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Apps vs Website: Why Mobile Apps Conversion Rate Higher Than Mobile Web?

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on March 12th, 2022 10:23 am | 4-min read
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In this pandemic era, we are trying to maintain a balance between working from home and working for home. From buying groceries to attending a business call, we are relying on super handy mobile apps, and sometimes on the mobile websites too! Mobile apps like Amazon, Big Basket, Urban Clap, Up Grad, Skype, etc. have become our life buddies.

Since phones get smarter and internet connectivity get better, mobile apps have become an integral part of people’s lives. So, in this era, if any business is not considering the mobile apps as their revenue booster then it might suffer huge loss. Undoubtedly mobile websites can improve your brand visibility, but better conversion rates are noticed within mobile apps. Mobile apps are revolutionizing the ways companies used to engage with their audience. To know more about why mobile apps are better than mobile websites, continue with our Apps vs Website blog.

Before moving further, let us check some important statistics related to the importance of mobile apps for better conversion rates.

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Apps Vs Website: Quick Overview

Before starting any discussion, let us brief basic definition of mobile app and mobile website.
A mobile app is a software, or a program designed to run on mobile devices. Also, it can utilize some features of mobile device like GPS, camera, contact list, make user experience seamless. A mobile app is generally dedicated to a specific service. It can be easily downloaded from App stores and can be used at any time without hassle.

A mobile website is a condensed version of the full desktop website compatible with a mobile device. It can be accessed after a user enters the name of the website in search engines. These websites are responsive and tend to fit on every screen size of mobile phones. A mobile website has become the easiest way to connect with users via mobile devices.

Both mobile apps and mobile websites are compatible with smartphones, but mobile apps have higher conversion rates than mobile websites. There are several challenges associated with the mobile web that can be easily overcome by mobile apps. Let us see how in this Apps vs website battle!

How Mobile Apps Conversion Rate Better Than Mobile Website?

Mobile apps are not only changing the consumers’ lives but helping businesses improve their conversion rates. There are several reasons why mobile apps are becoming the medium for businesses to reach their target audience. Some major reasons are mentioned below:

  1. Better Communication
  2. The more you communicate with your potential leads, the more you can generate revenue for your business. Mobile apps give many opportunities to converse with people. With mobile apps, you can easily make people feel valuable by giving them a personalized touch with the help of push notifications, in-app updates, and 24/7 customer support. You can be available for users and interact with them to resolve their queries. Additionally, you can communicate with visitors to suggest products or services based on their interests, choices, and behavior, thus increasing the chance of a conversion.

  3. Leverage Device Features
  4. As mobile apps are directly installed from App stores to a mobile device, they give you access to certain basic features of users’ smartphones. For instance, you can utilize GPS, Camera, Contact lists, etc. to turn your business app more engaging. Suppose the user wants to upload the bill receipt to get cashback from your app, then the camera feature of the phone can be used to click the photo of hard copy. In this manner, users can have a hassle-free experience with the mobile app, and their chances of returning to your app increase. Mobile apps by leveraging the device features boost up the chances of visitors, subscribers, and users to stay connected with the brand.

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  5. Offline Capabilities
  6. One of the major advantages of a mobile app for your business is its offline capabilities. It can facilitate your users even in low network zone. Undoubtedly, mobile apps require internet connectivity to function, but some features can be accessed offline. For instance, you own a news agency and have an attractive app for users. Users would need internet connectivity to access the latest news headlines. However, you can give them the freedom to read news offline after they download it. Thus, depending on how you set up your app, you can provide as much offline access to your users as you want. Thus, it may result in boosting your conversion rate.

  7. User Preferences
  8. In this digital era, mobile apps consume a major percentage of internet usage. From checking the stock statistics to ordering fruits, users reach to mobile apps. Statistically, if we talk about apps vs website usage, 90% of people’s time spent on using mobile apps and 10% of the usage of the web. So, to maximize conversion and increase your business outreach, you need to create and launch a mobile app for your business. Users prefer mobile apps for a frictionless experience, quick and fast completion of the task. People tend to use a mobile app than a mobile app as it took seconds to reach any brand.

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  9. Loading Speed and Time
  10. In this fast-paced era, just a second delay in loading time can cost you loss of huge revenues. Mobile apps are any day faster than the mobile web. Unlike the mobile web, the user must just click on a small icon of your app to start their journey with your brand. Mobile apps can be easily and quickly opened in no time. Lesser bounce rates and abandonment rates are accompanied by higher conversion rates with mobile apps.

    To know more about app analytics, you can read Mobile App Analytics: Everything You Need to Know!

Summing Up

Thus, it can be briefed about apps vs website future that mobile apps can take your business to all-new levels. If you are thinking that creating an app can be easy, then here is a perfect solution for you! Appy Pie AppMakr lets you develop your business app without even coding a single line. You can add the desired features with easy drag-n-drop action.

Let us know in the comment section if you have still stuck in the battle of Apps vs website!

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