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15 Great PayPal Alternatives for Enhanced Payment Services

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on February 16th, 2024 7:36 am | 6-min read

In this digital era, with most of the businesses getting online, digital and online payments are one of the unavoidable needs. The age that we live in, asks us to have online solutions for almost everything, including payments. Making transactions via internet banking or swiping a card is much easier than carrying cash everywhere or making ATM visits now and then. Internet banking has become a lot simpler today than when it started a few years ago, however, some of us still find it clumsy and look for alternatives. Best PayPal Alternatives - Appy PiePayPal is one of the most common payment gateways that help you quickly send and receive money from family and friends ensuring that your money is in safe hands. It has 244 million active accounts and facilitates payments for over 17 million businesses with a solid payment processing system that lets you accept payments for services and products without any problems. People are used to this excellent platform, however; it has some key drawbacks such as-
  • It has been recognized for freezing accounts for up to six months without warning
  • It doesn’t offer digital products and services protection for the sellers
  • It usually takes longer time to withdraw money – three to five days as standard
  • Its alternatives charge lesser fees than PayPal’s 3.7 percent plus US$0.30
These disadvantages make people look for PayPal alternatives. They search for the apps similar to PayPal. If you are also looking for an alternative that you can use instead of PayPal, we have got you covered. In this post, we have listed the best PayPal alternatives that offer a few services like PayPal. Go through the list to find the one which is best for you and your business.

  1. Authorize.Net
  2. Authorize.Net has been operating since 1996. It handles over one billion transactions, has more than 43,000 merchants, and facilitates $149 billion in payments every year. It has gained good credibility and popularity over the years. The platform offers an advanced fraud detection suite that helps customers flag fraud transactions and avoid any inventory loss in the future. The suite comes for free and has 12 filters that you can modify any time as per your business needs. Best PayPal Alternatives - Appy PieThe gateway enables you to accept electronic and credit card payments online, in person, or over the phone. It integrates easily with Apple Pay, Visa Checkout, and PayPal, allowing its users to accept payments worldwide, only if their businesses are based in the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, or United Kingdom.

  3. Payoneer
  4. Payoneer facilitates money transfers and other online transactions securely, quickly, and at low cost by international clients. The platform has over 4 million active users worldwide. It specializes in diversity in fund transferring for various industries and markets which is why it doesn’t matter if your company is focused on online advertising, e-commerce, vacation rentals, or any other industry, it works better for you anyways.Best PayPal Alternatives - Appy PieThe platform is more useful for businesses who more often transfer funds and require payments. The mobile application that the platform offers, works for both Android and iOS. It helps users check their transactions, account balances, and fund withdrawals. With Payoneer, each transaction is paid and might charge a fee as per your bank regulations.

  5. Square
  6. You need to select your business type and size to get signed up for Square. It is one of the most popular platforms that has won its stake of popularity because of the comfort of the transaction fee it offers. With this platform, merchants need not pay any monthly fee or maintain a minimum amount. They get enormous deals without even becoming old users. Best PayPal Alternatives - Appy PieSquare is a third-party processor that usually ends up dismissing accounts if their risk departments notice something fishy. Square Point of Sales accepts cash, cards, gift cards, cheques, process invoices, and recurring payments, print or digitally send receipts, etc. and enjoy real-time inventory management.

  7. Google Pay
  8. Google Pay is the best platform to pay in apps, on websites, in-store through cards saved in your Google account. With this payment gateway, you can add your card details to your Google Account and enjoy convenient and quick payments, wherever you are.Best PayPal Alternatives - Appy PieGoogle Pay helps businesses offer their users to shopping across all devices reducing the frequency of missed conversions and forgotten passwords. The platform not only helps businesses streamline the payment processes but deliver custom mobile recommendations and attractive offers to their customers as well. The best part is that the payment solution is free for businesses and other users.

  9. 2Checkout
  10. 2CheckOut is a global payment solution that offers eight payment types, 87 currency options, and 15 languages in over 200 global markets. It offers a mobile-friendly experience with branding personalized to your business. 2Checkout offers this amazing feature of setting up standing instructions on recurring bills. If you have any monthly recurring bills, you can sign up for the subscription accordingly. Best PayPal Alternatives - Appy PieThis payment solution provides users with easy integration, 300 fraud rules per transaction, over 100 online carts, higher PCI compliance, and extensive documentation. Users can customize this platform as per their business needs and have it work for them with ease.

  11. WePay
  12. WePay is a payment solution more about easy onboarding and integrated payments. It is popularly known for its quick and smooth operations. The platform offers a wide range of products to target different sections of their target audience. It specializes in unique and omnichannel software platforms and enables businesses to embed payout capabilities and transactions with a single integration.Best PayPal Alternatives - Appy PieThe platform offers core payment processing functionality which is why making payments and transacting is extremely simple and flexible with them. The platform also operates internationally and offers extended support across different countries.

  13. Skrill
  14. Skrill is a payment platform that allows users to transact using store cards and linked bank accounts. It helps users make payments using a linked email address and password. It uses various functionalities such as online gaming and betting to help people stay connected. Best PayPal Alternatives - Appy PieSkrill operates in more than 30 countries worldwide. Some of the transactions on Skrill could be chargeable where you get the explicit notification before you make any purchase. However, most of the transactions are free on this platform so in some cases it can be a cheaper alternative.

  15. Dwolla
  16. Dwolla was founded in 2008 and began with the task of renovating the digital payment industry. Apart from its payment services, it is best known for its outstanding user interface and detailed focus on delivering an excellent user experience on the platform. The platform is developer-friendly and can be easily integrated with your application. Best PayPal Alternatives - Appy PieThe platform verifies customer identity without any third-party site involvement which makes it easy to add a bank account. The payment solution offers predictable pricing, sophisticated security, and a hands-on customer success team.

  17. Stripe
  18. Stripe is a payment solution that helps you get your work done instantly. It offers various extremely simple features that once you start using them, they have layers of functionalities within each of them. Best PayPal Alternatives - Appy PieThe platform is the best for internet transactions. It is a ‘developers first’ firm that believes ‘payment is an issue embedded in code, not finance’. Using this API, you can have the platform up and running in just a few minutes. Stripe offers a highly useful tool, Stripes Connect, that operates for businesses internationally. The tool allows you to verify the merchants and sellers located in international locations. It also allows you to create a repeat payment plan for these users.

  19. Amazon Pay
  20. Amazon Pay offers a simple interface and sign-up process. As everyone is familiar with the brand, it would be easy for your customers to pay using Amazon Pay. The platform offers advanced security and fraud protection at no additional cost. Best PayPal Alternatives - Appy PieIt provides you with portals for shoppers, merchants, and charities. The platform helps businesses accelerate the payment process and lessen friction, which is likely to enhance their conversion rate. Users can access Amazon Pay on any device, at any location to manage their payments.

  21. Shopify Payments
  22. Shopify Payments is an integrated payment processing system that is a by default part of the popular Shopify platform. You need not worry about embedding an external payment gateway. The platform simply allows you to manage your payment processing system right on the main dashboard page. Best PayPal Alternatives - Appy PieIt accepts credit cards directly with no third-party involvement and sends you email alerts when you get new funds transferred in your bank account. Shopify also enables Facebook Messenger, Facebook shops, Pinterest Buyable Pins, eBay, Amazon, and Enterprise-level accounts.

  23. Intuit
  24. Intuit offers a wide range of financial services. Its online payment processor is called QuickBooks Payments that claims twice as fast speed for the payments once you sign up and start using the service. It allows users to send invoices online, takes mobile card payments, and set up recurring billing. It sends real-time alerts to the customers when they view or pay invoices. Users also get automated payment reminders and can access the real-time adjusted invoice data entry in QuickBooks.Best PayPal Alternatives - Appy PieThis app offers an amazing integration, you can directly use Gmail to generate invoices and choose to decide if you want to accept bank transfers or credit cards, or if you want to go for both. To avail any of these services, you need to sign up and create an account with Intuit.

  25. Braintree Payments
  26. Braintree is a high-level payment processing platform in the market. It offers a big bunch of features that make payment operations and services smooth and seamless. With this wide range of features, users need at least two days to understand the platform. Best PayPal Alternatives - Appy PieBraintree allows you to test the services before you execute them for your business. It offers the Sandbox feature for the developers to perform a test before using the product. It is compatible with all the third-party services including recurring billing functionalities to invoicing tools and everything from the shopping carts.

  27. TransferWise
  28. TransferWise is one of the best platforms for international transfers. It is a cheaper PayPal alternative when compared to others. It reduces the sneaky unseen charges and sticks to one standard transfer fee.Best PayPal Alternatives - Appy PieThe platform lets you send and receive money using a TransferWise borderless account. It claims to have the fairest exchange rate and almost 90% of all the transfers made from the United Kingdom to Europe using this service, get processed in one business day. It is the best payment solution for you if you conduct a high volume of international transactions.

  29. Worldpay
  30. Whether you need to pay on any point-of-sale, terminal, or online, the payment method doesn’t count when you use Worldpay. It offers multiple payment options in card-not-present conditions. They help you make your online payments easily with a specific focus on helping you grow your business using strategic payment processes.Best PayPal Alternatives - Appy PieWorldpay has a widespread global payment network that supports both online and offline card transactions. The platform has a flexible pricing schedule that offers both interchange plus and tiered pricing packages.


PayPal has its strengths, but there are numerous great alternatives out there that you can consider. Many of these alternatives offer features better suited to various business needs and many have lower fees to go with. We will not advise you to completely write off PayPal, but it is always a good idea to explore more options and get the taste of finding out the best PayPal alternative. Now that you know almost all the top PayPal alternatives, to smoothen up your payment processes a little bit more, you can create a payment app for yourself using Appy Pie’s Payment App Builder. This app will help you instantly transfer money to anyone, anywhere in the world.

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