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10 Best Free Weather Websites for Hobbyists

Garima Singh
By Garima Singh | Last Updated on March 13th, 2024 7:35 am

Weather websites offer a wealth of information that can be invaluable for various aspects of our lives. Here are some of the key benefits of using free weather websites:

Real-Time Weather Updates

Free weather websites provide real-time updates on current weather conditions, allowing you to stay informed about temperature, humidity, wind speed, and other essential data. This information is particularly helpful for planning daily activities and making informed decisions.

Accurate Weather Forecasts

One of the primary advantages of using weather websites is the accuracy of weather forecasts. Meteorologists and advanced technology are employed to provide reliable predictions, helping you plan your days, weeks, or even months in advance.

Accessibility and Convenience

Free weather websites are easily accessible to anyone with an internet connection. You can check the weather from the comfort of your home, office, or even on the go through mobile devices. This convenience ensures you're always prepared for changing weather conditions.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Unlike some paid weather services, free weather websites offer a wide range of information without requiring a subscription or payment. This makes them a cost-effective solution for individuals and businesses seeking weather updates.

Top 10 Free Weather Websites

Here are descriptions and features of the top 10 free weather websites that provide accurate and up-to-date weather information:

  1. The Weather Channel

  2. Description: The Weather Channel offers comprehensive weather information, including current conditions, forecasts, and interactive weather maps. It provides severe weather alerts and personalized weather updates.
    Key Features: Interactive weather maps, video forecasts, and a user-friendly interface.

  3. AccuWeather

  4. Description: AccuWeather is known for its precise weather forecasts and real-time weather information. It offers minute-by-minute precipitation forecasts, radar maps, and lifestyle forecasts.
    Key Features: MinuteCast, lifestyle forecasts, and detailed radar maps.


  6. Description:, from The Weather Channel, is a user-friendly website that provides local and international weather information. It offers a 15-day forecast, weather news, and interactive maps.
    Key Features: 15-day forecasts, weather news, and customizable weather maps.

  7. Weather Underground

  8. Description: Weather Underground combines data from personal weather stations with official sources to deliver hyper-local weather information. It offers detailed weather history and user-submitted reports.
    Key Features: Hyper-local forecasts, crowd-sourced data, and historical weather information.

  9. National Weather Service

  10. Description: The National Weather Service (NWS) is a government agency that provides official weather forecasts and warnings. It's a reliable source for severe weather alerts and climate information.
    Key Features: Official weather warnings, climate data, and hurricane tracking.

  11. BBC Weather

  12. Description: BBC Weather is a trusted source for weather information. It offers global weather forecasts, weather news, and informative weather videos.
    Key Features: International forecasts, weather news, and weather-related content.


  14. Description: is the official website of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). It provides accurate weather forecasts, warnings, and educational resources.
    Key Features: NOAA's official forecasts, weather safety information, and educational materials.

  15. WeatherBug

  16. Description: WeatherBug offers real-time weather data and local forecasts. It provides weather maps, webcams, and lifestyle forecasts for outdoor activities.
    Key Features: Real-time data, lifestyle forecasts, and live weather cams.


  18. Description: is known for its interactive weather maps that display wind patterns, precipitation, and other meteorological data in real-time. It's particularly useful for those interested in detailed weather information.
    Key Features: Interactive weather maps, wind patterns, and global coverage.

  19. OpenWeatherMap

  20. Description: OpenWeatherMap provides weather data, forecasts, and APIs for developers. It offers a range of weather information, including temperature, precipitation, and wind.
    Key Features: Developer-friendly APIs, extensive data coverage, and weather maps.

    How to Create a Weather Website?

    A weather website is a website that provides information about the current and forecasted weather conditions for various locations around the world. Weather websites can be useful for travelers, hobbyists, farmers, and anyone who wants to know what the weather is like in a certain place. Weather websites can also display other related data, such as air quality, pollen count, sunrise and sunset times, etc.

    If you want to create a weather website without any coding or technical skills, you can use Appy Pie's website builder. This is a no-code platform that lets you create a weather website using AI in minutes. Appy Pie's website builder also has a special feature called AI Weather app builder, which allows you to create a weather app for your website. Here are the steps to create a weather website using Appy Pie's website builder:

    • Go to Appy Pie's website builder and enter the name of your website. You can also choose a category and a color theme for your website.
    • Add features that you want to include in your website, such as chat, blog, contact form, etc. You can customize each feature according to your preferences and needs.
    • Add the AI Weather app builder feature to your website. This will allow you to display weather data from various sources on your website. You can also customize the appearance and functionality of your weather app.
    • Publish your website and test it on different devices. You can also edit and update your website anytime using the AI-powered editor.

    Appy Pie's website builder is a simple and easy way to create a weather website without any coding or technical skills. You can also integrate your website with other services, such as social media, payment gateways, analytics, etc. You can also monetize your website by adding ads or subscriptions. Appy Pie's website builder offers a free trial and a money-back guarantee, so you can try it out without any risk.

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