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How Recruitment Chatbots Help Streamline the Hiring Process?

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on February 18th, 2024 10:22 am | 4-min read

Every company wants to hire the right people so that they have a set of employees that supports their business, and a team that they can trust to work independently. Your employees also act as the promoters of the company. They contribute to creating an excellent corporate image for your brand.

You need an efficient and streamlined recruitment process to hire such candidates for your company. Chatbots help you create one. They screen the applicants and help you find the qualified ones for the post. In this blog, we will help you learn how chatbots can help you streamline your hiring process and the reasons why you must use chatbots when recruiting a set of people for a specific job post.

What is a Chatbot?

You might have come across the question, ‘what is a chatbot’ in one of our blogs. A chatbot is an online software used to initiate conversations with clients. For example, when you visit any website, a chatbot window pops up asking if you need some help. The chatbots pick the relevant keywords from your query and search their database to find the answers. If can’t answer your query, they transfer your chat to the live agents. Let us talk about recruitment chatbots now. The recruitment chatbots interact with potential candidates and help them know more about the role they want to apply for. They also help businesses schedule interviews and gather the required information from the candidates. For example, if you are hiring for some senior profile, you will be looking for highly qualified candidates. Your chatbot will analyze whether the candidate has the required skills and should appear for an interview. You can though this post to learn more about how the chatbots work for businesses - What is a Chatbot and How Does it Work?Before we go ahead and learn what an HR chatbot can do for your business, let us first check out some important recruitment chatbot statistics.Appy Pie - Recruitment Chatbots

How to Use a Recruitment Chatbot for Hiring?

Here are a few major tasks that you can complete in minutes with the help of a well-programmed recruitment chatbot.

  1. Perform Administrative Tasks
  2. With a recruitment chatbot, you can automate various time-consuming administrative tasks and get them done in no time. They can help your team managers and recruiters complete their assigned tasks within the deadline. These tasks include collecting applicants’ information, answering FAQs, nurturing candidates, scheduling interviews, and much more.

  3. Respond to Queries
  4. If you have posted your job well, you will get hundreds of queries from different candidates. The best chatbot can help you screen these queries and answer them correctly in no time. This gives your HR team enough time to focus on other critical tasks. By answering these queries, chatbots help streamline the first stage of the interview process.

  5. Review and Screen Applicants
  6. The recruitment chatbots can save you from missing out on the majority of resumes that might be relevant for the role. They can interact with all the candidates at the same time and help your team quickly eliminate unqualified candidates. This way your team efforts can be better focused.

  7. Send Text Messages
  8. Sometimes calling and emailing the candidates to get in touch with them doesn’t work. Calls can be ignored or missed, and emails can be sent to spam by mistake. You can always send your candidates the text messages to connect better with them. Chatbots help you automate this process of sending messages.

  9. Share Information
  10. This is one of the most repetitive tasks of the recruitment process. The recruiters need to repeat the same information to several candidates which consumes time. An ideal chatbot can help you identify potential candidates and share the relevant information with them regarding the next stages of the interview. Make sure your chatbots are professionally trained and humanized. This helps candidates believe the facts your chatbot is communicating with them.
Now that you know how you can use chatbots to ease the whole recruitment process, let us check out the main reasons why you should use chatbots for recruitment. Recruitment Chatbots Benefits - Appy Pie

Why Use Chatbots for Recruitment?

Here are a few major reasons why you should use chatbots for recruitment.

  1. Enhance Candidates Experience
  2. People like interacting with chatbots to accomplish simple tasks. Many of them speak to robots when calling any support or helpline. Many businesses and recruitment agencies use chatbots to enhance their customer experience. The recruitment chatbots help make the candidates comfortable in the early stages of an interview.

  3. Offer Fulltime Availability
  4. This is one of the major reasons why businesses use chatbots to deal with their clients. The chatbots work round the clock and can help the candidates from different time zones get in touch with you anytime.

  5. Break Language Barriers
  6. The chatbots remove language barriers and enable businesses to hire globally. You can program the chatbots to a specific language so that they understand slang and jargon too.

  7. Update in Real Time
  8. Chatbots get updated in real-time and work with modern technology. This might attract more candidates to your company who look forward to working in an advanced workplace.

  9. Save Time and Effort
  10. The hiring bots can help you save your HR team’s time and money. You should not use recruitment chatbots to replace humans. You must use them to reduce your human employees’ workload.


Recruitment chatbots can help you create a streamlined hiring process. They can shortlist the candidates for you and save your time. Also, with their custom dialogues, they can offer an attractive, personalized, and fun experience. This helps you create a positive and dynamic corporate image of your brand. Create a chatbot for your business today and help your HR team streamline the recruitment process. Go for Appy Pie’s Chatbot Builder as it comes with various amazing features and helps you customize your chatbot as per your business needs. The software will help you create one of the best chatbots for recruiting in just a few clicks.

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