Give your readers more choices to interact with your site by turning your WordPress Blog or Site into an App with Appy Pie’s WordPress Blog App Builder. Creating an app for your WordPress blog or site with our app builder is as easy as pie.

Here’s how you can convert your WordPress Blog or Site into an app in just 3 steps:


  1. Choose compelling design template
  2. Simply drag and drop your desired features
  3. Click ‘Build’ button, and your app is ready to bring you more

It’s just a matter of minutes, and you are ready to reach your customers hearts-and-pockets with your own WordPress app. Publish the app on various app stores, Google Play, iTunes, and others, promote it globally and gain new customers. Send weekly updates, discount coupons, newsletters, etc., and provide a unique user experience like never before.

The WordPress app created using Appy Pie’s WordPress Blog app builder allows you:

  • Write, edit, and publish posts from anywhere at any point in time
  • Check stats even on the go
  • Keep a constant eye on user behavior
  • Make changes to your blog or website directly from the app
  • Push notifications, text messages, and emails
  • Monetize your app using Ad service offered by different providers
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