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Key Features and Benefits of Using a Webinar Registration Bot

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on October 30th, 2023 10:22 am | 4-min read

Online webinars help businesses automate marketing campaigns, increase conversions, generate leads, foster customer loyalty, and much more. Chatbots for webinars can help you automate workflows and deliver a flawless experience to the attendees.

While hosting a webinar online, you can use chatbots to automate various workflows like registering, viewing online, sending updates, testing, collecting feedback, and much more. In this blog, we will help you learn about the chatbot that you can create for your users to register for your webinars online. We will take you through the top benefits and major features of this webinar registration chatbot and help you learn how you can get the best out of it. Let us first understand what a webinar registration chatbot is.

What is a Webinar Registration Bot?

Webinar Registration chatbot is a conversational software that businesses use to help their users register for webinars online. The software can be deployed on B2B blogs and websites. It also gives visitors detailed information and helps them learn more about your webinars. The software can interact with hundreds of website visitors at the same time. It responds to their queries with the relevant answers in real-time and saves them from waiting for a live agent or getting redirected to an FAQs page. Before we go ahead and learn more benefits of using a webinar chatbot, let us check out some major statistics.Appy Pie - Webinar Registration Bot

Top Benefits of Using a Webinar Registration Bot

Here are a few major benefits of using a webinar registration bot.

  1. Gain Attention
  2. An ideal webinar registration bot helps businesses grab the attention of their audience using various effective conversational tactics. This helps businesses convince their website visitors to join web event.

  3. Save Data and Information
  4. A webinar registration bot interacts with website visitors and asks for their basic details like their name, email address, contact number, etc. The bot saves this information in the database that you can use as leads later.

  5. More Signups
  6. Most businesses use webinar chatbots to run various conversational advertisements and Google PPC campaigns. This helps them gain 5x - 15x more signups and registrations when compared to non-conversational registration tools and techniques.

  7. Brand Promotion
  8. A webinar registration bot saves your users from the hassle of waiting in a queue and registering them for an upcoming webinar. This helps you represent a positive image of your brand and connect better with your audience.

  9. Full-Time Availability
  10. Webinar registration chatbots work round the clock and remain available for the users all the time. It helps you boost your webinar registrations by catering to the needs of people from different time zones in real-time.

Major Features of Webinar Registration Chatbot

Here are a few major features that every webinar registration bot must-have.

  1. Simple Registration
  2. A good webinar chatbot has a simple registration process for the users to gather their details and register them for the webinar. The users can register themselves for a webinar just by clicking on the link sent via email.

  3. Send SMS and E-mail
  4. The webinar registration bot helps you send text messages and emails to the users with updates and other necessary information. They also help send registrant details to the webinar organizers using email or text messages.

  5. Email Integration
  6. This is one of the most useful features of an excellent webinar registration bot. Integrating email service with your webinar registration bot helps you send the webinar link to multiple users at a time. You can easily integrate this email service with your registration bot. This way every time a user will show interest in joining the webinar on your chatbot, they will get the link for registration via an email.

  7. OTP verification
  8. The OTP verification feature helps organizers verify the registrants’ credentials by sending them an OTP on their mobile number or email.

  9. Bot Flow Customization
  10. With this feature, you can customize the bot flow as per your business requirements. You can upload your own questions and answers, links to knowledgebases, FAQs, and much more to help users find relevant answers to their questions.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the benefits of using a bot for webinar registration, you should try and create one for upcoming webinar meetings. If you are using Zoom for webinars, you can also use this chatbot for zoom webinar registrations. Zoom is one of the most popular software that you can use to broadcast your webinar meetings to up to 10,000 attendees.Creating a webinar registration bot doesn’t seem to be a simple task but Appy Pie’s Chatbot Builder makes it as easy as the pie. The software comes with various amazing chatbot templates and features that help you create an excellent free webinar hosting bot. Another great part about the software is that it allows you to create your own webinar registration bot without using a single line of code. This means you can create your bot with absolutely no technical knowledge or programming skills.Before I leave, let me tell you about one more useful thing that can help you make your webinars more successful. You can integrate Zoom with different software to automate the webinar organization processes. For example, if you integrate Zoom with your Gmail, you can get an email every time a user registers for a webinar. This integration also helps you grow your Zoom contacts list. In the same way, if you integrate Zoom with Google Sheets spreadsheet, a new row gets created automatically when a visitor registers for a webinar on zoom. You can use our automation software Appy Pie Connect to integrate Zoom with 150+ software in just a few clicks. Try using Appy Pie’s Webinar Registration Bot Builder today and create your own free webinar hosting bot in minutes.

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