Appy Pie launches Quiz API for creating Quiz, Test & Survey Apps

Mobile app maker Appy Pie launches Quiz API for creating Quiz, Test & Survey Apps. With this API developers will be able to build a lists of questions that they can ask users to answer. These questions can be either a quiz, test or a survey to collect information. Quizzes of all types can be built using this API. Its User-friendly interface makes it stand apart from other app builders in this category.

Online quizzes/tests are essentially exams which users complete online. They offer the advantage of automatically assessing answers and provide the potential for feedback during the session in which the test is completed. They bring a sense of fun and trust to a brand as well as serving as a great educational tool.

Following video demonstrates of how developers can create Quiz, Test & Survey Apps using Appy Pie.

“A Quiz/Trivia is the perfect feature to “gamify” an app. This brings the much-needed viral element to the app by engaging target audience in a fun and playful way with option to share results on Facebook and Twitter“ said Abhinav Girdhar, Founder Appy Pie

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