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7 Best Business Card Scanner Apps of 2022

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on December 29th, 2022 10:14 am | 4-min read
Best Business Card Scanner Apps - Appy Pie

In this post, we are going to talk about Business Card Maker, how they can help and the best business card scanner apps to use in 2021.

It may be a digital era, but business cards are still critical for smart business networking. When you meet someone in an office, at a conference, or go to an event to pitch your product, it is important that you establish memorable connections. One of the most effective ways to do this is to exchange business cards.

However, we cannot ignore the fact that most of our address books are digital. Collecting all those business cards and then manually adding all of them into your smartphone is a tedious job, and no one has the time for it.

This is where, business card scanner apps come in.

Best Business Card scanner apps in 2021 - Appy Pie

Business card reader apps or business card scanner apps can help reduce the manual work to a greater extent. These card scanner apps work with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology and use the camera in your smartphone to scan the business cards. All of these details are then automatically added as a contact in your smartphone.

Here are the 7 best business card scanner apps.

  1. ScanBizCards

    Best Business Card Scanner Apps - Appy Pie

    Best for: CRM Integrations and capturing B2B leads at events
    Platform: iOS, Android
    Price: Free individual plans, $100 yearly team subscriptions (team size – up to 50)

    As a business owner of any scale or size, it is natural that you are keeping track of all your customer interactions and driving sales growth using a good CRM system. This is the reason why ScanBizCards has made it to the top of the list.

    The app automatically stores the scanned contact information directly to the CRM systems. Though the app is primarily targeted at enterprises, it can still be used by individuals. This business card app lets you scan unlimited business cards, which can then be added to an existing contact or saved as new ones.

  2. ABBYY

    Best Business Card Scanner Apps - Appy Pie

    Best for: Multilingual business card scanning in record time
    Platform: iOS, Android, Web
    Price: Free

    They are the leaders in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology and have a diverse range of language-based software products and services. With its foundation in multi-lingual products, ABBYY is considered the best business card scanner app when you are dealing with a global network.

    This unique business card app lets you to scan text from 25 different languages. However, what makes the app even more impressive, is the feature that lets you scan multi-lingual business cards that have up to 3 languages on it.

  3. Evernote

    Best Business Card Scanner Apps - Appy Pie

    Best for: Capturing information from online services and keeping all documents in one safe space
    Platform: iOS, Android, Web
    Price: Free, Premium version starts from $7.99 per month

    Evernote needs no introduction in the digital note-taking service industry. This versatile app lets you organize all the information you want to collect in an efficient manner and archive it. The reason why this app made it in the list of best business card apps is because it has a pretty nifty business card scanning feature available in their paid version.

    Like other popular business card scanner apps, Evernote also works with the smartphone camera, scanning a business card and saving it to your Evernote account. These contacts are easily shareable, making coordination smooth.

  4. Microsoft OneNote

    Best Business Card Scanner Apps - Appy Pie

    Best for: Microsoft users
    Platform: iOS, Android, Web
    Price: Part of Office 365

    OneNote is the Microsoft alternative to Evernote and works particularly great as a companion to Microsoft Office Lens app. It lets you scan business cards or any other documents and save them on OneNote notebook for no additional cost.

    If you are using a Mac or Windows desktop, you can add it to your desktop by simply right-clicking on the business card scans in OneNote and copying them. This is a great alternative for people who prefer using Microsoft Office.

  5. BizConnect

    Best for: Multiple card scanning, exporting transcribed data
    Platform: Android and iOS
    Price: Free

    Bizconnect is an excellent and affordable business card transcription service. A leading provider of business card transcription, Bizconnect provides one of the most intuitive interfaces for a business card scanning application. This free business card scanner app can transcribe data from multiple business cards and automatically export them to the spreadsheets of your choice.

    It provides excellent team management capabilities and even helps create sales reports for your card scanning necessities. Bizconnect is well-suited to the sales, marketing and HR departments of a company.

  6. Sansan

    Best Business Card Scanner Apps - Appy Pie

    Best for: Enterprise and company-wide business card scanning
    Platform: iOS, Android, Web
    Price: Free, with custom pricing options

    This business card app is designed particularly to streamline business card contact management for big enterprises. Sansan is great for someone who wants an enterprise solution for turning physical business cards into the digital format letting teams scan and save these uploads directly to the cloud.

    This business card scanner app lets the organizations develop and maintain an organized database for the entire team. The app is of great value as it offers a cloud-based contact management system for corporates with the same name.

  7. CamCard

    Best Business Card Scanner Apps - Appy Pie

    Best for: Keeping all the contact info updated
    Platform: iOS, Android, Web
    Price: Free, with Paid plan options

    As a business card scanner app, CamCard is particularly popular because of their rich feature set and intuitive user interface. Using CamCard, you can digitize and manage all the business card contacts with great ease. You can not only store the contact information from these scanned business cards in your smartphone, but can also exchange them with others without leaving the app.

    It can be tough to keep track of the reason or the person you received the business card from. CamCard makes it possible for you to add notes and reminders to contacts. With the batch scanning feature, you can scan business cards in bulk. The information on business cards is stored safely in the cloud and synchronized across multiple devices so that you can access all the information from a device of your choice.

  8. CardHQ

    Best Business Card Scanner Apps - Appy Pie

    Best for: Lightweight and quick business card scanning
    Platform: iOS, Android
    Price: Free

    One of the most lightweight business card scanning apps, CardHQ is packed with a long list of features. It lets you scan an unlimited number of cards and takes under three seconds to scan a business card. This free business card scanner app is quite accurate in detecting text and lets you easily share the cards through multiple media, including email, WhatsApp or other popular social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

    Some other features that make this business card scanner app valuable include bulk scanning of business cards, take a backup, simple UI, supports multiple languages, one touch instant search, and more. It is this barrage of features that makes CardHQ the best free business card scanner app.


The idea behind getting a good visiting card scanner app is to make sure that you are well prepared before you go and attend an important event. You can simply Google business card scanner apps and you would see multiple options pop up. This post lists out the best business card scanner apps that will work for you whether you are looking for iPhone business card scanners or a business card scanner for Android.

You can find many great business card apps for free, but the main idea here is to look for one that satisfies your purpose. Have you used any of these business card scanner apps? Which one do you like using the most? Is your favorite app missing from the list? Let me know in the comments section, I’d love to know what you think of this post!

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