkedin Banner is a reflection of your business and your brand. Your banner must be designed to send out a proper message. Here’s how you can create a banner that could be effective for your business.

Step 1: Choosing a Message

Your Linkedin banner must be created to show a particular message. Whether you’re a business or an individual, a Linkedin banner without a message is a waste of a good space. Your message doesn’t need to be conveyed in words, slogans, or inspirational sayings. You can use visuals to show your message. Visual mediums give you a lot of creative control over how you display your message.

For example, a professional trying to show off his/her ‘fun’ side can use photographs of themselves in the middle of fun activities. Businesses can show off a collage of their employees to reflect a message about inclusivity and teamwork.

Whatever message you choose, think of creative ways to show them off. If you’re looking for ideas, examine your competitors or dive deep into the Linkedin accounts of successful businesses to find ideas.

Step 2: Finding Design Ideas

Designing your banner should be left to your best designers. It is an important project and it should be treated as such. Get your best designers on it. Banner design is a core part of graphic design and most designers must have an idea of what to do.

If you or your designers are looking for Linkedin banner ideas, our blog on current graphic design trends might help you out. Check it out and find out about the latest trends in graphic design.

Another way to find ideas is to check out pre-existing templates. Appy Pie Design has over 500+ banners in their blog banner category. Linkedin banners tend to follow a similar size and resolution(around 1400 x 425 pixels) as blog banners. So, you can sign up for Appy Pie Design and use these templates for your Linkedin banners too.

Design Template - Appy pie

Once again you can also head over to your competitors for ideas. This will give you more creative cues and unique ways to bring your banner to life.

Step 3: Choosing Colors for Your Banner

Choosing the best color combination is of prime importance. A perfect color combination plays a more important role for individual professionals than businesses. Businesses can simply use their brand colors and call it a day.

The color combination you pick should reflect the message you’re trying to send. For example, choosing grey to show off a ‘fun’ personality isn’t a good idea. Grey is supposed to show professionalism and sophistication.

To know what colors to use and when our guide on color combinations can help you get better bearings on what colors represent what moods and messages. Once you have an idea of which colors to use, it’s time to extract them. You will need a dedicated color wheel to choose a color combination for your LinkedIn banner. We’ve got you covered!

Appy Pie’s Color Wheel is a free color wheel tool for both beginners and professionals!

Step 4: Designing Your Banner

You have your message. You have your design idea. You have your color combination. All that’s left is to design your banner. Professionals will have access to tools like Photoshop to create their banners for LinkedIn.

However, not everyone is a design expert. Some of you are beginners and creating a banner is a new endeavor. What you need is a simple, easy to understand tool that can help you create your designs quickly. That’s where we can help you.

Appy Pie Design was created with beginner designers in mind. It is a simple yet excellent design tool. It uses a template-based design scheme that makes designing easier and faster. You can try out this tool today for your banners! You can create a banner in minutes with Appy Pie Design.

Appy Pie Design - Appy Pie


Keep experimenting with your designs. If your designs work, you will see a marked difference in sales and revenues very soon. If they don’t, head back to the drawing board and start over. You will surely have a final design within some time.

Good Luck!

Leave us a comment and give us and the community design ideas for Linkedin Banners!

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