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7 Reasons Why You Should Opt for No-Code Development

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on July 10th, 2023 10:17 am | 4-min read
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The demand for mobile applications keeps rising every single day. 2020 has been a good year for app development and it continues to maintain strong growth despite everything that’s happening. One of the surprises of 2020 is the rise in no-code development and no-code platforms.

Consistently, through the year, no-code platforms have risen. Appy Pie’s no-code platform AppMakr saw a 198% growth in the first half of 2020. The growth continues as we move into the second half of 2020.

The reason why this drastic growth has been observed has a few very simple reasons. These reasons are compelling enough for you to consider opting for no-code platforms and application development too. Let us explore these reasons in detail. Before we do that, however, here are a few statistics related to no-code application development.

Appy Pie - No-Code App Development

Now that you’re through them, let’s get started with the first and the most important question. What is no-code development?

The answer is quite simple. No-code development is the creation of apps and other essential software without using coding. For example, Appy Pie offers various no-code software such as an app builder, a website builder, and a chatbot builder. All these platforms allow you to create apps, websites, and chatbots without needing to code a single line. You could learn more about what no-code development entails with our blog that will teach you everything you need to know about no-code app development.

Now that you have an idea of what no-code development is, let us dive straight into why you should opt for no-code development for your next business endeavor.

7 Reasons Why You Should Choose No-Code Development

  1. Efficient Use of Internal Resources
  2. Developing applications through external resources and development agencies can be very expensive and challenging. In addition, it is quite restrictive and limiting. When you develop an app from an external agency, you have no access to the backend of the app you’ve developed.

    This is why developing applications internally is important. However, most businesses cannot afford to develop their apps on their own due to the costs involved and the requirement of skilled developers. This is where a no-code development software can help you. They can be learned by anybody and are created to be user-friendly. They can help you utilize your existing resources to the fullest extent while also developing efficient apps.

  3. Easier to Change and Customize
  4. When compared to traditional coding and development, no-code application development gives users a lot of room to customize and change things according to their requirements. With a no-code application, you can change things instantly without worrying about potential bugs.

    This is very helpful for businesses that are always in flux and can help reduce backlogs. This advantage can also translate to app development agencies that can change what they are creating whenever needed. The customizability of a no-code development platform is unmatched.

  5. Faster development and delivery
  6. No-code development can cut down development time. It takes an average of 4 months to develop an app. This time can be even longer for other kinds of software applications.

    A no-code development platform can decrease that time in half or even less depending on the type of application you are creating. The faster you develop your app, the faster you can deploy it or deliver it to the requesting customers.

  7. Cost of Ownership is Less
  8. One of the biggest reasons you should use no-code development platforms is the cost of ownership. Since your app data is stored in a secure cloud, you do not need to spend for the servers, maintenance, or building. All you need to pay for is the software application you are using. This can significantly affect the cost of ownership and can help you save massive amounts of money.

  9. Better ROI and Low Risk
  10. Continuing on the last point, using a no-code development tool is cheaper and is more likely to provide you a better return on your investments. With a no-code app, for example, you can save more than half of the overhead cost required to design a traditional app.

    The better ROI also means that investing in no-code development is a lower risk. In case your application fails, you will likely have saved more money than you would by investing in traditional development.

  11. Easier Learning Curve
  12. No-code development software are designed to be so easy that even a child could use them. In fact, they can. Appy Pie provides a free development course for students to get them accustomed to no-code development. You can try it out for yourself.

  13. Future-Proof Technology
  14. Even Google believes that no-code is the future. They have been experimenting with a no-code platform of their own. If you begin with no-code technology today, you have a chance of being ahead of the curve. The app you create will be future proof and will get better with time.

Where to Begin Trying Out No-Code Development

The answer is simple. Since you’re reading an Appy Pie blog, why don’t you start your no-code development journey with Appy Pie? You can start for free on all our no-code software. Just try it out!


No-code development is a rising force in the development world. One of the fears of the development industry is disruption. And no-code development platforms are potential disruptors of the industry. Eventually, we will move to no code. It is a great time to begin working on your apps through no-code. Start trying it out today!

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