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Best Trello power ups for project management and productivity

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One of the most powerful project management tools, Trello, is known for its scalability and user-friendly interface. Trello can work for you as a simple Kanban board, letting you visualize your tasks and track progress efficiently.

Once you have the basics down and plan to move on to more advanced options, you should explore the possibilities of using Trello power-ups to expand the possibilities of expanding the functionalities of the platform.

Yet another way to boost Trello is through workflow automation using meaningful Trello integrations with thousands of other applications available on Appy Pie Connect.


As we mentioned earlier, Trello, at its most basic, is a simple project management software based on the Kanban methodology, which is great for personal project management. However, as you move to more complex projects for business or professional project management, you can explore the rich library of Trello power-ups to get the features you want to use in your project management app. The best Trello power-ups can help you with a number of functionalities like time tracking, automation, a built-in voting feature, and more!

What makes these power-ups even more lucrative is that you can use any number of power-ups, even in the free versions of Trello!

What are Trello Power-Ups?

In simple terms, Trello power-ups are apps you can add to your Trello boards and enable new functionalities. Trello lets you add and use as many features as you want as power-ups. But, if you don’t need any of those features, you can choose not to enable the power-ups, and you still get access to your simple and basic Trello application.

Best power-ups for Trello

We have discussed Trello as an app and how it can be scaled up using power-ups. Now let’s talk about the best power-ups you can use to ensure that your project management game is top-notch.

  1. Calendar
  2. At 10,000,000+ users, Calendar is easily the most popular Trello power-up. Calendar lets you add all your project and task due dates in one common space so that you can visualize all your deadlines in one place, and nothing slips through the crack. This naturally makes the processes more intentional and efficient.

  3. Card priority
  4. As the name indicates, Card Priority, a free power-up from Trello, lets you prioritize all your cards. The power-up lets you create custom priority names and then sort the view according to them. As you can see the priority, even on the front of the card, the overall visual information is easier to grasp at a glance.

  5. SendBoard
  6. SendBoard is an email help desk power-up that can be integrated into Trello boards. Once you connect a shared email address using SendBoard, your entire team will be able to send and receive emails from that email address. To make matters simpler, all the new emails come to you in the form of cards, and you can read and reply to them from within Trello. The power-up offers a rich-text email editor, custom email addresses, signatures, and templates.

  7. Card Aging
  8. Card Aging lets you see all the recent activity or absence of activity on your Trello cards. As cards become inactive, they will begin fading, depending on how long it’s been since they were last updated. Just for some fun, there is a Pirate Mode, upon activating which, your cards will age like a treasure map that was left above decks during a nor’easter.

  9. Pomorello
  10. Pomorello brings the wildly successful productivity technique - Pomodoro technique. It involves focusing on work for a 25-minute period followed by a 5-minute break or distraction period. Pomorello is great for making your Trello experience more productive. This is a great way to bring in deep focus and finish working on some of the cards. You only need to install the Pomorello power-up and start your first 25-minute session of work, followed by a 5-minute break.

Top Trello integrations

Trello is one of the most efficient and popular project management platforms, and its ease of use, scalability, and flexibility are the major reasons for this popularity. The secret of making Trello work in the best possible way for more complex projects is implementing workflow automation through meaningful integrations using Appy Pie Connect.

Here is a list of the best Trello integrations:


In the blog above, we have talked in depth about the power of Trello and how you can boost it with power-ups. Apart from listing out the best power-ups you can use to improve the functionality of the app, we have also touched upon introducing workflow automation through meaningful app integrations on Appy Pie Connect.

Though to most tech novices, automation and integration may seem to be complex processes, Appy Pie Connect has made it possible to accomplish it all without any programming knowledge. You only need to select the two desired apps before choosing the relevant triggers and actions and implementing smooth integrations for desired results.

Now that you know how easy it is, it is time to try your hand at automation with Appy Pie Connect

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