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Types of Chatbots You Can Create in 2021

Abhinav Girdhar
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As soon as we hear the word ‘chatbot’ the next thing that pops-up in our minds is ‘customer service’, which is not all that chatbots do. They can do way much more than just answering your customers’ queries and keeping them happy.

That’s right! Chatbots work as per your business type and requirements. Their function, dialogue flow, and purpose vary as per the tasks they take care of. For example, a chatbot created by a bank will be different from the one created for an eCommerce website.

We can classify chatbots in two major categories. One that works to solve your customers’ issues and the other that works to reduce your workload. And these categories can further be divided into multiple types of chatbots.

And that is exactly what we are going to talk about today. In this article, we will take you through different categories and types of chatbots that you can partially use to automate your workflows and make your life easier.

Three Major Categories of Chatbots

Here are the three major categories of online chatbots.

  1. Button/Menu-based Chatbots
  2. They are one of the most basic chatbots used by businesses today. This chatbot interacts with the users showing them the decision tree with the buttons. The bot needs users to make the selections of the options as per their requirements and based on their queries, just like the automated phone menus. These chatbots fall right in many scenarios where a business needs to ask users multiple questions just to understand what they want.

  3. Keywords-based Chatbots
  4. These chatbots interact with customers like humans and recognize what they type. Keywords-based chatbots use customizable keywords and Natural Language Processing technology to determine the way to serve the relevant response to the users. These chatbots fall short in case of multiple similar questions asked. Keyword redundancies between several queries tend to confuse these bots.

    Many businesses use a hybrid model of button-based bots and keywords-based bots. They give the users multiple choices of either asking their questions directly or selecting menu options to help the bot understand what they are looking for.

  5. Contextual Chatbots
  6. This is the most advanced version of different types of chatbots being used by businesses. These chatbots utilize Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to save and remember the previous conversations with the user to analyze their behavior and serve them accordingly in the future. These chatbots learn from the chat experiences and grow over time.

    Let us take an example of a food ordering bot. This chatbot saves information from the interaction with the users and learns what they like to order. As a result, when the user chats with the chatbot the next time, it will remember what they usually order, their payment mode, their delivery address, and other common details, and will ask if they want to place the same order. This saves users from answering these many questions every time.

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How to Find the Chatbot That Best Suits You?

When trying to select the best fit chatbot for your website, keep in mind your users’ requirements. Place yourself in their shoes and figure out what will be the most convenient and useful for them.

Another thing that you must think of while selecting a bot is your target user base and their preferences. Some users may like the chatbot that recognizes what they type, some on the other hand, would prefer the one that guides them with the menu and buttons.

To deliver excellent user experience, test your chatbot before it goes live. In a few scenarios, simple buttons may work for the users, however, in some cases, they would need enterprise-level artificial intelligence capabilities.

Different Types of Chatbots

Chatbots have various shapes and sizes, however, when it comes to the functionality here are a few different types of online chatbots.

  1. Registration Bot
  2. Businesses mostly use this bot to help their users register for various events, webinars, etc. This bot gathers required details from the users and helps them register for their desired event. It also provides the users with the event venue, timings, location, etc. details to help them attend the event without any hassle.

    You can create your own webinar registration bot using Appy Pie’s Chatbot Builder. It helps you add your webinar URL to the chatbot flow and help your users register in just a few clicks.

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  3. Customer Support Bot
  4. These chatbots offer support to users. Users type their queries while communicating with the bot and get the relevant responses. These chatbots are mainly keywords-based. They educate the users and facilitate two-way communication to manage conversations more effectively.

    Customer Support Chatbots offer fulltime customer support and help users with instant replies, live chat capabilities, and quick responses.

  5. Appointment bot
  6. These kinds of bots are usually created by Airlines, Hotels, and health care centers, where users initiate chat to book appointments. These bots help users with different booking slots for appointments with the firm they get in touch with. Appointment bots usually have Google Calendar integrated that helps them save the booked slots timings, create an event, and send reminders if required. HR teams also use these bots to schedule interviews for recruitment purposes.

    You can also create your own recruitment chatbot with Appy Pie’s Chatbot Builder. It helps you customize your chatbot flow as per your business requirements and offers various other attractive features.

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  7. Marketing and Sales Bot
  8. These chatbots have the capability of personalizing the customer experience and understanding them better. They help businesses reach out to a wider audience, keep their existing users engaged, send relevant notifications, ask for instant user feedback, and much more.

    With the help of these chatbots, businesses can market their products and generate more leads to increase sales and revenue.

  9. Entertainment Bot
  10. Entertainment chatbots are created for media and entertainment purposes. Various quiz bots, riddles bots, news and media bots, etc. come under this category. These chatbots help businesses add ease to the users’ fun activities.


If you are planning to create your own chatbot, use Appy Pie’s Chatbot Builder. We offer various effective chatbot templates that you can use to make your chatbots more appealing and friendly with the users.

Go through this post and learn how to create a chatbot and you will be all good to go - A Step-by-Step Guide to Build the Ultimate Q&A Chatbot.

Do let us know in the comments if this article helped and don’t hesitate if you have inputs. Share them with us and we will add them to this blog.



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