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How to Make the Best Website Header Design?

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on January 5th, 2023 10:22 am | 6-min read
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“A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s not that good”

According to the research publications of Google, it hardly takes 50 milliseconds for a user to form an opinion about a website while some of the opinions develop in only 17 milliseconds. In the present era of digitization, every business is striving to strengthen its online presence. And the first step of doing that is to design an impressive business website.

Any business website is divided into three major parts-header, body, and footer. These three parts must be carefully planned and designed to create a lasting impression on the website visitor’s mind. In this blog, we will help you understand how to make the best website header design.

Before reading ahead, let us learn why header design for a website must be created after the proper research. Along with it, let us check out some other interesting facts related to website header designs in this infographic.

Website Header - Appy Pie

What is a Website Header?

A website header is the top-most section of any web page, especially the homepage of the website. It provides basic information about your business like about your team, services, or products, contact details, and much more. The standard website header design contains a logo, a call to action button, and contact information. The website header aims to offer important details of the brand to users within seconds.

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Why Website Header is Important to Your Website?

Any website is basically divided into header, footer, and main body. The website header design must be carefully decided as it is highly important to set the tone of your brand. Let us learn a few other reasons to understand why a website header is essential.

  • Makes easier for visitors to scan various pages for information
  • Helps in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and ranking your page higher on web
  • Provides a general overview of your brand
  • Gives structure to webpages of the website
  • Eases of accessibility of website to users
  • Boosts lead generation
  • Increases conversion rates

What to Include in the Website Header?

The header of the website aims to answer the basic questions like

  • Identity of the brand
  • Goods and services offered
  • Current exciting deals
  • Contact details

As business requirements change, the information mentioned in website design also changes sometimes. However, the basic website header design contains:

  • Elements of brand identity: Logo, brand name and slogan or company statement
  • Search filed
  • Navigational elements
  • Links for interaction like a trial version, install, subscription, etc.
  • Icons for connecting with a social network account
  • Switcher of the languages in case of multi-lingual interface
  • Basic contact information (telephone number, e-mail, etc.)
  • Call to action button

You can add all of the elements or a few of them, as per your business needs. Before finalizing the website header design, make sure there be a balance between the information displayed and their arrangement pattern. Avoid both overloading and underloading of the website header.

How to Make the Best Website Header Design?

The best website header design can create a long-lasting impression on your website visitors and can apparently turn them into your potential clients. It is highly important to perform enough research on website design ideas, website design examples, and other nitty-gritty before designing your own website header design.

You must concentrate on the best practices for designing your website header to attract as many visitors as you can. You can also take the help of the amazing tips mentioned below while making your website header design.

  1. Simplicity
  2. Keeping the website design simple and sober is the mantra to attract visitors and make their experience simple. You must not add too much or too little to your website header. It should be welcoming but not overwhelmed. A simple header helps people feel the essence of your website and not to get distracted. To captivate the attention of your visitors, you must make the website header simple, crisp, and clear. Also, you must choose a color combination that is not too vibrant not too dull for your website header design. It must be simply soothing to the eyes.

  3. Message Conveyance
  4. Your website header design must convey the overall purpose of your business website. The header must be carefully designed to urge the consumer to action, building their trust, engage them, etc. You can add a stunning background image, choose the vibrant colors, font style, bifurcation for adding keywords, etc. to convey your message beautifully.

    To design a suitable background image or any other graphic for your header, you can take the help of Appy Pie Design.

  5. Essential Elements
  6. Along with the basic elements mentioned above, you need to focus on the essential element or the basic motive of your website. For instance, if you are running an e-commerce website, you must add CTA for “Shop”; if you made the website to promote your NGO, you can make the “Donate” button unique or reroute it to the payment page.

  7. Dimensions
  8. You must consider the size of the website header design as per your business requirements. As such, there is not the pre-conceived size of the header, but there is one notion that the website header must be effective for every screen size. Make sure whichever size you choose; it must have a crisp and clear arrangement of elements.

  9. Choice of Font
  10. The best font for the website header is one that is easy to read and clearly visible. With the right font, you can catch the attention of visitors and encourage them to explore your website. Choose the size, design, and color which best suits your color palette and readable at glance. Avoid experimenting too much with fonts and keep it simple for your website header design.

  11. Company’s Logo
  12. A website header is the first thing users look at when they land on the homepage of any website. Thereby, your website header must display your brand identity. And the best way to showcase that is to add your business logo to the header. The website header design must be suitable for the shape and size of your logo. Also, background colors must not reduce the visibility of any part of the business logo. As per the general standards, the round shape logo is the best fitted to the center of the header, and square or rectangular must be placed on the extreme right of the header.

    If you are facing difficulty in creating a logo for your business, you must try Appy Pie’s Logo Maker.

  13. Call-To-Action (CTA)
  14. Call-to-action is essential for a website header. It is generally a one-click button with a button that can route users to the page fulfilling the purpose of your business. For instance, the “Shop Now” button could land your users to the page where they can purchase something for them. CTA button must encourage users to sign up for service, search for services, subscribe, and much more. You must take care of placement of CTA, the keyword mentioned on it, and it’s color.

  15. Navigation
  16. Navigation links are important for your website visitors. There are majorly two styles in which you can arrange your navigation links-hidden navigation menu and hamburger menu. You must compare both the styles and choose the style which best suits your business needs.

    To guide users as they navigate on the menu, you can use the hover effect. Make sure the selected effect is clearly visible and guides efficiently to users. While adding the effects, you must be careful that they are visible to both desktop and mobile screens.

Summing Up

A business website is highly important to maintain your presence digitally. In this era of the no-code platform, you can easily create and design your website as per your business needs.

You must try Appy Pie’s Website Builder and Appy Pie’s Design for making your website and design the best graphics for it. No matter if you lack tech skills, the no-code platforms of Appy Pie allows you to make your website by drag-n-drop functionality. Without any hassle and coding a single line, you can take your business online with Appy Pie.



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