9 Essential Elements To Include In Your App

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Essential elements to include in your app - Appy Pie

Businesses need a proper app to scale their businesses to newer heights. With smartphones becoming the main source of communication between businesses and their customers, creating an app helps you interact better with your customers.

Appy Pie - Essential ElementsTo Include In Your App
Each business app is unique in its own right. However, there are certain key elements and features in apps that are common to all apps. In this blog, we are going to discuss these elements and explain why they are essential in every app that is created.

What are Essential App Elements?

Essential elements are various features and functionalities in your apps that can relate to both the frontend and backend of your app. These elements should be common among all apps and usually perform the same functions. If you create an app without these elements, your app may become frustrating and unintuitive to use.

The Essential Elements You Must Include in Your App

The elements given below are what make an app successful. Here is our list of essential elements that should be included in your app.

  • An Exit Button
  • Seems like a funny element to start on, doesn’t it? Well, brands and businesses that create apps often forget to include an exit button in their apps. Your app should be welcoming and engrossing, but the user must always be able to exit your app simply.

    Apps running in the background can hog a user’s RAM and drain their battery. Providing a proper exit button for your users can improve the experience users have with your apps.

  • Link to Your Social Media
  • Providing links to your social media channels is a must-do for every business. Include an area with your social details. The beauty of social media lies in the fact that they have some of the most well-optimized apps.

    Providing functionality for users to reach your social through your app improves the user experience to a high degree. While one may not consider this to be essential, the sole purpose of an app is to increase interaction with the user. Your social media is one way.

  • Link to Your Website
  • Another essential element of your mobile app is that you should always provide links to your website on various pages for your app. While you could include all the content you want to in your app, it is always advised to provide links to your website.

    Adding website links has two advantages. First, it lets new users discover your website bringing in potential leads. Second, it provides vital SEO by acting as indirect backlinks for Google. You can create your own website today with Appy Pie Website Builder.

  • Push Notification Alerts
  • An app without push notifications is useful. Push notifications should always be a part of any app that you create. Smartphone users tend to use a selected number of apps in their daily lives. No matter how good your app, chances are that users might not use it as much as you need them to after downloading it. This is where push notifications come in.

    Push notifications act as essential reminders for users to find reasons to open your apps. With push notifications, you can send them offers and coupons, alerts, etc. If you want to know what push notifications to send to the user. Did you know that Appy Pie AppMakr provides unlimited push notifications when you create an app with our software? You can utilize this excellent feature now.

  • Privacy Policy and Terms of Use
  • Your business’ privacy policy and terms of use is an essential element that you must include in your app. Never forget to add it to your apps. You might not think much about it but it can save you a lot of time in customer queries.

    Not including privacy policy and terms of use can also turn into a legal hassle if you’re not careful. It’s better to avoid such controversies and just include it in your app from the get-go. An added advantage is that concerned users can just go into your app and find the information they need.

  • Customizable Profiles
  • Depending on the type of app your business creates, there will be a chance that your app will have a profile feature for the users. If a scenario like this exists, make it a requirement to have enough customization.

    Not having a profile feature that can be customized is a frustrating experience for the users. The profile area for your app can have a lot of features and a lot of quirks for your users to get into. Be snazzy with your customizations and provide as much as you can for your users.

  • Consistent UI Design
  • An element that many app creators ignore is the design of their apps. While your app should look unique one thing to remember is that your app’s design should be consistent.

    Playing around with app designs is good, but making sure that all of it sticks together and the app doesn’t lose its intuitiveness is extremely important when creating an app. Thankfully, if your UI design skills are weak, you can start building apps with Appy Pie AppMakr and enjoy over 150 free app design templates to choose from.

    The greatest advantage of using Appy Pie is that your designs will be consistent no matter how many features you add into the app. Learn how to create a successful app with Appy Pie today!

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  • GDPR Compliance
  • GDPR compliance is a relatively new concept. It’s important that your app meets the requirements of GDPR. It is a regulation law put forward by the EU for privacy and data protection of app users. The law affects businesses both inside and outside the EU. If you’re going to have European clients, your app must be GDPR compliant.

    You can read our erstwhile blog on GDPR compliance to understand how it works and how you can make your business GDPR compliant. This is another area where Appy Pie AppMakr holds an advantage. Every app you make with us is GDPR compliant by default.

  • Cross-Platform Support
  • One of the last key elements must be ensured before you begin creating your app. Your app must be as inclusive as possible. It should be usable by every single one of your clients. This is why cross-platform support is extremely important for your business.

    Ensure that your app works both on Android and iOS. If not, at least provide a good PWA. If you don’t have the budget for creating a new app that covers all platforms for you, consider building your app with Appy Pie AppMakr. All platforms are supported the moment you begin building your new app.


That is it for today. Consider all the essential elements that must be included in your app. One last thing that you should know before you go is that you can have all of them in your app if you use Appy Pie AppMakr. Consider building your business app with Appy Pie today!

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