How to Start Digital Marketing with Google Ads

How to Start Digital Marketing with Google Ads

Abhinav Girdhar
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There are nearly 2.3 million searches performed on Google every second, and most of the search result pages include Google Ads. Google Ads is an extremely effective way to drive qualified, and relevant traffic to your website precisely when the user is searching for the kind of services or products that you offer. That’s why businesses pay a heap-load of money, as the ROI is extravagant. Every time a Google search takes place, unseen events take place at the speed of light. Behind the curtains, the sellers are at war for your click because Google Ads notify them that your precious click may eventually lead to a sale.

Introduction to Google Ads Digital Marketing

Google Ads is basically an online advertising program that allows you to create online ads to reach the masses who are interested in buying your products or services. This platform works on the basis of pay-per-click (PPC), which means that you have to pay every time a user clicks on your advertisement. Along similar lines of functionality, Google’s AdSense program uses display network to show advertisements on other websites except Google’s search result pages. This display network is nothing but an extensive collection of third-party websites that have collaborated with Google.

Why is Google Ads (AdWords) So Effective for Digital Marketing?

With a humongous number of daily active users of Google searches, and other programs from Google, the name has become beyond a brand and a verb. There is probably nothing bigger than Google when it comes to reachability. This is why Google Ads is the most potent.
  • The massive reach of Google means more exposure than any other website.

  • Bidding on broad keyword search terms shows the ads to prospects during the earlier stages of product research process. The top of your funnel is filled with two powerful techniques- capturing information and retargeting.

  • It harnesses the intent of the users as the user is already interested in the service or product that you offer, that is why they searched for it on Google. The chances of your ad being turned down are low.

  • You are able to maintain full control of your campaign at all times through programmatic advertising.

  • Google Ads is not based on a fixed budget. You can bring any budget to the table and still have your needs met.

  • Quicker, and easy-to-understand results with Search Engine Optimization and Google Analytics.

  • Google’s advertisements are more versatile and can be used as a tool for building brand awareness. Reputation, brand name, and personality can be reinforced through the AdWords search network.

  • Google Ads also takes into account the post-click landing page experience of the user which lets you monitor the behavior of the user visiting your page. You obtain essential information like message, match, and focused design.

How to Start Digital Marketing Via Google Ads?

Research the Audience

“Almost everyone uses Google in their daily lives. The demographics range from 12-year-old teens to 80-year-old veterans. Not every person using Google will be your customer. For example, if you are a business targeting investors, marketing to teenagers is a waste of resources. Before you start using Google Ads for your marketing, ensure that the target audience you select includes people that will buy your products/services. Research your audience properly and segment your market. Google Ads provides various tools that can help you do that effectively. We have a dedicated course lesson that explains market segmentation. Check out this video given below!”
(Above video is a part of a more elaborate course on Academy by Appy Pie. To access the complete course, please Click Here, or continue reading below.)

Understand the Platform

“For a successful digital marketing campaign with Google Ads, it is imperative that you understand how the platform works. Google Ads uses various Google tools and allows you to market your products as a CPC platform. CPC or cost-per-click is a form of advertising where you are charged for the number of clicks your marketing material receives. When creating a digital marketing campaign research deeply on how Google counts its CPCs and choose structured keywords. The formula below gives you a brief understanding of how CPC works:”How to Start Digital Marketing with Google Ads

Reach the Target Audience

Google Ads automatically filters your target audience as and when the user clicks.

Cost of Using Paid Ads

The cost of CPC advertising depends on various factors such as the industry you belong to, the size of your targeted audience, the times you decide to advertise, and the amount of ads you want to send. Learn well about the costs and create a proper strategy for how you will use your ads to ensure maximum efficiency. On average, the CPC for all industries is around 2.32$ in the US. The video below will explain it a little more.
(Above video is a part of a more elaborate course on Academy by Appy Pie. To access the complete course, please Click Here, or continue reading below.)

Monitor the Lead Conversion Rate

The eventual goal of marketing through Google Ads is to generate leads for your business. If the techniques you are using don’t provide the necessary amount of leads, consider switching up your strategies and retargeting your marketing efforts with new keywords and tweaked ad campaigns.

What Will You Learn from Appy Pie’s Google Ads Course?

Both freelancers, and marketing professionals can benefit from this course heavily as it is both potentially rewarding, and lucrative. Your skillsets will be sharpened to meet difficult challenges on a daily basis, that too, without spending a penny. The extensive course offers expert insights into Google Ads, its types and how to create multimedia ads that actually have an impact. You will master the most effective sources of traffic, tracking metrics with Google Analytics, earning opportunities in digital marketing, and much more. Apart from theoretical learning, you get hands-on experience of designing search ads to get maximum clicks. This would include skills like adding images & logos, designing the layout, and finding keywords that suits the business needs.

The curriculum of The Course

The course is well-divided into 8 short chapters that are structured for maximum grasping, and minimum time requirement. The video lessons cover a wide variety of topics from introduction to Google Ads to extensive lessons on budget settings.
(Above video is a part of a more elaborate course on Academy by Appy Pie. To access the complete course, please Click Here, or continue reading below.) There is a total of 15 video lessons by experts that deal with all the requirements of the course. The versatility, and applicability of the course make it one of highly demanded courses. The lessons are on-point, and hit the nail right on the head.

Requirements for Taking This Course

This course is for both the professionals in marketing, as well as for the absolute beginners who want to know about Google Ads. Anybody with basic computer knowledge can run ad campaigns for clients & companies, hence you don’t really need a formal education to enroll in this course. But what you will require are these three things:
  • A smartphone, tablet, PC, or a laptop with working internet connection.
  • Basic knowledge of browsers. (Firefox, Chrome, etc.)
  • About 40 minutes of your precious time to watch the video lessons.

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