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Europe 8.27 × 11.69 in
United States 3.35 × 4.33 in

A resume or CV is a document that lists your education, work experience, qualifications, and other information that may be relevant to the job you are applying to. This document is typically submitted to a potential employer in support of a job application.

A resume basically gives a brief summary of your skills and experience that is the first thing that the recruiters and employers will look into. Design a crystal clear and precise Resume with Appy Pie’s recommended standard resume size chart.

Points to remember while writing a resume

A resume is one of the important documents that anyone must have along with them to get a job. It is the first thing that is seen by the employer. It gives an insight into the candidate. It is often said that the first impression is the last impression. The same is the case with the resume, so one should make sure that the resume is the best one. To make the resume better one must make sure that they are following all the tips that are given by the experts. Points to remember while writing a resume:

  • Length:
  • One should make sure that the resume is only one page. It should not be more than that. It is ideal to have a length of 1-2 pages. It is not necessary to have a detailed resume.

  • Readablity:
  • One should make sure that the resume is easy to read and understand. Make sure that one should not have any spelling mistakes.

  • Font size:
  • It depends on personal preference and the style of your resume. The standard resume font size is 10 or 11 points. You can also use 12 or 13 points. Avoid using a size that is smaller than 8 points. If it is too small, it will be hard to read.

  • Format:
  • This depends on whether you are submitting your resume online (e.g. a job application form) or whether you are submitting a paper resume. In both cases, it is good to use an online format, as opposed to a word processor. While word processors do allow you to use fonts and colors, it is best to stick to a basic standard format.

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