How to Make an iPad App in 3 Easy Steps?

To create your own iPad app, follow these steps:

  1. Select a layout that suits your app

    Customize it to enhance its look and feel.

  2. Drag and Drop the features you want

    Make an iPad app in a matter of minutes.

  3. Go live on Apple App Store instantly

    Stay connected with your users round the clock.

iPad App Maker to Create your own Apple iPad App Without Any Coding

Now you can develop applications for an Apple iPad using Appy Pie’s iOS iPad App Builder. This app maker software will help you build applications for iPad with ease. Creating apps, using this app builder requires no coding. This app creator is based on simple drag and drop operation and allows users to create beautiful applications within minutes.

Apple’s iPad is the most loved tablets available in the market and with the launch of iOS 7, its user-base is only going to increase. So, it is essential for your business to have an application on this platform which offers enormous potential for adding new customers. We, at Appy Pie can assist you in developing your app for iPad and iPad mini as well as assist you with the necessary tools to publish or share your application on Apple Mobile Market App.

Appy Pie’s iOS iPad App builder offers you various premium features to keep your app users engaged with your application. Add features such as Instagram, GrubHub, SoundCloud, social media plug-ins and many others in your application. You can also make use of ‘Push Notifications’ service to provide your customers with the latest news and developments about new products or services from your company.

Updating and modifying your application with Appy Pie’s App maker is very easy, users can easily make changes to their applications and the changes made will reflect on the app within minutes.

Using Appy Pie’ iPad App Builder, you can not only build your own iPad app, but you also have the ability to launch your application on iTunes (Apple’s App Store). Sign up and start developing your iPad app now.

The iPad app maker from Appy Pie is unique and is most favoured by developers because of following reasons:

  • Create an iPad App in Minutes.
  • No Coding Skills Required.
  • iPad Apps get Published & Shared on Apple’s App Store and iTunes Store.
  • Apps can be easily Monetized with Ads, earn from your apps while you sleep.
  • App publishers get real-time App Analytics, make changes to increase the user base of your app.
  • Passbook Coupons for iOS6 & 7 can also be created and shared in the real time.
  • Newsstand apps can be built and shared easily.
  • Use this app maker to enhance the reader’s experience when they read your magazine on their iPad.

Appy Pie is the world’s #1 cloud based iPad App Builder Software because it allows people without any technical knowledge to create advanced applications for iPads. Nothing to download or install, no programming required, just drag & drop and see your application come to life within minutes.

Appy Pie aims to bring iPad app development to small and medium size businesses at a very cost effective price.

Top Frequently Asked Questions

An application developed to function on Apple’s original iPad devices is called an iPad App

Some of the best free iPad apps are

  • Skype for iPad
  • The Weather Channel
  • Netflix
  • Feedly
  • Chrome

Using Appy Pie’s iOS iPad App Builder, you can create an app on iPad. You can later launch your application on iTunes (Apple’s App Store).

Here is how you test you Appy Pie app on iPad

  • Login to Appy Pie
  • On the dashboard click on test app on device
  • Scan the QR code or send app installation link to your device via email or sms
  • You will see a safari pop up
  • Tap on the Safari pop up
  • It will take you to the Safari browser
  • Install The Test Flight app
  • Simply follow the steps and give the required permissions
  • Go back to the safari browser page and install Apple’s Test flight App
  • Click on call to action button Start Testing
  • Once Test App starts installing
  • Enter your registered email id used to create an App on Appy Pie
  • Again click on Start Testing button
  • If happy with the end result go ahead and publish your app to App Store

You can make an ipad app under free trial plan using Appy Pie’s ipad app builder. However, if you want to publish it on App Store, you need to upgrade your app to one of our paid plans. We have different SMB and enterprise plans, which you can check on Appy Pie Pricing.

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