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How to Design a Good Business Card? [Tips & Tricks]

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on November 6th, 2023 1:00 pm | 4-min read

The world is slowly becoming ‘paperless’. Despite our best efforts to go paperless, business cards remain an important mainstay for most businesses. Business cards have been around for long enough that their shape and structure is mostly standardized.

However, business card designs continue to evolve with more exciting designs being created each day. In our blog, we will discuss various tips and tricks to keep in mind while designing a business card. But before starting that, here’s an infographic!Design Business Card - Appy PieNot all business cards are designed equal. Most business cards are printed as simple standard cards. While it’s relatively cheap to have your business cards made this way, but these cards may not be an accurate representation of your brand. Business cards can be a good way to market your business that is why you should always dedicate proper time while designing your business cards. Creating your own business card brings you an opportunity to create a design that stands out. Designing an effective business card can be overwhelming. But let’s make it easier. Here are 6 tips to remember before you start designing your business card.

6 Tips to Remember Before Designing a Business Card

  1. Basic Design Principles
  2. A business card is a piece of printed paper. Hence, the basic principles used while printing something on paper apply to business cards too. Remember to keep all key information and graphics within 5mm from the trim edge. Always work at 300 dpi for better image reproduction and ensure that you choose readable text size. Card designs should be done in CMYK(Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) color schemes instead of RGB. You can check out Appy Pie’s Color Wheel to try out the various combinations of colors with the help of color wheel.

  3. Understand Your Business
  4. Before you start designing your card, understand your business. Your card is a reflection of your business and it should be clearly understood from your business card. For example, a tailoring business with a cloth finish on its business card makes sense but it won’t work for a woodworking business. Everything from the material of the card to the font you use depends on the type of your business.

  5. Add Graphics and Logos First
  6. Whenever you start designing a business card, the first step is to add relevant graphics and logo. Avoid adding text first. Incorporating a generated dynamic QR code into your logo will also elevate your branding. This is one of the few mistakes made by many first-time card designers. There are many other mistakes which need to be avoided. We recommend you check out our blog on the 13 graphic design mistakes you should avoid.

  7. What Text You Should Add
  8. Business cards have limited space to add text. The text you add depends on what you want to add to your business card. However, ensure that you don’t forget to add the important information in your business card. Here is list of content you should always include in your business card:
    • Name
    • Company Name
    • Job Title
    • Number/Email/Website URL
    • Social Media Details
    • Slogan
    Apart from this, you can add text which suits your business. Funny one liners can be a good way to spice up your business cards.

  9. Typography and Color
  10. Typography, font and color can go a long way in enhancing the design of your business card. You’ll have to experiment with various fonts to finalize the one which looks best with your design. You can add multiple fonts to your business card. As for color, ensure that the color you use matches your brand. It’s always easier to color balance if you use your brand colors in your business card.

  11. Finish
  12. The finish of your business card can vary as per your design. Most business cards are printed on paper but depending on your choice, there are various other materials that can be used to enhance your business card. Business cards can be made with cloth, wood, metal and plastic. Choose the material that best fits your design before you go to the printing phase.

How to Design Your Business Card?

Most people would recommend you to learn a graphic design software like Photoshop to create your business card. However, learning complex graphic design software takes a lot of time and effort. The better way to design your business card is to choose a simpler tool. And there is a simpler tool that you can use. Appy Pie Design offers you a free business card maker tool. The business card maker from Appy Pie is a template-based card designing tool that allows you to create a variety of business cards. It is designed to be user friendly and can be used by anyone to create their business card. You can select from an assorted list of over 100 different templates and then customize them the way you want to get the perfect business card for your business. Begin creating your business card with Appy Pie Business Card Maker today!


The most important tip has been saved for last. To get the right business card for your business, you must experiment and see what works. Create at least 4 to 5 different designs and ask your customers what their favorite one is. Creating your own business card gives you the freedom to experiment with it. Start experimenting and create a business card for your business today!Leave a comment if you feel that we’ve missed something related to business cards and we’ll add it to this blog. Let’s turn this blog into a knowledge resource together! Have a nice day!

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