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Squid Game Logo: Meaning Behind Hidden Symbol

By Saumya | Last Updated on May 20th, 2024 12:00 pm

Squid Game is a Korean series available on Netflix since September 2021. Since the series launched, it has taken the world by storm. Though many people have been glued to the show, they haven't paid much attention to its capitalism and the evaluation of modern society. The show is known for its thrilling plot, and the Squid Game symbol got equally popular.

The shooting for the second season of this iconic series has already started. While the second season is still under development, let's break down the Squid Games logo and learn about the meaning behind the hidden Squid Game symbol.

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A Little Background of the Squid Game Series

The series consists of nine episodes directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk. The series tells the story of certain people who participate in a mysterious survival game. This survival drama series has gained a massive fan following and the utmost popularity across the globe.

Squid Game Symbol

This is a puzzling story of 456 participants who become contestants in a survival game. They have to play a few traditional kid's games but include some fatal twists and turns. In the show, all the participants are forced to put their lives at risk in order to win the game prize. And what makes it even more thrilling is that only one can have it.

The series is a dizzying story about the extent to which people are willing to go despite fearing death. In addition, the series further unveils a lot about psychological issues that exist in modern society.

Many tried to quit initially, but after witnessing a dozen deaths in the first game, they soon learned there was no turning back. It is one of the most violent series on Netflix, which has become the viewership leader.

But where did the series get its name, Squid Game, from? The concept of each game in the series came from some popular kid's games between the 1970s and 80s. The director of the series would play such games during his childhood. The kids used a stick to draw geometric shapes such as triangles, circles, and squares on the ground. So, the playfield resembled a giant squid, and those geometric figures eventually became the visual identity for the Squid Game show.

As far as the Squid Game logo is concerned, it is inspired by the geometric figure with pink and white text against a background black in color. In the original version of the Squid Games logo, the alphabets are arranged at certain levels, which hints at the Squid Game hierarchy.

Squid Game Logo Korean

Whereas, in the English Squid Game logo, there's a linear text that keeps the logo faithful to the original concept of the series. So, for example, the name 'Squid Game' is written in geometrical figures in two lines.

Squid Game Logo English

Squid Game Font

When it comes to Squid Game font, it actually plays a significant role in terms of making the logo stick in the mind of people. For example, the geometry figures include a circle in 'Q,' a pink square in 'E,' and a triangle in 'A.' It also has extended lines in a few letters and a good balance between round and sharp elements.

Squid Game Colors

The show relies heavily on two primary colors, i.e., green and pink. And this eye-grabbing combination got some reason for which the designers opted for it. Green and Pink are complementary shades opposite each other in a color wheel. So the contrasting palette actually emphasizes the sharp difference between all the characters, representing the fundamental metaphor.


Squid Game Color- Pink

It is one of the dominant Squid Game colors in the show. You will find this shade literally everywhere in the drama. The color is present in the Squid Game logo; also, the guards in the show are wearing the same color. Like the guards wearing it, Pink is the color in the show that determines the rule. On the one hand, the color is associated with infantility and romanticism, whereas on the other, this shade also evokes anxiety and tension.


Squid Game Color- Green

The participants in the show wear Green color. The color stands for reliability, trust, tranquility, and vitality. The pink and green combination in the Squid Game colors concept represents, 'system vs. human.' Sometimes, this metaphor is also interpreted as 'death vs. life.' When there's anything regarding money that comes into the show, this color combination unites with another shade, i.e., Yellow.

Squid Game Shapes Meaning

When it comes to symbolism in Squid Game, the geometric figures are considered the backbone representing the show's visual identity. The geometric icons are everywhere in the show, like the Squid Game logo, on multiple accessories and the guards' masks. It is to remind the viewers time and again about the central concept of the show.

Circle, Triangle, Square: Symbol meaning behind Squid Game

Squid Game's Circle, Triangle, and Square symbol is a visual representation of the game's stages, which are divided into three parts: a start circle, a square, and a triangle. Each of these three parts represents a certain stage. Circle, Triangle, and Square are the three primary shapes in the series that reflect the Squid Game hierarchy of the environment in which the participants are stuck.

Squid Game Shapes Meaning

Squid game series symbol circles, triangles, and squares have numbers and letters on it. However, if you look at the number of circles, triangles, and squares, there is a specific number of each. Scroll below and you will find the meaning of each symbol, along with the number of circles, triangle,s and squares.

  • Square

    This shape represents the show's guards and the highest-ranking staff. Those guards wearing masks with square shapes are the ones who oversee the players. This geometrical figure represents rational thinking, persistence, power, and leadership.

  • Triangle

    The triangle is shown on the masks of soldiers who enforce the rules, and they'll have to follow the orders the guards give. A triangle stands for steadiness, self-assurance, pragmatism, and consistency. These are the qualities that are considered to be perfect for the accomplices.

  • Circle

    This symbol is for the lowest-rank workers. If we talk about a Circle, it is usually associated with compliance, constancy, and versatility. The Circle is the weakest shape in the show and has to obey everything from the Square and Triangle.

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