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Why You Need an App for Your Food Trucking Business?

Originally Posted By Jamie Ayers  | August 9, 2016  | 3-min read
Ruchi Gohri on July 26, 2020  
Why you need an app for your food trucking business - Appy Pie

You need to put in a lot of effort to run a food truck business. Taking that fact into account, an app may not be among the top priorities in your checklist. However, after going through this post, you will understand how critical it is to create an app to keep on trucking more efficiently and effectively.

Why Every Food Truck Should Have a Mobile App - Appy Pie

Keep reading to check out the benefits and must-have features for your food truck app.

Why You Need an App for Your Food Truck Business

Here are a few major reasons why you should create an app for your food truck business.

  • Convenience
  • If you have an app for your food truck, you can set your offers in the app and then send them to the users using automated text messages or the push notifications feature. With an app, you can easily keep on trucking and update your live location to make it easy for people to reach you. You can also mention your location stops and create a unique route so that your app users know where to find you.

  • Menu at Your Tips
  • A trucking app can help you offer your app users the menu and the prices of the items right at their fingertips. They can place orders and then reach out to you when their food is ready.

  • Paperless Transactions
  • Making digital payments is a growing trend. With an app, your users can make paperless transactions. Additionally, with soft payments, you will be able to check the total sales and expenses of the day regularly. You can also check inventory daily and make plans for approaching days, weeks, or months. In short, you can manage almost everything related to your food truck business from the convenience of your phone.

    If you don’t have in-app payment options in your food truck app, you can automate the payment process for the users by integrating PayPal into your mobile application using Appy Pie’s automation software – Appy Pie Connect.

    Connect This Flow

  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Creating an app for your food truck can help you deliver an enhanced user experience. Your app users can carry your business around and whenever they need to connect with you, they can go for the in-app chat support.

  • Deep Understanding of Your Business
  • A Food Truck app helps you analyze your business reports and statistics to have a deep understanding of how things are going. With an app, you can view the orders received, number of dishes available, number of app users, total orders placed in the last 24 hours, and much more.

Must-have Features for Your Food Truck App

Here are the features that you must have in your food truck app to help your users find your food trucks easily and avail services that you offer.

  • Live Map and Navigation
  • This is an important feature that makes your food truck app a food truck tracking app. Both are the same though. This feature helps users track food trucks in real-time. Also, it gives your users live directions to reach your food truck whenever they want to. You can integrate GPS in your app to let your users navigate to your truck easily.

  • Search Feature
  • Your app must include the search and advanced search feature in your app. This helps users quickly find the truck nearest to their location. With the search feature, users can also search through your menu and find the exact food item they need.

  • Access the Menu
  • Your app must show the users the menu items for all your food trucks listed in the app so that they can visit the one that has their favorite menu items ready.

  • Ratings and Reviews
  • You must ask for user feedback to improve your service and food quality. With the feature, you can check which of your food trucks is performing well and getting the highest rating.

  • Push Notifications
  • With the in-app push notifications feature, you can let the users know about your recent location and market new food items that you will plan to add to the menu. This feature helps you send a message to multiple users at a time.

How to Make Your Food Truck App a Runaway Success

An app can help you customize your food truck business as per your customers’ requirements. No doubt that food trucks are in high demand and provide consumers with an easy way to get food. Now that you already know what features you should include in your app to get the best out of it, here are a few things that you can do to help your food truck business do wonders.

  • Advertise New Dishes
  • When you are running a food truck, it is best to experiment with new dishes and ingredients. You can then use push notifications to advertise these new dishes. You can just send the updated to all your app users using push notifications.

  • Get Feedback
  • Not every dish will receive good reviews. To know which food item of yours does not sell, ask users for food reviews. Give your users the freedom to share feedback and use the information to improve their experience with your food truck.

  • Give Discount Offers
  • Hand out discounts to your app users. Whenever someone downloads your app for the first time, give them a discount. The best part about discounts is that they entice the consumers to visit your food truck to avail those attractive offers.


If you have Food trucks roaming around the city, you can create an on-demand delivery app using Appy Pie’s On Demand Delivery App Builder. With this app, you can get orders online, prepare them, and deliver to the users’ doorstep.

Check out this post to learn how you can create a Food Delivery App – How to create a food delivery app like

There is one more thing that you can do. You can create a restaurant app using Appy Pie’s Restaurant App Maker and integrate food ordering into the app. Appy Pie offers various effective features like payments, live order management, push notifications, etc., that can make your app the perfect version of what it is.


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