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How to Create a Webinar Registration Chatbot in a few easy steps?

Follow the steps below to make a chatbot for webinar registration in an easy way.

  • Enter bot name

    Select “Webinar Registration Bot” as bot type

  • Edit bot flow and design

    Create a webinar registration bot without any coding

  • Select the right bot plan

    Deploy the webinar registration bot to your website and app

Benefits of Using Webinar Registration Bot

Webinar registration chatbot is a chatbot that helps you to organize webinars. You can connect it to your webinar platform, share information about webinars, and make it easier for your audience to register for your webinars.

A webinar registration bot automates the process of sending webinar registration messages to your website visitors. It is a perfect tool for those companies who want to increase the number of webinar attendees without the need to send emails to everyone.

Webinar registration chatbots are fully responsive and work on mobile devices just as well as they do on desktops/laptops/tablets. It doesn’t matter if your website visitors are viewing your site from their phones or their desktop computers, they are still able to register for your webinars right away after reading your messages!

In simple words, a webinar registration bot is an all-in-one product that supports webinar registration, live webinar attendance, online payment, and more. Listed here are some benefits of using a chatbot for webinars.

  • Convenient

    Inviting people to attend webinars using a bot is way more convenient in comparison to any other marketing channel. All you need to do is ask for their contact details, and whether they are interested in attending your webinar, then send them a link and get them to register.

  • Worldwide Reach

    With webinar registration chatbots, you can reach users all across the world using various social media platforms where you can integrate these bots. These bots help you widen your audience reach

  • Brand Promotion

    Webinar registration chatbots let you add your brand name in the bot flow. These bots represent your brand to the users who visit your website or interact with the bot.

  • Full-time Availability

    The best part about webinar registration bots is that they market your webinars even when you are not active. No matter when a user tries to contact you, your bot is there to attend to them.

Features to Include in Your Webinar Registration Bot

Webinar registration chatbot is a tool that helps you to sign people up for your webinars without having to send cold emails, saving you a lot of time. With the help of this chatbot, you can easily send out webinar links and also collect their contact information. The bot also sends the remainder email to the users before the event and they can also join your webinar by clicking on the link present in the email.

Webinar registration chatbot is the perfect solution for you if you want to hold a webinar but don’t have a lot of time to deal with registration. It can take care of all your customers’ registration, so you only need to sit back and relax. With a webinar registration chatbot, you can even empower your audience to take the next step in the sales funnel by registering for a live webinar. Listed here are some features that you must include in your webinar registration bot.

Simple Registration Process

Simple Registration Process

Webinar registration chatbots help you streamline the webinar registration process for the users. To get registered, all they need to do is click on a link sent to them via email.

Email Integration

Email integration helps you share your webinar information with the users. If they show interest in your webinar and provide their contact details, you can send them an email with the registration link right away.

Email Integration


With webinar registration chatbots, you don’t need to track the registration process manually. You just need to organize the webinar hosting part of the process and the chatbot will take care of the registrations.

Bot Flow Customization

Whether you have organized a Zoom webinar or a Google Meet webinar, you can always customize the bot flow as per your requirements. You can mention your brand name in the bot flow to welcome the users and in the webinar meeting link to add a personal touch and improve your brand recognition.

Bot Flow Customization

Increase Webinar Registration with Your Own Webinar Chatbot

Webinar registration bot is a conversational platform that allows your customers to register for your online webinars. When a user starts the chat, the bot asks for their details like name, contact number, email address, country, etc. Once the user provides these details, the bot sends them the webinar details and a registration link via email or other contact channels like messenger, text message, etc. The user can click on the registration link and get registered for that specific webinar.

Webinar registration chatbots help you connect with the users and invite them to attend your webinars. You can use any of the free webinar hosting and marketing platforms to host a successful webinar. You can invite people to register for the webinars on any of the leading platforms including:

  • Zoom Webinar

  • GoToMeeting Webinar

  • Google Meet Webinar

  • ClickMeeting Webinar

  • Google Hangouts

  • Microsoft Teams Webinar

  • Facebook Webinar

  • Skype Webinar

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Why Choose Appy Pie’s Webinar Registration Chatbot Maker?

Create your own webinar registration chatbot using Appy Pie Chatbot and reach out to a wider audience. No coding needed. Nothing to download or install. Simply visit our no-code chatbot builder, give a name to your bot, select “Webinar Registration Bot” as bot type, customize the bot flow, enhance the look and feel of the bot, select a bot plan, and finally deploy the chatbot on your website or mobile app.

Appy Pie’s webinar registration chatbot creator provides all the necessary tools to help you develop highly advanced chatbots for webinar registration in a few minutes. Listed here are some reasons why you should choose Appy Pie’s chatbot builder to make webinar registration bots.

  • No-Code Platform

    Appy Pie Chatbot provides an intuitive platform that allows users with no coding skills and technical knowledge to build webinar registration bots in a matter of minutes.

  • App Integrations

    Integrate your webinar registration chatbot with multiple apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, Facebook, etc. to increase your audience reach.

  • Design Templates

    Our platform offers hundreds of pre-built chatbot templates, using which you can make webinar registration chatbots for your needs in just a few minutes.

  • Customer Support

    We provide round the clock support to our customers to ensure they don’t face any trouble using our webinar registration chatbot development platform.