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How to get your app published to the iOS store?

Aasif Khan
By Aasif Khan | Last Updated on February 21st, 2024 10:03 am

App Builder Appy Pie, Mar 17: The world has finally woken up to the app mania. Apps are becoming a way of life. Be it health, happiness, entertainment, knowledge or wealth – there is an app for a million such categories and they are millions of each being made everyday. We don’t need more proof that apps are in and they have become a rage, much like a fire, engulfing every bit of human existence. However, like every little fairy tale with its own set of twists and turns, this awe-inspiring App glory has a flip side too. The App store review process. Many a times, entrepreneurs have developed apps only to figure out that they are not designed to meet the stringent iOS store guidelines. If these developers could be helped with a set of comprehensive guidelines, to help with the store review process, they would be more than happy to get them. So we decided to go a step further and offer our users a few design guidelines to help them pass through the review with least resistance. We also suggest you make use of our No.1 App Builder Appy Pie to make your app design compliant with the prescribed guidelines, with minimum effort. We can also help you with the publishing of the app on the App stores, if you give us the mandate. Visit our website to make a great looking app in less than a few minutes. Here are a few guidelines to help you with the app design to make it iOS store compliant: Points and Pixels You must ensure that you always design in pixels. Even if this means you need to do all your thinking in points, since they are the units of space that make up the display. Higher pixel density ensures high-resolution images, so design should always talk in pixels. Though knowledge of pixel/point ratio is also important while designing the app. Icon Matters An icon is your brand image and stays with the user forever. Since the users click on the icon every-time to use the app, it something that should symbolic of your product or service. Apple does not provide any template for shapes. So, you could use any of the templates that are freely available online or get one custom designed in tune with your logo. Paint it Right There is a lot of research to prove the effect of each color on the human mind. Most marketers give serious thought to the use of specific colors in their logo. And from it follow their brand guidelines. The colors chosen would have an effect on the overall design and also the app icons.So one needs to make sure they get the color scheme right to ensure customer delight. Raise the Bar Unlike its usage of setting standards, here the need is literal, to create the bars right. Keeping in mind a delightful customer UI, the menu bars need to be centered, with “Back” button on the left and the additional options placed on the right. Get your app looking piping ready for the iOS App Store. Contact us now If you have a great idea you too can give it a shot. You can also create your own iOS App in a matter of minutes with the awesome App Builder Appy Pie. You need no coding skills – just a great idea, a dash of creativity and less than 10 minutes of time- to create that unique iOS App. So let those creative juices flow- try out our Appy Pie App builder – NOW!!

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