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60+ Best Resume Action Words That Will Majorly Impress Hiring Managers

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Resume writing was always challenging. If you’re a job seeker, you must understand how to craft resumes to grab a hiring manager’s attention within 20 seconds or less. Most people instead write long, drawn-out descriptions. What they don’t realize is that over 99% of Fortune 500 companies use an ATS or Applicant Tracking System. Moreover, a survey reported that over 75% of resumes never get seen by human eyes. Right before facing tough interview questions, the first obstacle that most applicants will probably face is a bot! You need to adopt a strategy to help you effectively stand out from the crowd and improve your chances of landing an interview. That’s where powerful resume words come into the picture.

What are resume words or power words?

Most resumes start with the exact old words recruiters and hiring managers have read repeatedly - so much that they’ve lost all meaning. Moreover, these only tend to communicate your job duties and not show off your accomplishments. You could make a resume website too, and with powerful words within your resume, you would have a great chance. Power words convey an action. They show readers how you executed a task and not just your obligations. They show how you got the job done and achieved something in the process. However, not all words have a similar impact. This is why you need to select the right kind of resume words and use them in such a way that they leave the most significant impression on a recruiter’s mind.

How to use the best resume keywords in a Resume?

Applicant tracking systems aren’t very sophisticated software. They rate applications by reviewing your resume and determining how well it matches the job description. They also allow recruiters to search for specific keywords, although their search and matching capabilities are pretty poor and limited. So how does one stand out from the crowd? It is not as simple as just sprinkling a bunch of action verbs throughout your resume and hoping something sticks! It would help if you had a proper strategy. Here’s how you can intelligently use the best resume words to land your dream job.
  1. Select the words carefully

    Use resume action words selectively, and convey direct messages. Stuffing your resume with multiple action words would only dilute its impact. Furthermore, make sure to tailor your resume toward the job and your industry using relevant and targeted words.

  2. Use Trial and Error

    As a job seeker, your goal is to draw a recruiter’s attention to read your resume and avoid rejection from ATS. You know your current resume isn’t working if you aren’t getting more interviews. In that case, you should be flexible to make a new one with fresh power words and phrases and keep doing it until you find the right combination. It isn’t always about the verbs but how you use them. Most recruiters love to see candidates stray from common phrases or statements.

  3. Use bullet points

    Bullet points starting with power words could significantly impact how your resume is viewed. For instance, you could begin each point about your professional background with resume words for experience, which would give a concrete picture of your expertise, draw the attention of recruiters, and get past ATS or other scanning tools.

Which resume words should you use?

Let’s get a little creative, shall we? Next time you update your resume, add a few of the words that we’re going to explore here. These strong, action words in your resume will help you beat the bots and also catch a hiring manager’s attention.
  1. Best resume words that showcase your personality

    Recruiters love to learn more about a candidate’s personality and judge whether they would be apt for their roles. Here’s a list of resume words that you can use to best express your personality traits.

    • Empowered
    • Orchestrated
    • Motivated
    • Perceptive
    • Organized
    • Detail-oriented
    • Articulate
  2. Resume words for leadership achievements

    Like the previous list, several popular power words can be used throughout your resume to highlight your management skills and leadership achievements.

    • Achieved
    • Spearheaded
    • Strengthened
    • Attained
    • Developed
    • Managed
    • Initiated
    • Coordinated
  3. Best resume action words to flaunt your creativity

    Creativity is an essential aspect that most recruiting managers look for in candidates. This list of resume words will help you underscore your creative talents and abilities within your resume.

    • Conceptualized
    • Designed
    • Formulated
    • Introduced
    • Devised
    • Determined
    • Originated
    • Drafted
    • Launched
  4. Power words for problem-solving abilities

    No job is devoid of issues, and every recruiter knows that. If you’re a problem solver, you can use these resume words to highlight your proficiency in problem-solving.

    • Debugged
    • Verified
    • Rectified
    • Diagnosed
    • Rebuilt
    • Reconciled
    • Remodeled
    • Corrected
    • Upgraded
  5. Action verbs for when you brought in partners, funding, resources, or clients

    Recruiters looking for sales and marketing professionals will always appreciate these resume words. Use these to highlight your expertise in sales and how you closed your leads.
    • Acquired
    • Navigated
    • Negotiated
    • Closed
    • Forged
    • Partnered
    • Signed
    • Sourced
    • Pitched
    • Secured
    • Upsold
  6. Best resume keywords for customer support

    To place a spotlight on your experience as an effective customer service agent or manager, here are some resume words that you can use.
    • Advised
    • Consulted
    • Advocated
    • Coached
    • Educated
    • Informed
    • Recommended
    • Fielded
    • Resolved
  7. Action verbs for communication skills

    Team collaboration is a must for almost all roles. These keywords will help you call attention to your communication and coordination skills.
    • Advised
    • Corresponded
    • Defined
    • Advocated
    • Clarified
    • Gathered
    • Ignited
    • Persuaded
    • Publicized
    • Informed
    • Interpreted

    Wrapping up

    With global unemployment rates at a record high and layoffs in all major companies, you have to be strategic and more driven with your job search to stand out in a crowded job market. By learning how to master resume words, you can effectively stay ahead of your competition, improving your chances of passing through applicant tracking software programs and catching a recruiter’s attention. This would help improve your chances of landing a job interview and securing an offer you cannot refuse.

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