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Best Cloud Gaming Apps For Amateurs & Professionals in 2024

By Snigdha | December 5, 2023 12:12 pm

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the best cloud gaming apps tailored for both beginners and seasoned gaming pros. In this blog, we delve into the dynamic realm of cloud-based gaming platforms, presenting an array of options ideal for amateurs seeking seamless entry and professionals craving cutting-edge experiences. From immersive gameplay to performance benchmarks, we dissect the finest cloud gaming apps, dissecting their features, accessibility, and adaptability to diverse gaming preferences. From the list of the best gaming platforms listed below, choose the one that is best suited to your specific requirements and expectations. Now, you can set up app integrations with the best gaming software and boost its native features and functionalities using the best workflow automation software - Appy Pie Connect.

Whether you're a novice looking to dip your toes or an expert seeking unparalleled gaming prowess, join us on this journey to discover the best cloud gaming apps suited for every level of expertise.

Best Gaming Apps & Software

Gaming App/ Tools Key Features Pros Cons Pricing
VRMark - Benchmarking
- Performance Analysis
- Accurate assessment
- Comprehensive Analysis
- Limited use beyond benchmarking
- Advanced features complexity
Free plan with multiple pricing tiers
BINK - Video encoding
- Compression
- High compression
- Widely used in gaming
- Limited support for certain formats
- Discontinued development
Contact for details or licensing
Gamesight - Analytics
- Marketing optimization
- Comprehensive analytics
- Optimization tools
- Learning curve
- Pricing for smaller devs
Subscription-based, Contact for tailored pricing
Google Cloud Game Servers - Scalable game server hosting
- Cross-platform support
- Simplified management
- Scalability
- Learning curve
- Pricing for extensive usage
Pay-as-you-go based on usage
Amazon GameLift - Game server hosting
- Auto-scaling
- Integration with AWS
- Scalability
- Configuration complexities
- Costs for larger scale
Pay-as-you-go based on usage
GitHub - Version control
- Code collaboration
- Integration with tools
- Limited free tier
- Pricing for larger teams
Free tier, Paid plans for additional features and users - Modding support
- Content sharing
- Simplified modding
- Community engagement
- Integration complexity
- Success depends on community engagement
Customized pricing based on usage, Contact team for details
Object Oriented Input System - Input handling for games - Device abstraction
- Cross-platform support
- Learning curve
- Compatibility issues
Free and open-source
Helix Core - Version control
- Artifact management
- Scalability
- Security
- Learning curve
- Licensing costs for larger teams
Subscription-based, Contact for tailored pricing
Bitbucket - Version control
- Code collaboration
- Cross-platform
- Integration with Atlassian tools
- Limited free tier
- Pricing for larger teams
Free tier, Paid plans for additional features and users
GameAnalytics - Player behavior analysisl
- Performance metrics
- Detailed analytics
- Competitive insights
- Complexity for beginners
- Pricing for smaller devs
Subscription-based, Free tier with limited features
Google Gaming - Various gaming services across Google ecosystem - Diverse services
- cross-platform compatibility
- Complexity
- Pricing for larger scale
Varies based on services used
ThinkGaming - Mobile gaming analytics
- Revenue tracking
- Revenue tracking
- Competitive intelligence
- Learning curve
- Pricing for smaller devs
Subscription-based, Free trial or limited free access
Allegro library - 2D game development
- Multimedia applications
- Ease of use
- Cross-platform compatibility
- Limitations for advanced 3D development
- Learning curve
Free and open-source
Celtx - Pre-production tools for film, video, multimedia projects - Scriptwriting
- Collaboration tools
- Advanced features might require subscription
- Learning curve
Free version, Subscription-based plans for additional features
Embark on a gaming journey of your own with our expert-curated guide to the ultimate gaming apps and software. Discover the pinnacle of gaming experiences tailored for enthusiasts, amateurs, and professionals alike.

  1. VRMark
  2. Best Gaming Apps - VRMarkVRMark is a leading virtual reality benchmarking software designed to evaluate and test the performance capabilities of VR systems. It measures a system's VR readiness and provides detailed insights into its ability to handle VR content, offering an immersive and reliable benchmarking experience.Key Features
    • Benchmarking: Assess VR system performance through comprehensive benchmarking tests.
    • Compatibility: Works with a wide range of VR headsets and systems.
    • Detailed Analysis: Provides detailed reports and performance metrics for CPU, GPU, and overall system performance.
    • Customizable Tests: Allows customization of tests to suit different hardware configurations.
    • Experience Mode: Offers a unique experience mode for VR enthusiasts to explore high-quality VR content.
    • Accurate assessment of VR system capabilities.
    • Comprehensive performance analysis for CPUs and GPUs.
    • Compatibility with various VR hardware.
    • Customizable tests for tailored evaluations.
    • User-friendly interface.
    • Limited use beyond benchmarking purposes.
    • Advanced features might be overwhelming for casual users.
    PricingFree plan with multiple pricing tiers.

  3. BINK
  4. Bink Video, developed by RAD Game Tools, is a renowned gaming tool primarily used for encoding, decoding, and compressing video media within games. It efficiently handles high-quality video files, ensuring seamless playback of cinematics, cutscenes, and other video assets while minimizing file sizes.Key Features
    • High Compression: Maintains video quality while reducing file sizes for efficient storage.
    • Cross-Platform Support: Compatible with various platforms and operating systems.
    • Integration Ease: Seamlessly integrates into game development engines.
    • Smooth Playback: Offers smooth video playback without compromising visual fidelity.
    • Customization Options: Settings to adjust video playback and quality.
    • Excellent compression without sacrificing quality, optimizing game performance.
    • Widely used and trusted within the gaming industry.
    • Compatibility across multiple platforms simplifies game development.
    • Simplified integration streamlines the game development process.
    • Licensing costs might pose challenges for smaller game developers.
    • Limited support for some less common video formats might require additional conversion steps.
    PricingBink Video's pricing structure typically depends on factors such as usage, project scale, and specific development requirements.

  5. Gamesight
  6. Best Gaming Tools - Gamesight Gamesight is an analytics and marketing platform tailored for game developers and publishers. It provides comprehensive insights and tools to help gaming companies understand their audience, optimize marketing strategies, and track the performance of their games across various platforms and marketing campaigns.Key Features
    • Analytics Dashboard: Detailed insights into player behavior, acquisition channels, and game performance metrics.
    • Marketing Optimization: Tools for tracking marketing campaigns, assessing their effectiveness, and optimizing ad spend.
    • Audience Segmentation: Ability to segment and target specific player demographics for tailored marketing efforts.
    • Performance Tracking: Real-time monitoring of game performance across multiple platforms.
    • Attribution Analytics: Identify the most effective channels driving player acquisition and engagement.
    • Comprehensive analytics to understand player behavior and preferences.
    • Optimization tools for maximizing marketing ROI.
    • Customizable audience segmentation for targeted campaigns.
    • Real-time tracking enhances decision-making for game development and marketing strategies.
    • Might require a learning curve for users unfamiliar with analytics platforms.
    • Cost might be a barrier for smaller game developers or studios.
    PricingGamesight's pricing structure often depends on factors like the scale of games, the scope of analytics required, and the specific needs of developers or publishers.

  7. Google Cloud Game Servers
  8. Best Cloud Gaming Apps - Google Cloud Game ServersGoogle Cloud Game Servers is a managed service providing developers with tools to deploy, manage, and scale game server clusters on Google Cloud Platform, catering specifically to multiplayer gaming experiences.Key Features
    • Auto-scaling: Dynamically adjusts server capacity based on player demand.
    • Multi-region Deployment: Allows game servers to be deployed across different geographical regions.
    • Managed Infrastructure: Handles server management tasks, enabling developers to focus on game development.
    • Integration with Google Cloud Services: Seamless integration with other Google Cloud tools and services for enhanced functionality.
    • Simplifies server management, reducing administrative overhead for developers.
    • Scalability allows for accommodating varying player counts without manual intervention.
    • Integration with Google Cloud's ecosystem for a comprehensive development environment.
    • Learning curve for developers new to cloud infrastructure management.
    • Pricing structure and costs might vary based on usage and resource consumption.
    PricingGoogle Cloud typically operates on a pay-as-you-go pricing model, where costs are determined based on resource usage such as virtual machine instances, storage, network usage, and additional services utilized.

  9. Amazon GameLift
  10. Best Gaming Apps - Amazon GameLiftAmazon GameLift is a dedicated game server hosting and scaling solution provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It's designed to assist game developers in deploying, managing, and scaling session-based multiplayer games. Key Features
    • Server Hosting: Offers secure and reliable hosting for multiplayer game servers.
    • Auto-scaling: Automatically adjusts server capacity to accommodate fluctuating player demand.
    • Flexible Matchmaking: This enables developers to build custom matchmaking logic for their games.
    • Real-time Metrics: Provides real-time monitoring and analytics to track game performance.
    • Cross-Platform Support: Compatible with various game engines and platforms.
    • Simplifies server management, allowing developers to focus on game development.
    • Scalability ensures game servers can handle varying player counts seamlessly.
    • Integration with AWS tools and services for enhanced functionality and security.
    • Offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model for cost efficiency.
    • Configuration and setup might have a learning curve for developers new to cloud infrastructure.
    • Pricing can vary based on usage and may become expensive for certain usage patterns or larger-scale games.
    PricingAmazon GameLift pricing depends on factors such as the number and type of instances used, data transfer, and any additional services utilized.

  11. GitHub
  12. Top Gaming App - GitHubGitHub is an open-source, free gaming software that uses the Git version control system, primarily for managing and storing code. It's widely used among developers for collaborative work, hosting code repositories, and managing software projects. Here's an overview:Key Features
    • Version Control: Utilizes Git to manage code versions, facilitating collaboration and tracking changes.
    • Code Hosting: Allows developers to store, share, and collaborate on code repositories.
    • Issue Tracking: Enables users to track bugs, manage tasks, and coordinate work within projects.
    • Collaboration Tools: Supports team collaboration through pull requests, code reviews, and project management tools.
    • Community & Social Coding: Encourages community participation, open-source contributions, and social interaction among developers.
    • Streamlines collaboration and allows for easy sharing and access to code.
    • Facilitates open-source contributions and fosters a strong developer community.
    • Offers powerful tools for project management, code review, and issue tracking.
    • Integrates with numerous third-party services and development tools.
    • Large-scale collaboration might require paid plans for additional features and storage.
    • Learning curve for beginners or those unfamiliar with version control and Git.
    • Reliance on an internet connection for certain functionalities.
    PricingGitHub offers various plans including free and paid tiers.

  14. Best Gaming Software - is a platform designed for game developers to easily integrate modding capabilities into their games, enabling players to create, share, and discover user-generated content within gaming communities. Key Features
    • Modding Support: Provides APIs and tools for developers to implement modding capabilities in their games.
    • Content Sharing: Allows players to create, upload, and share mods, custom levels, items, and more.
    • Community Integration: Facilitates interaction among players, modders, and developers within dedicated gaming communities.
    • Cross-Platform: Supports multiple gaming platforms and engines for wider accessibility.
    • Version Control: Manages versioning and updates for mods, ensuring compatibility and easy access to the latest content.
    • Simplifies integration of modding support into games, enhancing player engagement and longevity.
    • Fosters a creative community, encouraging content creation and sharing among players.
    • Provides tools and APIs that support various game engines and platforms.
    • Streamlines mod distribution and version control.
    • Integration might require some development effort and familiarity with the platform's APIs.
    • The success of the platform depends on the community's engagement and the game's modding potential. offers a free tier with basic features and limited usage. Premium plans might include additional features, support, and higher usage limits, with pricing varying based on factors such as the number of users, storage, and support needs.

  15. Object Oriented Input System
  16. Top Gaming Apps - Object Oriented Input SystemThe Object Oriented Input System (OIS) is a cross-platform, open-source input library specifically designed for managing various input devices in video game development. It simplifies the handling of input from devices like keyboards, mice, and joysticks, providing developers with a consistent interface to manage input across different platforms. Key Features
    • Device Abstraction: Abstracts input devices into a unified interface, simplifying their management.
    • Cross-Platform: Works seamlessly across multiple platforms and operating systems.
    • Input Handling: Manages input from keyboards, mice, gamepads, joysticks, and other devices.
    • Event-Driven System: Utilizes an event-based system to handle input, making it responsive and efficient.
    • Customizable: Offers customization options to tailor input handling to specific game requirements.
    • Simplifies the handling of input devices, providing a consistent interface across platforms.
    • Cross-platform compatibility ensures uniform input behavior across different operating systems.
    • Supports various input devices commonly used in gaming, enhancing versatility.
    • Might have a learning curve for developers new to input system libraries.
    • As with any library, occasional bugs or compatibility issues might arise.
    PricingFree, open-source software

  17. Helix Core
  18. Best Cloud Gaming Apps - Helix CoreHelix Core, formerly known as Perforce Helix, is a version control and collaboration platform tailored for managing large-scale projects, particularly in software development, game development, and other industries requiring extensive versioning and asset management.Key Features
    • Version Control: Manages and tracks changes to files, enabling collaboration among teams.
    • Scalability: Designed to handle large-scale projects and diverse file types efficiently.
    • Artifact Management: Tracks and manages digital assets, including code, binaries, multimedia files, and more.
    • Security: Offers robust access controls, ensuring data security and compliance.
    • Integration: Integrates with various development tools, IDEs, and workflows for seamless collaboration.
    • High-performance version control for handling large repositories and complex projects.
    • Versatility in managing different types of files, including multimedia assets.
    • Scalability and reliability, accommodating the needs of enterprise-level projects.
    • Comprehensive access controls and security features.
    • Might have a steeper learning curve compared to simpler version control systems.
    • Licensing costs might be a consideration for smaller teams or projects.
    • Requires server setup and maintenance for self-hosted installations.
    PricingHelix Core's pricing structure often involves licensing based on the number of users or seats, the scale of usage, and additional features or support required.

  19. Bitbucket
  20. Best Gaming App - BitbucketBitbucket is a web-based platform for version control using Git and Mercurial repositories. It offers a collaborative environment for software development teams, allowing them to manage their code repositories, track changes, collaborate on projects, and deploy code. Here's an overview:Key Features
    • Version Control: Supports both Git and Mercurial version control systems for code management.
    • Code Collaboration: Facilitates collaboration among team members through pull requests, code review tools, and inline commenting.
    • Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD): Integrates with CI/CD tools to automate the build, test, and deployment processes.
    • Project Management: Provides tools for issue tracking, project management, and wikis to organize and document projects.
    • Integration: Offers integration with various third-party services and development tools.
    • User-friendly interface for managing code repositories and collaborating on projects.
    • Integration with CI/CD tools streamlines development workflows.
    • Supports both Git and Mercurial version control systems.
    • Part of the Atlassian suite, allowing for seamless integration with other Atlassian products like Jira and Trello.
    • Limited free tier for private repositories compared to some other version control platforms.
    • Larger teams or enterprises might find pricing plans expensive for extensive usage.
    • Occasional performance issues reported during peak usage times.
    PricingBitbucket offers various pricing plans based on the number of users and whether the repositories are public or private.

  21. GameAnalytics
  22. Best Gaming Software - GameAnalyticsGameAnalytics is a comprehensive analytics platform tailored for game developers, offering tools and insights to analyze player behavior, optimize game performance, and enhance player engagement. Key Features
    • Player Behavior Analysis: Tracks player interactions, behaviors, and progression within games.
    • Performance Metrics: Provides detailed metrics on game performance, retention, and monetization.
    • Custom Events and Metrics: Allows developers to define and track custom events for specific game interactions.
    • Real-time Reporting: Offers real-time data and customizable dashboards for immediate insights.
    • Player Segmentation: Enables segmentation of players based on behavior for targeted analysis.
    • Simplifies tracking and understanding player behavior and engagement within games.
    • Real-time reporting for immediate insights into game performance.
    • Customizable event tracking tailored to specific game interactions.
    • Offers free tiers or plans for indie developers with limited features.
    • Larger-scale analytics might require premium plans, which could be expensive for some developers or studios.
    • Can be overwhelming for beginners due to the depth of analytics and metrics available.
    PricingGameAnalytics provides various pricing tiers, including free plans with limited features for smaller-scale games or indie developers. Paid plans offer expanded features, higher data limits, and more advanced analytics tools. Prices are typically based on factors like the number of monthly active users (MAUs) or data retention requirements.

  23. Google Gaming
  24. Top Gaming Apps & Software - Google GamingGoogle Gaming encompasses a wide range of gaming-related initiatives and services offered by Google, spanning from game development tools, platforms, cloud services, and gaming hardware to the distribution of games and gaming content.Key Components
    • Google Play Games: Google's gaming platform for Android devices, offering features like achievements, leaderboards, and multiplayer capabilities for mobile games.
    • Stadia: Google's cloud gaming service that allows users to stream and play video games across various devices without the need for high-end hardware.
    • Google Cloud for Game Developers: Google Cloud Platform provides game developers with tools for hosting, scaling, and optimizing game infrastructure and services.
    • Google Play Store: The primary distribution platform for Android games, where developers can publish and distribute their games to a vast audience.
    • Google Play Pass: A subscription service providing access to a collection of premium apps and games on the Play Store without ads or in-app purchases.
    • YouTube Gaming: A platform within YouTube dedicated to gaming content, including live streams, game reviews, walkthroughs, and esports.
    • Diverse ecosystem offering tools and services for game development, distribution, and streaming.
    • Stadia's cloud gaming technology provides access to high-quality gaming experiences across devices.
    • Google Cloud's robust infrastructure supports game developers with scalable and reliable solutions.
    • Stadia's initial launch faced challenges with game library, performance, and market penetration compared to established gaming platforms.
    • Competition in the gaming industry is fierce, with established players like PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms.
    PricingGoogle offers various gaming-related services and products under its Google Cloud platform, each with its own pricing structure based on usage, features, and resources consumed.

  25. ThinkGaming
  26. Gaming Software List - ThinkGamingThinkGaming is a data analytics platform specifically designed for the mobile gaming industry. It provides insights and data-driven solutions to help mobile game developers and publishers make informed decisions regarding monetization strategies, user acquisition, and game performance. Key Features
    • Revenue Tracking: Monitors and analyzes revenue metrics, including in-app purchases and ad revenue, to assess game profitability.
    • User Acquisition Analysis: Provides insights into user acquisition channels, allowing developers to optimize marketing strategies.
    • Performance Metrics: Tracks and analyzes key performance indicators (KPIs) such as retention rates, session lengths, and engagement metrics.
    • Competitive Insights: Offers information on competitor performance and market trends within the mobile gaming industry.
    • Custom Reporting: Provides customizable reporting and dashboards tailored to specific game metrics and goals.
    • Offers detailed analytics and insights into various aspects of mobile game performance.
    • Helps developers make data-driven decisions for user acquisition and monetization strategies.
    • Provides competitive intelligence to understand market trends and competitors' performance.
    • Customizable reporting for specific metrics and analysis requirements.
    • Might have a learning curve for users unfamiliar with analytics platforms.
    • Pricing might be a concern for smaller game developers or studios.
    PricingThinkGaming's pricing structure typically includes subscription-based plans tailored to the needs and scale of individual developers or publishers. Pricing may be based on factors such as the number of tracked apps, data retention, and access to specific features or data insights.

  27. Allegro library
  28. Free Gaming Software & Apps - Allegro libraryThe Allegro library is a popular, open-source software library primarily used for game development and multimedia applications. It provides various functionalities to simplify the creation of 2D games, graphics, audio, and input handling across multiple platforms. Key Features
    • Graphics and Rendering: Supports 2D graphics rendering, including primitives, bitmaps, and animations.
    • Input Handling: Manages keyboard, mouse, joystick, and other input devices for game interaction.
    • Audio Support: Allows for playing and manipulating audio files and sound effects.
    • Cross-Platform: Offers cross-platform compatibility across Windows, macOS, Linux, and other platforms.
    • Community Support: Benefits from an active community contributing to its development and resources.
    • Versatile and easy-to-use library for creating 2D games and multimedia applications.
    • Cross-platform support enables development on various operating systems.
    • Active community and documentation provide ample resources and support.
    • Might have limitations for more complex or advanced 3D game development.
    • Learning curve for beginners in game development or programming.
    • As with any open-source project, occasional bugs or compatibility issues might arise.
    PricingFree, open-source platform

  29. Celtx
  30. Best Gaming Tools - CeltxCeltx is a versatile and collaborative platform designed to assist in the pre-production phase of film, video, and multimedia projects. It provides a range of tools for scriptwriting, storyboarding, scheduling, and other pre-production tasks. Key Features
    • Scriptwriting: Offers a dedicated interface for writing scripts, supporting various formats (screenplays, stage plays, comic scripts, etc.).
    • Storyboarding: Provides tools for creating visual storyboards, enabling visualization of scenes and shots.
    • Production Planning: Helps in scheduling, budgeting, and managing production logistics.
    • Collaboration: Facilitates team collaboration and sharing of project files among team members.
    • Media Integration: Allows the incorporation of multimedia elements like images, audio, and video into projects.
    • Pros
      • Streamlines the pre-production process for film, video, and multimedia projects.
      • Collaboration tools enhance teamwork among creative professionals.
      • Versatile tools for scriptwriting and storyboard creation.
      • Offers a free version with basic functionalities.
      • Advanced features might require subscription to premium plans.
      • While versatile, some users may prefer more specialized software for specific tasks.
      • May have a learning curve for new users transitioning from other pre-production tools.
      PricingCeltx typically offers a free version with basic functionalities. They also have subscription-based plans that provide additional features and support for more extensive projects or teams. Pricing details vary based on the plan, the number of users, and the scale of usage.

How to Choose the Top Gaming App?

Looking for the ultimate gaming app? Finding the perfect one involves considering preferences, features, and community support. From platform compatibility to developer reputation, navigating these aspects is key. Delve into seven crucial factors to discover your ideal gaming experience in the vast world of gaming apps.
  1. Identify Gaming Preferences: Determine your gaming preferences, whether it's genre-specific, multiplayer, story-driven, or casual gaming, to align with apps catering to those interests.
  2. Platform Compatibility: Consider the platform or devices you use for gaming. Choose apps available on your preferred operating systems, whether it's mobile, PC, console, or cloud-based platforms.
  3. Features & Functionality: Look for apps that offer the specific features you desire, such as multiplayer capabilities, in-app purchases, social integration, or content creation tools like mods or level editors.
  4. User Reviews & Ratings: Check user reviews and ratings to understand the app's performance, user experience, and reliability. Pay attention to feedback regarding bugs, updates, and customer support.
  5. Monetization Model: Assess the app's monetization model. Some apps are free-to-play with in-app purchases, while others might require an upfront purchase or subscription. Choose a model that aligns with your preferences.
  6. Developer Reputation & Updates: Research the developer's reputation and track record. Look for apps that receive frequent updates, indicating active development and support for bug fixes and new features.
  7. Community & Support: Consider the app's community engagement and support channels. A strong community can enhance the gaming experience, while robust support ensures assistance in case of issues or queries.


Choosing the right gaming app is a personal journey that blends preferences, functionality, and community engagement. By weighing platform compatibility, features, and user feedback, one can navigate the diverse landscape of gaming apps. Remember, the ideal choice aligns with gaming style, supported devices, and the developer's commitment. In this dynamic realm, a well-informed decision based on user reviews, monetization models, and active developer support ensures a fulfilling gaming experience. Embrace these criteria as guiding lights to unearth the top gaming app tailored to your gaming aspirations and preferences in this vibrant and ever-evolving gaming ecosystem.

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