How To Make An App Like Deliveroo?

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Food takeout services have been around for a long time and were wildly popular among bachelors who couldn’t or wouldn’t cook daily. Takeout was also an excellent option for families on a busy day or who want to relax for the night instead of cooking from scratch. The big difference today is that you do not have to step outdoors and go to the restaurant to order their takeout. You can get your order delivered to wherever you are. Online food delivery has made it possible for foodies all over the world to eat whatever they are craving, even if they can’t cook and don’t want to go out. So the concept of food delivery which was only of interest to the bachelors, became universal where everyone could sate their food cravings in the comfort of their home. The total revenue for the online food delivery segment is expected to cross US$323 billion in 2022. Online food ordering accounts for approximately 40% of the total restaurant sales. The numbers are promising and lucrative for restaurant owners or foodpreneurs to consider making an on-demand food delivery app. Factors like time, money and skills often deter even the most enterprising minds from making their own app. Appy Pie, however, has come up with the perfect solution for this - a no-code app builder.

What is Deliveroo, and how does it work?

Deliveroo is an online food delivery app where app users can order food from restaurants around them and get it delivered to an address of their choice. Deliveroo offers services through its website and apps on both Android and iOS. They have adopted the on-demand delivery service model by adding the aggregator strategy to the marketplace and logistics model. The app users can order their favorite food from the best restaurants around. The search field on the app lets the app users:
  • Find your favorite restaurant or cuisine
  • Filter results per their dietary preferences like vegetarian, vegan, etc., food intolerances like dairy or gluten, and allergies like nuts, shellfish, etc.
  • Find the top-rated restaurants in your area that offer takeout.

Top features you must add to create an app like Deliveroo

In 2021, Deliveroo generated £1.8 billion in revenue, a 50% year-on-year increase. Yes, food delivery apps became more popular during the pandemic, but the app managed to maintain and even grow its popularity when the severe impact of the pandemic came down and the restriction of movement eased after the lockdowns were lifted. As a restaurant owner or food business owner, if you are planning to make a food delivery app like Deliveroo, you must pay attention to the features that make a Deliveroo like app for food delivery.
  1. Ordering

    Add this feature to make sure that your app users can easily order the food they want. The process should be simple, where they can choose the items they want to order and add them to the cart. From there, placing the order needs to be hassle-free and free of any friction.
  2. Payment

    Your app users should feel comfortable entering their sensitive financial information into your app. Hence, it is important to add as many payment methods and gateways as you can. Give your customers the option to choose a method they are most comfortable using.
  3. Review and rating

    Let your app users interact with your app and content by rating their delivery experience and leaving reviews for the restaurants. This helps the reviewer feel valued for their opinion and helps other app users make an informed decision.
  4. Real-time tracking

    Modern-day app users have low patience and are habitual to instant gratification. However, good food takes time to prepare and be delivered. How do you keep your app users engaged and happy at this time? Add the real-time tracking or live tracking feature to your app and let your app users track the food as it moves from the restaurant to your doorstep.
  5. User profile

    Add this feature to your app and let users create a profile easily on your app. This user profile can have details like contact details, delivery addresses, food preferences, and more.
  6. Notifications

    Push notifications are the most effective way to connect with your app users. Whether you want to send details about the latest discount or promo you are running or encourage inactive app users to come back to your app and start using it again.
  7. Admin Panel

    Add an admin panel to the app so that the app owner could get an overview of the entire app with details like live orders, order status, and location of the food and the delivery person. The restaurant or app owner can get an overview of the entire operation and stay on course.
  8. Maps and Navigation

    Map and navigation are both needed to make sure that your delivery personnel can find their way to the restaurant to pick up the order and to the customers’ address for timely delivery.
  9. Restaurant recommendations

    Let your app offer relevant recommendations based on the user's in-app behavior, browsing behavior, and ordering history. Relevant recommendations encourage app users to spend more time and money on your app!

How to make an app like Deliveroo?

We have discussed in detail what Deliveroo is, how it works, and the features you must add to an app like Deliveroo. However, the real question is - how to make an app like Deliveroo. Of course, you can opt to go the traditional way and spend money, time, and human resources on creating an app from scratch. However, not everyone can. Hence, Appy Pie has emerged as the much-needed solution in this arena. Let’s see how you can create an app similar to Deliveroo without coding in just a few minutes.
  1. Give your app a name

    After naming your app, choose the apt app category, theme, and layout to make it look amazing.
  2. Add appropriate features

    Add all the features listed above to make a Deliveroo like app for food delivery. Just drag and drop. No coding needed!
  3. Test and go live!

    Edit your app to perfection and test it on real devices to sort any bugs out. That’s it! You can launch your app on app stores now!

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