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Top 10 Content Curation Tools That Superstar Digital Marketers Swear By

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Content curation makes your blog more interesting. Your blog gets more impressive when you not only post content you create but also curate. Content curation allows you to select the best and most suitable articles and reproduce them.10 Most Useful Content Curation Tools - Appy PieThe most significant part of curation tools is data and statistics that make your content more engaging. Consider the use of content curation tools as a value addition for readers who know you would not only provide them with your valuable opinion and expertise but give accurate information about what other influential thinkers are saying.

Best Content Curation Tools

  1. Flipboard
  2. Flipboard is available both as a mobile app and a desktop version. It is a magazine-style content curation software that has been around for quite long and has evolved into a mature platform. 10 Most Useful Content Curation Tools - Appy PieTo an extent, Flipboard is quite similar to Pinterest, and you can choose the option to be open to the public. If you can demonstrate the ability for collecting interesting stories that are worth a read, your fanbase would grow. Your Flipboard page would also include links to your own site and blog generating traffic.Elink makes it easy to follow blogs and track news stories from a single window. You can save anything from images to videos and even cloud documents. It is available as a Chrome extension and can be used on the go as you browse.10 Most Useful Content Curation Tools - Appy PieElink allows you to thoroughly search and tag what you have saved so that you can find it later at your convenience. It is ideal for those who wish to use a content curation software without too many complex options to wade through.

  3. Sniply
  4. Sniply sneaks in a CTA and helps in conversion through curation. It is quite a smart approach. Whenever a user is reading the redirected URL, they can see a call to action for your site.10 Most Useful Content Curation Tools - Appy PieIt is also a URL Shortener, and you can share the Sniply link of any blog page on your site. The Chrome extension is handy and makes it easy for you to use its features right from your browser. The premium features of Sniply include a detailed analytics dashboard that displays the number of clicks and conversions, A/B testing, and integration with various apps such as Hootsuite, MailChimp and Buffer.

  5. Scoop.it
  6. Scoop.it is widely regarded as one of the best content curation tools. It doubles up as a social media platform. You can use this free tool to find interesting and relevant articles. Plus, you can connect with users who have the same set of interests. 10 Most Useful Content Curation Tools - Appy PieScoop.it has an intuitive interface that makes it particularly easy to use. The downside of Scoop.it is that it takes a lot of time to configure perfectly because of the overload of functionalities.

  7. Pocket
  8. Among the free content curation tools Pocket is an excellent choice. It literally works as a pocket allowing you to save any URL that you find interesting for use later on.10 Most Useful Content Curation Tools - Appy PieThe stone age way of doing this would be to send yourself countless emails. With Pocket, it is just a matter of click and save. It also integrates with other essential productivity apps like Evernote.

  9. PublishThis
  10. PublishThis brands itself as a content mixer. With its multiple functionalities, it enables you to write your own content, mix in content from the web, and publish on your blog or social media.10 Most Useful Content Curation Tools - Appy PieIt is a great curation tool with a single window design which is perfect if you want to create content. With its own search engine algorithm, it finds the best material for your article from your search keywords. PublishThis not only looks at the text but also looks for suitable images and videos. It is available as a plugin for CMS, such as WordPress making it ideal for managing large commercial websites.

  11. Feedly
  12. Think of Feedly as an RSS reader on steroids. It can be integrated into all the popular browsers and takes news aggregation to the next level. One of the better free content curation tools, Feedly allows you to track one hundred sources without any cost. For more, you need to upgrade to the Pro version.10 Most Useful Content Curation Tools - Appy PieIt is a well thought out content compilation tool that allows the user to browse through a variety of topics and articles without losing track of their navigational journey. You could also browse through relevant YouTube videos from inside Feedly. /li>

  13. UpContent
  14. UpContent is a tool for professionals. You have to set up an account and select your interests from the dashboard. The tool seamlessly allows you to perform content discovery and share content across all of your social media accounts. It integrates very easily with HubSpot.10 Most Useful Content Curation Tools - Appy Pie

  15. Twitter Lists
  16. Here’s a Twitter feature you may not be familiar with. It is possible to organize your Twitter feed into subdomains known as lists.
    • Click on Profile and scroll to Lists – Create a List.
    • Enter a name for your new list and save it.
    • Go to your Following page, right-click and add the profile to one of the lists.
    • You could organize the lists as friends, political, news, sports, tech, etc.
    This helps bring much-needed sanity to the deluge of tweets.10 Most Useful Content Curation Tools - Appy Pie

  17. The Old Reader
  18. Here’s an alternative to Feedly that compares well in design and is packed with useful features. Like Feedly, it is free to track up to one hundred sources. However, its paid plan, at $3 per month is highly affordable. The Old Reader supports 17 different languages and can create a feed from URLs if the site does not support RSS. 10 Most Useful Content Curation Tools - Appy Pie


If you are a complete beginner, a free tool like Flipboard is invaluable for making exciting content. However, if you are more seasoned, there are multiple options for you to explore. Regardless of your editorial approach, content curation must be an integral part of your work. It helps establish your web property as dependable, well informed, and authentic. Do you have a blog, you want more people to read? Here’s an idea for you! Convert your blog into an app, and make sure that your readers do not miss out on all that amazing content you are creating for them. Appy Pie AppMakr lets you do it in a jiffy, and that too without any coding!

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