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10 Ways to Prepare Your App for the Holiday Season

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Is your app ready for the holiday sales season? Does your app have a holiday marketing strategy in place? If not, this is the right time to plan and make most of the holiday sales season. To strengthen your digital strategy, this is the best time to create a mobile app or simply update the one you already have to increase your app revenue through app promotion during the holiday season.

With mobile traffic rising considerably during the holiday season, most travel apps renew their UI or create a new one altogether.Holiday App - Appy PieHere is a list of ten app upgrades that could make the holiday sales season a hit for your eCommerce store:

  1. Build a New App or Update the Existing One
  2. Holiday apps perform better when you have a website to go with it. Apps are the best ways to inform your existing users of special offers and changes to your products and services. You can upgrade your app to inform your customers about the offers, discounts, and other freebies you are offering them during the holiday season. If you do not yet have an app for your business, then this is the right time to build one. It will give the boost your business requires in this competitive time. A new app can incorporate all new trends negating the chances of an app’s failure.

  3. Offer Discounts and Promotional Price
  4. According to some studies, customers are more likely to make a booking on a trip planner app when offered discounts or promotional prices. Your customers can be enticed by promotional offers. Although initially, it might seem as if you may run into losses, but loyal customers are the pillars of any business. Your loyal buyers can increase profits several folds in times to come. Discounts and promotional offers work like magic on your customers. When they get things for free or at a discounted price, they will feel obligated to your brand. They will use more of your products and services and recommend friends and family about it. These are a few gains you make when you give away discounts and promotional offers. Particularly around the holiday season, some of the best travel apps extend promotional offers using coupon codes among other things to create awareness for their business which can carve a way to enable more app downloads. Here is a video that explains how you can add a coupon directory into your app.
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  5. Optimize Your App for The Holiday Season
  6. The holiday season represents fun and fervor and your holiday countdown app must do so too. The holiday season app look will attract existing and potential customers and draw them to it. Optimize screenshots for perfect holiday season sales looks. As these are the visuals customers will see first before they install the travel mobile app. Business owners mostly focus on products and services inside the app, but more often than not, the first look of the app is ignored. People will judge the screenshot before downloading the app, thus, it is of great importance. The character of the mobile app must be maintained, while the holiday season sale must be added to the thematic design. And don’t forget to add holiday-related keywords with these screenshots.

  7. Leverage the Power of Social Media
  8. Mobile apps and social media can be combined together to achieve unbelievable results. They can effortlessly help build each other. Best trip planner apps ask their customers to become a part of your journey through the app. You must leverage the power of social media asking your customers to share deals you are extending on your app among their social media networks. Extend additional discounts, freebies, coupons, and much more to increase the popularity of your app and ultimately increase holiday sales. Viral sharing campaigns are successful techniques to provide your brand with more customers and better exposure.

  9. Contemplate an Influencer Strategy
  10. Influencers can give the best hotel booking app the popularity a business owner wants during the holiday sales season. Research has concluded that influencer marketing on social media can improve sales by 30% during the holiday season. Make your presence known to social media users by charting out a solid influencer strategy that carries through to the holidays. You can leverage influencers to create sponsored, yet non-promotional-looking content that focuses on best holiday apps. The content can focus on an easy checkout and payment options provided by your app. This can influence their followers to try your app to book holidays.

  11. Create Custom Hashtags
  12. Hashtags are game changers. It is a proven technique to increase a brand’s reach on social media platforms. Custom hashtags are vital for spreading awareness or creating a buzz. Apt hashtags can keep best holiday apps trending for a long time. Hence, when you are preparing a marketing plan for upgrading your app to make the holiday season a hit for you, spare a good amount of time to create custom hashtags to stay on top of the game.

  13. Run A Genuine Contest
  14. Contests usually offer great results if the prize is valuable enough to motivate people to enter it. You can offer a free trip to a pre-decided destination or maybe a high-value gift card to the winner. For more buzz, share the contest details on social media and promote downloading your app for participation.

  15. Simplify the Payment Process
  16. Analyze your app to upgrade the payment process. An easy multi-payment process can promote sales on your app. 85% of buyers admit that they prefer shopping on a mobile app rather than a website due to simplified app payment methods.

  17. Appreciate Your Consumers
  18. Holiday season can lead to debates on purchase decisions and even on which app to choose. It means that even loyal and long-term consumers may invest somewhere else if they get better deals. This is what you have to work on. You have to plan effectively to attract previous travelers and potential vacationers this holiday season. A good holiday marketing strategy for keeping consumers loyal to your brand focuses on appreciation and gratitude. A simple display of thankfulness through your app is recommended to please existing buyers and attract potential customers to your brand’s app. It is an act that will be well appreciated by all shoppers.

  19. Consistency Is the Key
  20. Whatever strategy you may choose - just be consistent. If you decide to send out push notifications once a week, don’t change it to once a day or once in two weeks. Conversely, if you have offered your consumer for a 15-day deal, better make sure you send a deal per day. Create consistent campaigns and follow them diligently to have a lasting positive impact on your customers.

Wrapping Up

Another effective technique to leverage the holiday sales season is by investing in a burst campaign. This campaign involves aggressive ad buying for a short period of time. During this time, your ad is displayed and exposed to the largest audience possible. Instead of spending time over a long period, the effort is concentrated in a burst of time. This is an effective method that can also save you a lot of money. It is most suitable for new mobile apps. Effectively upgrading your app before the holiday sales season can sky-rocket your sales and give you the much-needed revenue to push your business needs. But, first let’s create an app to get you started on your holiday sale journey!Create an app now!Do you think creating a holiday app is a good idea? Is it better to optimize your app for the holiday season? Let us know in the comments section, what you are going to do this holiday season. We’d love to hear from you!


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